90 messages and quotes for Son who express the magnitude of fraternal love

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A child is a precious, a dream, a true gift from God. Only those who are a mother or father know the intensity of love manifested by this powerful bond. This feeling that even deserves to be demonstrated all the time. For this, check out these charming and loving messages and quotes for child filled with affection, affection and admiration for your eternal little prince!

messages and quotes for child who will make him feel very special

Son, since you arrived, has transformed me into someone better. It’s reason for my living!

Life for you, my prince, just started and I thank you for choosing me.

I promise to be your safe haven forever. I promise to give you forever my love!

Watching your development gives me pride. Your resilience and courage is a life lesson, son!

Life brought me as a gift, son! A beautiful angel who came into the world teaching us about love.

You know, I will be your home, if you want, without haste, the way it has to be.

In a magic you have grown and became an extraordinary man. I am proud of you, son!

Son, even when you no longer fit my arms, know that my heart will always welcome you!

Wherever you are I will be with you and when you need it, you can count on me.

Your happiness is mine, my son. For you I do the impossible!

I never met anyone with a heart as beautiful and generous as your son. You are my example!

If I had drawn you and ordered you, I would have done exactly that.

Maybe I’m not the perfect father, but all I do is thinking about your good, puppy!

puppy, your eyes emanate a heavenly light. Your arrival showed me how perfect God is!

You arrived to rejoice. Having you is everything I always wanted!

I hope that time takes time to enjoy every minute I have you in my arms, son!

Your birth, my son, returned brightness and color to my existence. I love you!

Your place is here in the affection of this home that is yours, which is from those who want to see you happy!

Son, I commit to doing my best and impossible to happy and accomplished!

As I saw your first steps for life, I can guarantee, my pride and love are always the same!

Welcome, my new being, surrounded by protection, so much love, so much peace inside my heart.

puppy, you are a piece of my heart that hits out of my chest!

Son, your smile is the sun of my days. The best thing in the world is to have it in my life!

I will always be here for when you need and in my heart, you will be.

You are my gift from God, my angel on earth, my reason for life. I love you so much!

Son, you can doubt all things in this world, except my infinite love for you!

May you be a righteous man. May you be whatever you want to be!

My love, you are a prayer answer. I feel honored to be your mother!

Among all women, God gave me the honor of being the mother of one of his most beautiful angels!

My inheritance for you is love capable of making it quiet.

I knew what true love was when I first looked at you, son.

Each beat of my heart speaks its name. I live to love you, puppy!

Son, I sometimes don’t even know if I deserve it, yet, every day I thank you for the magic of seeing you smile.

Maybe I’m no longer your superhero, but you will always be mine, son!

Son, you are the perfect sum between Dad and me. The most beautiful result of our love!

I know I love you more than my own life.

You are a dream that has become real, son. The greatest achievement of my existence!

I will be here at all times to give you love and welcome you. Never doubt it, son!

my son, I bless you with all sorts of blessings.

puppy, you arrived to complete my life. It’s my cake cherry! I love you so much.

Son, you are my rare jewel, my partner, my true love. Count on me for everything!

sleeps, my little one, sleep that the night comes.

my son, my heart is your home, know that you will never be alone!

If love had a physical form, for me it would be you, puppy!

When you were born, the angels sighed enchanted.

I didn’t deserve to be the father of a face as extraordinary as you, son!

Son, you are a strong, kind, brave man, but I will always see you like my little boy!

The air you breathe I live to give you.

From all the blessings I have already received from the Lord, you are the greatest and most significant of them, son!

Son, we will fight and sometimes disagree, but love will always prevail.

Close your eyes, don’t be afraid, the monster left. He ran away and daddy is here!

Son, I wish fate to narrow our ties and increase our love!

son, when I give my opinion about your decisions, it is because I love you and I want your best.

Your life manifests the essence and regency of the glory of God.

puppy, may my love for you protect you from all the wickedness of this world!

Seeing Growing Fills me with pride and overflows my heart with joy, son.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it has been better since you arrived.

Son, you are my joy, my little prince. I give your life for you!

puppy, I am proud of who is becoming. You transform everything around you for the better!

I know I will love you for all my life.

Son, you are my daily dose of love, joy, peace and hope!

Find in my company the safety you need to walk. I love you, puppy!

Nothing can compare yourself, my son, to you!

puppy, my love for you is not fits in the infinity of the universe!

As long as I live, I will fight to give you the best I can, my son!

I sincerely say you are my greatest love.

Your birth brought light and great joy to our family. You are our angel!

I will not always be able to be around, but God is with you all the time, son!

You can’t measure and explain. The most beautiful love I’ve ever felt and discovered is infinite!

My love, you were the best surprise that ever happened to me. Your existence gives reason to my days!

I will not always know everything, but one thing is fact, I am expert to love you, son.

Children, your Christian duty is to obey your father and mother.

I thank God every day for being your mother, son. You give me a breath of life!

Your contagious energy, your sweet look and your sweet smile make me better, son!

Life is sometimes difficult to deal with. The good side is that I will strive. Do everything for you to be happy!

Son, you are a beautiful man, honorable, dignified, honest, generous … my greatest pride!

I thought I knew what love was, until you generate you in my womb.

growing up, was gaining space, jumped from my arm, was born another day and already wants to go to the floor.

I never thought love was so amazing and strong, but your arrival showed me that, son!

Son, you are anchor I needed in my life. It’s my reason to smile!

You are like the moon that illuminates my being. You came to stay, teach me how to learn.

puppy, I ask for forgiveness for my mistakes, parents are not perfect. But all I did was for love!

Son, you make me want to be better every day. Thank you for choosing me as a mother!

I remember when you arrived in this world, smiling gradually when I heard my voice.

I am honored to be the father of such a special being. I love you unconditionally, my son!

You don’t have to be just like me so I love you. Our bond surpasses any difference!

You are more than I know, it is more than I thought, it is more than I expected.

When you were born, son, I brought peace to my days!

Son, I love you, and in love I want to guide your steps to everything life is best.

I thought it was impossible to love you more, but as you grow up, my love increases!

From the moment parents know of the existence of a child, their hearts are taken by the most extraordinary feeling of the universe: fraternal love.

Admiration, pride, and honor involving this bond may even be difficult to put into words, but always overflow in genuine attitudes that demonstrate their greatness.

In addition, sharing these messages and quotes for child has the magic of renewing joy, strength and hope. So, how about checking out messages and quotes of declaration of love for child and continuing to express this pure affection?

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