95 Birthday messages and quotes for friend who value this friendship

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It is next to a friend that wonderful and unforgettable moments happen. On a date as special as the birthday, it is up to you to congratulate you in order to demonstrate its importance. So check out birthday messages and quotes for friend who will help you want all the best for those who do your life better!

Birthday messages and quotes for friend who will surprise this heart brother

Happy Birthday, Friend-Brother! You know you can always count on me, in difficult times or in the best. I congratulate you on not only for another year of life, but also for being the heart brother I always dreamed!

Congratulations, my friend! Have a day up to the good that you cause us, full of happiness and that this new year brings you many achievements to further increase your smile that makes me happy.

When that problem happens, I have no doubt to who to use. That the wisdom gained over the years is an incentive for your victories. You inspire me to be better! Congratulations.

After I met you, all things got a new color. A partner like you are not on any corner! Thanks for everything, bro! You were the strength I needed to face life.

My partner, congratulations! Today I hope you have the best anniversary of all time with the most unforgettable moments so you always remember how much you are loved. Best wishes!

Today, on your birthday, it is inevitable to remember all the moments we spent together. You are the best friend I could have to share my journey. Cheers!

Congratulations, friend! May this year be better than it seemed in your dreams. That there is no shortage of surprises for you to realize that life can always be better and more colorful. Best wishes!

By your side, my life seems more cheerful and full of life. Thanks for being my partner for all hours, whether good, bad or doubtful. Happy Birthday, my great friend!

Happy Birthday, friend! I wish each day of this new age exceed your expectations. Any moment with you around becomes a celebration. We toast your existence that brings more life to my hours!

Today is the day of my great friend! On this special date, I want to wish you all that is happiest than life can give you. Your achievement will do mine. Happy Birthday, my brother!

friend, I’m fully convinced that you are my brother of another mother! When I think of the meaning of “amazing”, only your name comes in mind. May more memorable moments come with you. Congratulations!

Congratulations, my friend who I love so much and I want well! May you be awarded today and always with health, peace and courage. May the day be of unforgettable joys, thanks to life and renewal!

May your birthday be an unforgettable party like you, with the people you like to celebrate the joy of having your company in this world. Happy Birthday, Brother!

I come through this message wish you a happy birthday, friend-brother! May God continue to illuminate you always so that you follow being this humble person, companion and dear to all!

Congratulations, friend! Today is your birthday and I want to wish you all the joys of this life. After all, you are a special person with whom I feel good to be every day. Cheers!

Happy Birthday! May all the good on the planet be in your hands, for you deserve peace and happiness, as well as everything that makes you smile genuinely, my friend.

Happy Birthday, friend! Knowing that I can count on you is what makes me always move on in this life. Your company completes me, your life rejoices mine too.

Have a great birthday, my friend! To you, I wish you much happiness and great achievements that give up the wonderful person who is with everyone who knows you a little.

Great friend! On this date, I want to wish you the best things in the world and that you are always happy. There are some special and rare things in life that improve with age. And you, my friend, are one of them. Congratulations!

You were one of the best things that happened in my life, you know? If I had to describe you, I would not even know how to list so many good things that I value in our friendship. Happy another year of life!

I hinder I can see you blowing the candles another year. Your life is a blessing, the light that shows me the path of the best things. Happy Birthday, my friend!

My friend, congratulations! That you can take the best life can give you and show you that you are stronger than you think, more capable than you dream. All success for you! Happy Birthday.

When speaking your name, you always come to me the most tender things in mind. The world became a little better after you arrived. Congratulations, friend-brother!

God was too good with me putting you in my way. You deserve all the good you want from this world, because it makes the whole environment a better place. Happy Birthday!

May the happiness lived on the day today make this date unforgettable, overwhelm and reach you on every other days of the year. Happy Birthday, my friend!

You are worth gold, my friend. I won’t forget every time I needed it and you were there to make me smile or welcome my cry. For the relationship we have built, I wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday for the best friend of this world! You deserve infinite years living adventures out there and always bringing the best stories to tell us.

Happy Birthday, friend! May you never lack faith in God, love to warm your heart and courage to live life with your head held high! Always remain this person we can tell.

The world is small for you, my friend. Whatever happens in life, always you. It will be enough to bring more light to the world. Happy Birthday!

You are wonderful, you know? And may you become better every year, overcoming all the obstacles that appear, friend. Happy Birthday and much happiness!

May happiness be your company today, just as joy is in our midst when you are around. Happy Birthday, my sister friend!

Another birthday! It’s getting old … Good! More years close to me. More stories for us to live and thank you for having a day known. Congratulations, friend!

