85 Good morning messages and quotes for WhatsApp who will want good things

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Starting the day with a beautiful message gives more courage to leave home and fulfill the obligations. And in times of social networks, nothing better than sending beautiful words to your friends and special people! For this, check out these good morning messages and quotes for WhatsApp and do someone’s morning much better.

Good morning phases for WhatsApp who will tear a smile early in the morning

Good morning! That your ability to be enchanted by life never falls asleep.

Cultivating with love the people we like makes flowers in our hearts. Good morning!

Focus on God and embrace this new day with faith, courage and gratitude. Whatever it is to work, it will work! Good morning.

Tomorrow we try, today we live. Good morning!

Good morning, may God keep us firm before the adversities of this new day that begins.

Faith for today, the rest God adds. Good morning!

Good morning, every morning God has something new to deliver to your hands. Receive!

Do you know that good day at heart? Look at him in your screen: Good morning!

May our day be of peace and that all good we do, all the love we donate transforms into blessings for us. Good morning!

Thank you, my God, for the privilege of life and the joy of a new dawn. Good morning!

Good morning! May our lives be blessed with love, health, happiness and peace.

For this new day, throw away pain, grudge, hurt and everything that hurts the heart. Feel the joy of having a lighter and loud life. Good morning!

Decide to be happy, so the other decisions will be easier. Have a great day.

Good morning, I separated a little time to send this message full of affection to you! Enjoy every moment of this beautiful day.

The universe has asked to warn you that today begins a wonderful phase of your life. Good morning!

A new day that begins is a new life opportunity that God gives us. Be grateful for that. Good morning!

I only wish good things for today. Let us know all the obstacles with much wisdom and patience. Good morning!

Good morning, focus on love, light and gratitude. This is what I want for today and all those who will come.

Good morning, the sun has already ran and with it came all the good energies to accompany you on that day.

Today, be light for those who need a path. Safe place for those who need a hug. And wisdom for those who need a friendly word. Good morning!

Joy is the most serious thing in life, for it is the magnet of happiness. If you are positive, good things and good people will be attracted. Have a beautiful day!

Life always offers you a new chance. This is called dawn. Good morning!

Good morning, focus your thinking in all that is good and see your day be illuminated.

Today is a new day, wake up with happiness and live with joy! Good morning.

Good morning, let’s start the day with a grateful heart and trust that the day will be wonderful.

Good morning! Because everything that comes from God is light, simple and full of peace.

Good morning! Get up, look in the mirror and see the wonderful person you have become. Reference every dream you intend to realize and go!

Good morning! That today does not lack happiness and willingness to fight and be happy.

All the strength you need to face this day is within you. Trust, delivered and go. Good morning!

Good morning! Live your day in the best way, fulfill with dedication and commitment all obligations. Overcome, find out even more reasons to rejoice.

Forget yesterday’s problems. Today is a new day, focus on the present and everything you want to achieve. Have a beautiful day!

It’s never too late to start from scratch. Your past has been behind and dawn is a sea of ​​possibilities that opens in front of you. Have a wonderful day!

I passed here to wish you an amazing and full day of the presence of God. Put all your problems in your hands and let him guide your way!

Who sows good only reaps smiles. Have a good day!

With rain or sun, you make the beautiful day! Good morning.

Good morning! The tears you knocked down yesterday dry with the sun of this beautiful dawn. Another day begins and with it numerous opportunities to be happy.

May we know how to thank you for little so that we can deserve a lot. Good morning!

Each new day is a journey that we should follow. May yours be of peace, achievements and much love. Good morning!

dawn! Gratitude, Lord, in the morning that begins, with the life that grants us and for all the good you have prepared for us today. Good morning!

Good morning, start the day with positive energy and don’t let anything drop your joy.

Good morning, let’s have coffee that the day will be long!

Not only wish, but turn someone’s day into a good day!

Good morning! Start by wishing the good for you and others too.

Be like the sun: wherever you pass, illuminate the way with your smile, your affection and your help. Have a good day!

When sadness knocks on your door, open and say, “Sorry, today happiness has come first.” Have a beautiful day!

There are no gray days for those who dream colorful. Have a good day!

Good morning! My morning started with a lot of love, smiles and good things. And yours?

reverberate gratitude every moment of your day. Live every moment in fullness and spread all the love in you. Good morning!

Good morning! Remember: good things attract good things. Keep this in mind and your day will be just joy.

reciprocate all the affection you receive today. After all, everything that goes back. Good morning!

Good morning! May the Lord bless our ways, guide our steps, protect who we love and always be our company on this beautiful road of life.

If every morning is a new opportunity, what we do today is what really matters! Good morning.

Good morning, God’s plans are much greater than we can dream. Believe it, trust, delivered and have a day full of blessings!

May your day be blessed, with infinite smiles and an invincible faith. Good morning!

Good morning, slow down! Life deserves attention. If there is a hurry, let it be happy.

Good morning! Spread light and love for everyone who crosses your way. So everyone’s day will be blessed!

I passed here just to remember how important you are for me and wish you the most beautiful day!

May God enlighten our ways, direct our steps and instruct us in all our decisions. Good morning!

And that the day book beautiful surprises for you. Good morning!

May your day be lived with more courage, less doubts and more action, and that there is not even a time when fear is greater than your faith! Good morning.

Today you have two options: be happy or even happier! Have a beautiful day.

There is nothing better than waking up and having a word of affection to motivate us. And so, I went to wish you all the good things that life has to offer you!

Not every day is easy, but delivering them into the hands of God makes me sure he is in control of everything. Good morning!

Repeat with me: I am strong, intelligent and capable; I will find answers even in adversity; Peace even in chaos. May our day be wonderful!

Before you start the day, take a deep breath. Focus on everything you want to achieve. Release and delivered. Have an amazing day!

A day full of blessings for each one! May peace prevail and may faith strengthen, for God’s plans are always perfect. Good morning!

Just one word to change someone’s day. Have a beautiful day!

Today is a good day to have a great day.

Gratitude is still little by this starting day. Have a beautiful morning!

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

That from now on everything is renewal, open doors, new opportunities and victory realization. May life be full of peace, struggles, glory, learning and joys. Have a good day!

Good morning! Life is too short to start today centered on yesterday’s problems …

Do you who are there on the other side, have a minute for me? I want to wish you a beautiful day and full of good things!

Wherever you go, shine! Have a good day.

Don’t try to be better than anyone, just be better than you already are. Good morning!

Good morning! A light, full of great promises is what awaits you. Be ready!

And that today, only good things surprise us … Good morning!

A new day is born and with him, a new time … No collars or promises, just beautiful feelings!

a good day for you, who deserves a new chance to change your life!

Raise from bed and go out there to build your good morning!

Good morning! Keep in mind that: hope is something we should cultivate day by day.

Recipe for an amazing morning: coffee and a good dose of motivation! Have a beautiful day.

It is in the simple moments that life hides the greatest joys. Good morning!

This morning, see beauty in everything, starting with you!

Good morning! Have the courage to run after your dreams and boldness to thank you for the realization of each of them.

With so many beautiful messages like these, anyone’s morning is better, right? This is the importance of the small statements and desires of good morning.

To continue surprising your contacts, see also exciting good morning reflection messages and quotes that will surely surprise with great inspirations!

After all, it is in the words that you find the support needed to face another day, whether it is good or bad, it all depends on the way you face it.

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