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Papa Francisco, born in Buenos Aires on December 17, 1936, is the 266 Pope of the Catholic Church and current president of the Vatican City-Astado. He is the first Latin American to take over the papacy.

Francisco gained a lot of popularity, especially among young people, for the sympathy and simplicity of their speeches. It is the first in many years to prove more malleable to the rigid and traditional ideals of the Church, preaching above all the love of neighbor.

We have separated, in categories, Pope Francis’ best messages and quotes for you to know a little more about the most sympathetic pontiff in history. Check it out!

Pope Francis’ messages and quotes About Happiness

Pope Francis always reminds us of the importance of knowing where and how to find happiness. See some advice:

Happy those who are especially fixed in the good part of others.

A Christian can never walk upset or sad. Who loves Christ is a person full of joy and that radiates joy.

happy those who have mercy. Happy are those who know how to put themselves in the place of another, those who have the ability to embrace, to forgive.

The human heart wants joy. We all want joy, each family, every people aspires to happiness.

Happy are those who are able to help others get out of their mistakes, their mistakes. They are true friends and leave no one lying down.

You cannot live as a Christian outside this rock that is Christ. Christ gives us chesses and firmness, but also joy and serenity.

Only the person who feels happiness in seeking the good of others, in the desire for happiness, can be a missionary.

True happiness, the happiness that fills the heart is not in the rags we dress, the shoes we pursue, in the label of a particular brand.

He knows that true happiness is to be sensitive, to learn to cry with those who cry, to approach those who are sad, to let cry on their shoulder, give a hug.

Jesus is more than a friend. He is a master of truth and life that shows us the path that leads to happiness.

Jesus knows that in this world of so much competition, envy and aggressiveness, true happiness is to learn to be patient, to respect others, not to condemn or judge anyone.

Happy are those who have a new life, new opportunities. Happy how many work for this, those who fight for it.

If we want to follow Christ closely we cannot choose an easy and quiet life. We must choose a demanding life, but full of joy.

What is the joy that Christians are called to live and witness? It is the joy that comes from the proximity of God, its presence in our lives.

I can say that the most beautiful and spontaneous joys I’ve seen throughout my life are the joys of very poor people who have little to grasp.

Pope Francis’ messages and quotes About Love

There are several forms of love. The important thing is that it is part of our lives and that we share it with others. Check out what the Pope has to say about love:

How beautiful would be if each of you could, at the end of the day, say: Today I made a gesture of love for others!

“Bott” love and your life will be like a house built on the rock.

Whenever possible, smile at a stranger on the street. It can be the only gesture of love he will see on the day.

The secret of the Christian life is love. Only love fills the gaps caused by evil.

Are we annoyed with someone? Let us pray for that person. This is Christian love.

May the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcome, loved and forgiven.

True wealth is not in things, but in the heart.

We must restore young people’s hope, help the old ones, be open to the future, spread love.

Today people are suffering from poverty, but also lack of love.

There is no love without communicating, there is no isolated love.

What kind of love that does not feel the need to talk about the beloved, to point it, to make everyone know him?

Bota Fé, that life will have a new flavor. BOTE FAITH, PURED HOPE AND PUT LOVE.

Pray for the grace of not speaking ill of others, not criticizing, not defaming, but of loving everyone.

That is, true love is concrete, it is in the works, it is a constant love. It is not a simple enthusiasm. Also, so many times it is a painful love: let’s think about the love of Jesus taking the cross.

True love cannot isolate itself. If it is isolated, it is not love. It is a spiritualist form of selfishness, to remain closed in itself, seeking one’s own good. It’s selfishness.

Pope Francis’ messages and quotes about life

Life is always full of events and, to better deal with them and life itself, reflect with Pope Francis’ thoughts:

No one beats alone, neither in the field nor in life!

You can’t live without friends, they are important!

Is our life truly animated by God? How many things I burn to God, every day?

Don’t let anyone take your hope.

For a Christian, life is not the result of pure chance, but the result of a call and personal love.

It is God who gives life. We respect and love human life, especially the helpless life in your mother’s womb.

Who doesn’t know how to cry, can’t laugh and, consequently, can’t live.

Dear young people, we are not content with a mediocre life. Surprise what is true and beautiful, which is nothing more than God!

says Jesus, I came to have life, and have it abundantly. This is true wealth, not material!

A healthy family life requires frequent use of three sentences: “Can I?

Thank you “and” Sorry “.

Do not be happy with a mediocre Christian life, walk decidedly to holiness.

It would be wonderful, in May, to pray together in the family. Prayer makes family life even more solid.

