Good night, love: 50 messages and quotes that are true life statements


Listening to a beautiful and sincere declaration of love before bed is one of the best sensations in the world. It is like floating in an ocean of feelings that welcome you and fill you with joy, reaching every part of your being. Read the messages and quotes of good night, love, and dedicate one to the great person of your life.

Good night messages and quotes, love, who melted the heart of anyone

Good night, my love. May the sun tomorrow shine much more when he finds you.

Good night, love. Rest well and dream with our future!

I did not understand the concept of soul until you find you and realize how it is so connected to mine. Good night, love.

If the world ended tomorrow, I would be quiet because at least I met you. Good night, love!

Good night, love! May our companionship and affection stay infinite in our lives!

Good night, honey! You are in all love music and all art that tries to explain how beautiful it is to love!

It’s only with you that I see reasons to know the world. Good night, my love!

If our life were a movie, it would be the most mellow and extraordinary. I love our romantic comedy. Good night, love!

My love, we can be far now but I’m here for you. I’ve always been and I will always be. Good night, love!

Any little moment by your side has the strength of eternity. It’s my everything. Good night, my love.

You are already part of my life and always will be. It’s the most beautiful side inside me. Good night, my love!

Good night, my love! I hope you know like the days by your side are unforgettable and infinite.

By your side, I learned what the joy of living loving. Good night, my love!

Words were missing to describe the feeling of peace and companionship you give me. Good night, my love!

You are calm in the most difficult times. It is right in my life. Good night, love!

I love you. I love you every second and detail, in each word, in each touch. Good night, my love, be fine.

You live in me just as breathing is needed to me. Good night, my love

We both together, for me, is proof that happiness exists. Good night, my love!

Your voice is like a song that makes all my being shine. Thank you so much. Good night, my love.

For me, the only possible future is with you by my side. Good night, my love.

Good night, my love, my beloved. Just knowing that I have you by my side I already feel stronger to solve any problem.

You are in everything I see and I am. I love you! Good night!

Good night, my angel. You are the love that has materialized in this extraordinary person who is.

You are free, my love, to be as you want. I am just a great admirer of your grandeur. Good night, my dear.

I deliver everything I am to you and just like you to me. We are a beautiful duo. Good night, my love.

and if you ever doubt the grandeur of my love, look to the sky. The infinity that exists there is also inside me. Good night, my dear.

Anyone who sees me on the street can say that I am completed in love with you. Good night, my love!

I am dreaming of our future and our life together. You are everything. Good night, my love.

Living by your side is like a dance without a beginning or end, but it is extraordinary in each movement. Good night, my love.

Not even in my dreams I could imagine such an extraordinary person as you. Good night, my love!

I count on the minutes, seconds and milliseconds until we can find our own home. Good night, I love you!

Good night, my love. Dream with everything you love and especially dream with me!

Good night, my love. You take all my limits when it comes to loving.

I cry just thinking about the immensity that is my love for you. Good night, my beautiful.

I could never show you for sure how big my feeling is and everything I would do for you. It is infinite. Good night, my love.

I’m afraid when I think how big my love for you. Good night, dear!

If I knew that loving was that good, I would have run to meet you long before. Good night, my great love!

Good night, love! May tomorrow your day be great like you!

I am happy to know that your day was beautiful. You deserve! Good night, my love!

I will think of you always and everywhere. Good night, my love, dream with happiness!

I let you see even my darker parts. It is in you who I trust. Good night, my love.

You are immensity that makes me lose my air. Good night, my beautiful love!

Our love exists in the simplicity of what is human being. It is my essential in life. Good night, my love!

Never doubt tomorrow will be there for you to go to your dreams. Good night, my love!

You are the love that exists in every detail. Good night, my love!

little by little I am more sure that you are the one who has reserved for me. Good night, my love.

You appear in every detail of my daily life and I am delighted all of them. Good night, my love!

You are my great love. The reason I spend all day dreaming. Good night!

I want you by my side regardless of the surprises of the future. Good night, love!

You are everything that fits within the immensity of my heart. Good night, my love!

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