90 messages and quotes of Life that are perfect to reflect on their ways

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Life is formed by ups and downs, right? So if today you are losing, tomorrow fortunately you have the opportunity to win back! If you have needed to reflect on this journey that despite the difficulties, it is so worth it, see the most exciting messages and quotes in life! They certainly bring meanings to the various everyday situations you have passed.

Best messages and quotes of Life

Don’t let people make you give up what you want most in life. Believe me, fight. Conquer. And above all, be happy!

It is better to silence than to say something that does not add.

For the good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: Faith!

These are not the beautiful things that mark our lives, but the people who have the gift of never being forgotten!

All the best in this life dispense: make love, jump, dance, laugh, kiss … so I hope you live with your hair always a disaster!

The secret is not having everything you want, but to achieve what you really deserve.

Give a “play” in life, a “pause” in good times, a stop in bad times and a “repeat” in the joys!

Life has its ways to turn everything back so that we can find the order.

One of the best sensations of life is to make sure you can trust someone.

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, random conversations and without destination walks.

Life does not present, it returns its efforts.

If life is too bitter, give a wiggling. Sometimes sugar is in the background!

Life is sweeter for those who carry love in the heart.

Life does not rebobic, it just plays forward.

Be strong, life requires this from you!

is the protagonist of your life and not audience of the life of others.

Being at peace is better than being right.

The period you grow fastest is also the hardest period of your life.

Life messages and quotes for Status

And the wind goes away everything that no longer serves me …

and if life becomes a bar, which is chocolate!

Here is only good. If you want me evil, I wish you love.

May I have wings to dream, hope to believe and faith to continue.

Today, it’s a day to fall in love … with you, your family, your dreams, for life!

The secret of longevity is to eat half, walk twice and laugh at triple.

The taste of life depends on those who season. Add more love!

May life be free, laugh without guilt and love without fear!

That we do not lose the ability to be enchanted by what is simple.

Life is a blank picture, it is up to you to make it a masterpiece.

That our will to be happy is greater than our fear.

Face the challenges of life as opportunities to be happy!

Be in love with your life!

Life is too short for prejudice.

Life gives you surprises and surprises give you life.

Value every moment as if it were the most special of your life!

Live for moments that cannot be described!

Accept your gift and focus on being happy today!

Short Life messages and quotes

Beautiful is to be good with life!

That is infinite what makes us good.

Simply Live Life!

Life has no replay, enjoy every moment!

Live your way, be happy as you are!

Life is like an ice cream: enjoy before it melts!

Who loves, feels everything!

Think less, live more. The right time is now!

May our life be full of what makes us good.

Be a smile in someone’s life.

Life is short, start with dessert!

In life, leave footprints. Never scars.

Be positive. Life returns!

Living is better than dreaming!

The essence of life is not to have, it is to be.

Life is more enjoyable with gestures of affection.

Taking life seriously is not the slightest grace.

love so much, because life flies!

messages and quotes of Reflection Life

It is only possible to live not leading the life so seriously.

Life is made of choices! When you take a step forward, something is left behind.

Every thing has its time to happen, wait and trust!

You will have to learn that life only gives wings to those who are not afraid to fall.

The day goes by very fast to waste time with bad feelings. Love the people who treat you well. Pray for those who don’t do it.

If you want your life to make a new meaning, a new flavor: BOTE FAITH, BOTTING HOPE AND BATH LOVE.

It’s never too late to get an old story and write a new end.

If you have plans for a year, plant rice. If you have plans for ten years, plant a tree. If you have plans for a lifetime, educate people.

Living is always to tell others how important they are. Why one day they go and we get the clear impression that we don’t love enough.

Each person we love is a find. Each moment together is a treasure. Every day of life we ​​have is a gift.

Life can only be understood looking back, but can only be lived looking forward.

In a well -lived life, every passing second is a longing that remains.

Nothing makes our life and the life of others more beautiful than goodness.

To have a long life you need to live slowly.

Life is like a book, it depends on you to write a good story!

either you expand your heart, or it is doomed to shallow experiences.

Because life only gives themselves to those who occurred, for those who loved, for those who cried, for those who suffered.

You make a new life making new choices.

real life messages and quotes

Live simple, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh a lot!

Love your parents, your life and your friends. Your parents, because they are unique. Your life, because it is too short. Your friends, because they are rare.

Here comes life and turns you inside out just to prove that happiness comes from the inside out.

Do not promise when you are happy. Do not respond when you are angry. Don’t decide when you’re sad.

The secret of life is not having everything you want, but love everything you have!

Risk is better than spending the rest of your life sorry for not trying.

No dream deserves to be exchanged for momentary desires.

If you go wrong, we find a way. Break, we fix it. If it messes up, we fix it. And if all is over, we start over.

The best things are actually moments and collected smiles.

I believe that the meaning of life is making sense to other lives.

soft soul, hard life … so much hits until he heals.

Life is a puzzle of random pieces, but with a perfect fit.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react.

Life changes when you change.

real life can also have happy endings. It all depends on you …

real life is in offline.

Open the eyes may hurt, but it is necessary.

real life hurts, but it makes you feel alive.

With your reflections and the promotion of new journeys, life surprises each dawn! This is because it is not a constant and allows changes daily.

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