We cannot be part -time Christians. If Christ is at the center of our lives, He is present in everything we do.

The perfect family does not exist, there is no perfect husband, nor a perfect wife … We are all sinners.

Dear young people, do not be afraid to make decisive decisions in life. Have faith, the Lord will not abandon them.

To be a Christian is not just to obey the commandments, to let Christ take possession of our lives and transform them.

The inconsistency for pastors and faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and way of life, is undermining the credibility of the Church.

It’s so important to listen! Husbands and wives need to communicate to bring happiness and serenity to family life.

Let us ask the Lord that our whole Christian life be a luminous testimony of His mercy and love.

Dear young people, Christ asks them to be totally awake and warns to see things in the life that really matters.

Pope Francis’ messages and quotes about God’s love

God’s love is mainly what Christians should preach and share. It is in many places and can transform our lives. See what the Pope has to say about this love:

God never tires of forgiving … We are tired of asking forgiveness.

God uses so much mercy with us. Let us also learn to use mercy with others, especially those who suffer.

God loves us. We should not be afraid of chess. Faith professes with the mouth and heart, with the word and love.

We are not the ones who love God, but he who loved us first, He is the first to love.

If we behave as children of God, feeling chesses loved by Him, our life will be new, full of serenity and joy.

In this year of faith, let us ask the Lord for the church to be increasingly a true family that brings God’s love to all.

God’s love is not generic. God looks with love to every man and woman, calling them by his name.

A precious gift that the Holy Spirit brings to our hearts is deep confidence in God’s love and mercy.

How does God manifest love? With the great things? No: Remove. The Great must be understood through the small.

where does true love come from? Who loves was generated by God, because God is love.

It is precisely the love of God that gives meaning to small everyday commitments and that helps to face great difficulties. This is the true treasure of man.

Thus, even the tiredness, falls and sins gain meaning, because God’s love forgives us.

Just as the Father loved me, I also loved you.

It is a love that cannot be understood. The love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge. Surpasses everything. So big is the love of God.

Lord Jesus, give us fortress, give us a free heart, give us hope, give us love, and teach us to serve. Amen.

Each time we give ourselves to selfishness and say no to God, we spoil your plan of love to us.

The works of mercy are precisely the road of love that Jesus teaches us in continuity with this love of God, great!

There are other loves. Also the world proposes to us other loves: the love of money, for example, the love of vanity, displaying itself, love for pride, love for power, including committing many injustices to have more power… They are other loves, this not It is from Jesus and is not from the Father.

God is like this: always first. He awaits us first, loves us first, helps us first.

Pope Francis’ messages and quotes About Maria

Finally, the Pope also tells us of Mary, mother of the Son of God. Mary intercedes for us and plays an important role in our lives. Check out what Pope Francis tells us about her:

AMAINING It is not poetry; It is knowing how to live.

Sometimes we know what we should do, but we lack courage. We learn from Mary the ability to decide, spanning us from God.

Maria is aware of tiredness, sensitive to turmoil, close to the heart. And never, never despise our prayers; Don’t let one get lost. It’s a mother, never ashamed of us; Before, you only expect to be able to help your children.

Maria is the safe ark in the middle of the flood.

Mary is the one that made possible the incarnation of the Son of God, the revelation of mystery, kept secret for centuries.

Maria answered ‘yes’ without knowing the ways she should go, the pain she would suffer, the rich she would face, but she was aware that she was the Lord who asked him. She totally trusts him and leaves herself in her love.

Who better than her to accompany us on the way?

The example of Mary and Joseph is for all of us an invitation to welcome Jesus with total spirit opening.

Let us surrender to the intercession of our mother and St. Joseph to live a truly Christian Christmas, free from all the worldliness and ready to welcome the Savior, God with us.

When we beg it, Mary intercedes for us.

In the virginal conception of Mary, we have a clear sign of Christ’s divine sample: the eternal origin of Christ is in the Father, he is the Son in the total and unique sense, and is therefore born, in time, without man’s intervention .

Mary’s true motherhood has guaranteed to the Son of God a true human history, a true flesh in which she will die on the cross and will be resurrected from the dead.

By her bond with Jesus, Mary is closely associated with what we believe.

Mary teaches us to welcome the favorable moment in which Jesus passes in our lives and asks us for a quick and generous answer.

We are not orphans: we have a mother in heaven, who is the Holy Mother of God. Because it teaches us the virtue of hope until when everything seems meaningless: it always remains confident in the mystery of God even when He seems to disappear through the fault of the evil of the world.

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