Congratulations, my friend! Our walk together has come from years and yet I can surprise myself with the amazing person you are and have become every day. I love you!

There will be cake, yes! May your celebration be as memorable as you. There are great achievements waiting for you, I have no doubt. Happy Birthday, my friend!

I’m not many words … but I would like to wish you the best things because that’s what you awaken in me at the times we share. Happy Birthday, buddy!

I love to be able to see your growth and achievements with every stage of your life, my friend. Happy birthday! May God allow you to live all your dreams and more.

Today is not any day. It’s the date you have come to the world to shine! Thank you for always being this light in my life. Congratulations, my friend!

Happy Birthday, friend! Every day I thank the heavens for having known you, you know? You are everything, my best friend and also my favorite company!

Congratulations, friend! If I could, I would give you a birthday party the size of the planet, just because you deserve it! That your celebrations are amazing.

It is rewarding for me to share another birthday with you. That’s what makes me feel that I have my place in the world. May our friendship lose forever and ever. Congratulations, my friend!

Congratulations, dear! Time has passed and here we are celebrating the joy of having you in our midst. I don’t know what life is anymore without having you, a friendship like yours to strengthen me. Count on me!

brother, what you represent to me is not written. How good to know that you exist! Having you around is a privilege. Congratulations not only for the wonderful person who is, but also to God for sustaining you here!

Where can I start? You are the person who pisses me off the most and makes me laugh, makes me forget any problem with a hug. It’s so much that I could spend days wishing you the best things. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! Who has you as a friend, knows that God is around sending angels! I thank the Lord for being generous, bro. You are blessing, light and the road that takes me to the sky!

Happy Birthday, friend! Please live for more so many years, see?! We have many adventures together yet. I love our friendship too much!

It’s that cliché that makes full sense when I think of you: the birthday may even be yours, but the gift was I who received for having someone like you in my life. Congratulations, friend!

Joy has a name and smile always open: you. Congratulations my friend! May life multiply your reasons for smiling. There is nothing better than seeing God in a person like you!

Today is the day to lift your hands to the sky and thank you: I asked a friend and got a brother. Congratulations! Cheers in this new cycle, see your smile feeds my hope in life!

Look who is getting older … Brother, I wish you have a long life to have many achievements. Happiness is to have you around!

Today the celebration is mandatory! Congratulations my friend. Your life is a party for us! That there is no lack of achievements and moments for us to celebrate the person successful you are!

The day I had to cry, you made me laugh. I will never forget the strength you gave me, friend. It is for these and others that I see you as the brother I could not have, but that life has given me. Congratulations!

There is someone on birthday today! Congratulations, my old man! You are a friend for all hours, the one who makes me waste my notion of time for always having the best conversations.

Happy Birthday, friend! Life is too short to celebrate the good you represent for me. I wish you the world, because I’m more complete since you arrived!

If I’ve ever been, I don’t remember anymore. Your life brought me that comfort from heaven. Happy Birthday brother! Stay being this amazing and special person!

Do you know what is funny? Speak your name and come a desire to smile. This is your life for me, true joy. Congratulations my friend! Let’s celebrate at height.

Congratulations to you, friend, giant from heart that is always present to do good! Be immensely happy in everything you do! May your paths be the best.

If I’m smiling today you owe you, my brother! All that is good in my life, has a finger of yours. I will do what I can so be immensely happy. Congratulations!

The day to blow 1 km of candles! Congratulations, my old man! Remain this subject firm and cheerful, always willing to make the world a little better! Your friendship is precious.

Look who’s birthday … Congratulations, friend! I have no doubt: it will make a beautiful day to match the wonderful person you are!

Who has a friend made you found happiness for a lifetime. Happy Birthday brother! May life give you all the most beautiful and cheerful.

If everyone had you as a friend, no one would feel alone in this world. I don’t say it was luck, but the divine providence that smiled at me when you appeared. Happy Birthday!

I hope this special day to post your worst photos, you know why? Because I want everyone to see that there is someone able to make their friends laugh. Happy Birthday, friend!

We talk to memes and videos, we understand each other in a look. Friend, congratulations on being who you are, always happy and willing to make those who know how to forget the problems. Happy Birthday!

Call the firefighter that today we will cause a fire with so many candles on the cake! The years go by, but there are things that don’t change: the affection and admiration I feel for you. Happy Birthday, my friend!

No matter the distance, I have the feeling that everything can change, except the wonderful person you are. Your friendship is my island of stability in this world. Happy Birthday!

