90 incentive messages and quotes for you to make things happen

By: Tranoniq.com

Forget it. He used to smile. Let go.

Sometimes bad things happen in our lives to put us toward the best things we could live.

No matter what you decided. What matters is that it makes you happy.

Be creative! Invent a way out for every situation of life.

For the good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: Faith.

Every achievement begins with the decision to try.

If you believe you are capable, ignore the opinion of others and move on. It is not always good to know what others think.

Risk the risk. If it works, happiness. If not, wisdom.

If you can’t do everything, do everything you can.

and if you are afraid, use it as a lever to overcome your challenges!

When something bad happens you have three choices: Let it define you, let it destroy you or make it stronger.

If it is to give up, give up being weak.

If you are not happy with something, move. You are not a tree.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe it.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears.

Value yourself. It’s free!

The best is to come. Believe me!

Do what is right, not what is easy.

Without sacrifice there is no victory.

Always fight, win sometimes, give up never!

The good you do today can be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. See that, in the end, it’s all between you and God! It was never between you and the others.

Be an encouragement. The world already has too much critics.

You never know what results will come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results.

It’s chic to be good.

If one day reason asks you to give up and your heart has you fight, fight. Because it is not the reason that hits you to live, but the heart.

The best things happen for those who get up and do it!

In a year, you will want to have started today.

The greatest pleasure of life is to do what people say you are not capable.

Stop waiting for things happen. Go there and make it happen.

Don’t fall into temptation to give up when things get difficult, the ending is rewarding enough to keep trying!

If there is no wind, refers!

If you want to have something you never had, do something you never did.

If life closes you the door, jump the window!

Never give up, good things take time.

Be stronger than your best excuse.

To live is not to wait for the storm to pass. Is learning to dance in the rain.

Go in faith, go on foot, go the way you give.

Replace the fear of losing with the desire to win!

Never walk along the way traced, for it leads only to where the others have been.

Forbidden to park in life.

errors are proof that you are trying. Don’t give up.

Every day do something that makes you closer to a better future.

The happy ending is the people who do.

Today’s determination is tomorrow’s success.

I don’t know how, but I’ll get there soon.

Point to faith and reread.

Spread good things because we deserve it and the world needs.

Enjoy: Your time is now!

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

If there is 1% chance, fight to the end.

Solidarity stimulates kindness and generates more health.

Forbidden to give up. Take a deep breath and continue.

Challenge a little every day.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Always be optimistic. This is the best way to live.

If you believe you can, you can.

Believe in your potential!

You have a chance to change. Start now.

Go the way you can, but be sure to go!

God believes in you and this is enough for you not to give up.

Faise that you go ahead!

instead of waiting for the sky, fly!

make everything worth it!

Do not be ashamed of your failures. Learn from them and start again.

Don’t be afraid of change. It scares, but it may be the key to that door you want to open so much.

Overcome your fears!

The dream inspires, but it is the action it accomplishes!

Just start.

All your dreams are one step around your comfort zone.

Take a moment to enjoy how amazing you are!

It is not enough to go after your dreams, you need to be sure to believe them.

Go seek what is yours before life gets tired of keeping.

Contag the smiles around you.

A great journey always starts with a small step.

Believe in the decisions you make!

ei, try! The future will never reveal yourself if you do not take the first step.

caterpillar that does not leave the cocoon does not become butterfly!

Make good things happen!

are you who you are, whatever the social position you have in life, the highest or the lowest, always get a lot of strength, a lot of determination and always do everything with much love and with great faith in God that one day you get there. Somehow you get there.

Give a “Play” in life, a “pause” in good times, a stop in bad times and a “repeat” in the joys of life.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Good is good to fight with determination, embrace life with passion, lose with class and win boldly, because the world belongs to those who dare and life is “very” to be insignificant.

Don’t stay all day thinking about what to do, do it! Because if the world is over today you have to die proud to have done something.

Don’t wait for the future to be happy, make the present your joy.

I tried 99 times and failed, but in the hundredth attempt I did, never give up on your goals even if they seem impossible, the next attempt may be victorious.

If you want something, just try willingly and believe you can.

Hard times are not time to stop trying.

We have to dream, otherwise things do not happen.

If it is to change, change the only person worthwhile: you.

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