I don’t even need to look at the calendar. Your birthday is one of my favorite dates because we can celebrate you and me, demonstrate the size of my affection for you without fear. Happy Birthday, friend!

Who found a friend, found a treasure, right? I can say I’m a millionaire! Your friendship enriches my life of good laughs and insane stories. Happy Birthday, friend!

Birthdays happen once a year, but the best friends are once in a lifetime. What a happiness is mine for calling you a friend! You are light that illuminates my walk. Always be happy!

Happy Birthday, friend! Another age comes to an end, and another starts to surprise us. May it be full of laughter from friends, love to the family, moments to celebrate with you!

Everything is possible when you have people around you who believe in you. Know that I am here to be your support and make your dreams mine, my friend. Happy Birthday!

Your way of seeing things, your unique mood, the way you talk to people… All this makes the world better! May it be even happier in this cycle so that your smile is constant. Congratulations!

You are one step to achieve your dreams! After all, you are intended for success. With each passing year, you have done the best in the life of those who know you. Happy Birthday, my friend!

friend, let’s celebrate until the day lightens! You were not born today, you debuted the great stage of life! I wish every success you deserve and I will be the first to applaud. Congratulations!

friend, today I take the day to declare how much you make a difference in my life. We can spend a long time without talking, but we always come back with the same intensity and joy. Congratulations on the birthday!

Know that I am happy to have someone like you in life, to show me that battles are worth it and we can be better every day. Thank you for being my support and always being present. Happy Birthday!

The day has come to celebrate that partner who always finds a way to be with friends! Mano, you are the glue that keeps our group together. Impossible not to like you. Happy Birthday!

You make me so missing you hurt. On these dates, I would like to be there celebrating with you the gift of your life, so precious to me. Happy Birthday, friend!

Amazing how nothing seems impossible for you. The day is yours, but the joy is ours! May you continue to be this giant always able to smile at the adversity. Happy Birthday!

Another year has passed and you continue to be admirable! It’s wonderful to see how time has only done you well. May all the birthday votes accumulate and prepare you to live the best!

Don’t say “I’m getting old,” say “I’m getting wiser.” I couldn’t let this day go blank without wishing all the good and a little more. Let’s celebrate your life!

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet you so well. Sometimes I think, “What did I have to have the fun of having such a phenomenal person around?” I spent all my luck on your friendship. Happy Birthday!

friend, do you know what I wish you this year? May you be so rich, but so rich to pay all the rounds of beer you owe me! With or without money, I’m happy to have you. Congratulations!

Someone so cool, humorous and intelligent is on their birthday. This time, I’m not talking about me! Friend, I’m extremely grateful for our friendship. I wish all the happiness in the world!

looking back, I am convinced that you have been sent from heaven to bring happiness to our hearts. Thank you for positively impacting our lives. Happy Birthday, friend!

Who knows me better than you? Nobody. It is a gift to have someone who knows our worst version and still remains. Thank you for being the brother I always asked God. Happy Birthday, friend!

There are two types of friendship: the one that is in many important moments and the one you don’t imagine without having around. You gather both types and so you are my best friend. Happy Birthday!

I never tried a moment of boredom by your side. You make life have movement and color! I do not know a person who deserves more success than you. Congratulations on the birthday, friend!

If I ever write the story of my life, our friendship will be highlighted in it. After all, that’s what makes everything better and my smile more guaranteed. Happy Birthday, friend!

friend, in this new cycle that begins, I leave only advice: be you and you will never lack opportunities. For me, you are already a success and I hope you always shine more. Best wishes!

Each passing year is another chance for you to make more and more dreams come true. I hope that at this new age you get a great return of all your investment of love in everything you do. Congratulations, friend!

Friend, you always use others a lot of time sharing this wonderful and contagious joy of being who is with the world. Be always like this! Happy Birthday.

Today is your birthday! May the love and friendship you shared with me come back to you in abundance on this special day. Wishing all the best for my friend!

May the universe align to water it with health and prosperity this year, as well as aligned itself to bring you to this world this day made especially for you! Happy Birthday, friend.

The Lord blessed me when our paths crossed! Thank you for being the best friend someone could ask! Know that your friendship is special to me. Congratulations!

Happy birthday to someone who is not just a friend but a real inspiration! May you continue to inspire other people with your kindness, generosity and positive view of life.

Those who have friends also have plenty of reasons to celebrate and make their birthday a true manifestation of affection and recognition! It is the perfect time to put in words everything that goes on in the heart.

There are people who go through life and make everything more special, share striking moments transforming loneliness into a vague memory!

Valuing those who are always by your side is very important. So also check out our partnership messages and quotes and show your friends how proud of having them by your side!

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