82 sentimental messages and quotes to express what is stuck in your chest

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The human being is a sentimental being, feels everything with intensity, whether joy, sadness, pain or happiness. But we need to go beyond and release what we feel, both good and bad things.

Therefore, we select sentimental messages and quotes for you to express ourselves in each of these moments of your life. Share with your friends or on your social networks and leave nothing guarded inside you.

Sentimental messages and quotes of love to express this strong feeling

Love is this feeling so deep that it takes all our being. In this category, you will see sentimental messages and quotes about love when he is and when he is not corresponded.

You had a tempting beauty, but when I got close, it hurt me.

It’s funny how everything goes but missing.

more dramatic than Chico Buarque. More exaggerated than Cazuza. More sentimental than all the hermanos together. Pleasure, me.

We don’t make a mistake in loving a person, we make a mistake to wait for them to love us the same way.

Someone asked me if I knew you, one million memories went through my mind and I whispered: no more.

Don’t come to me with half words, nor with half love, I am not satisfied with halves.

If I could only have one wish, I would want to have you by my side.

Butterflies died, love. That’s all.

As soon as love entered the middle, the middle became love.

My heart is still stronger whenever I hear your name.

Being in love is having a sense of wealth, a fortune in sentimental goods.

We need to have our hearts broken a few times to understand what it is to be really happy.

It is more than thinking about you. I feel your steps in my thoughts.

Love is the easiest feeling to say that one has. The most common to appear in our hearts. The hardest to live and really find.

Today he is the best part of me, and is quite unlike anything I considered good.

Sentimental messages and quotes for Facebook To share what you are feeling

See messages and quotes to share on your social networks and leave all your friends knowing what is going through inside you.

Ah, if we could tell the laps that life goes on. The turns that my world has even found you.

apes find it funny, sentimental reflect.

Take good care of her… Before you lose the woman from your life.

Smile is the most beautiful accessory someone can wear.

I learned that everything, everything in life has a why. And I understood, or rather, accepted that I, from the top of my humanity, do not understand any of them.

Life is short. Wipe the tears with smiles.

If you love, demonstrate.

Don’t suffer for those who don’t value you.

Reason is always petty when it stands with true feeling.

Of course feelings change. People make this happen.

Sentimental messages and quotes about life to reflect

Life is full of surprises and events, and we react differently to each of them. Check out sentimental messages and quotes about life and know the various types of feelings it provides.

Not everyone will understand their way, but that’s fine. It’s not theirs, it’s yours.

In a world where lies is a rule, speak truths is provocation.

Never forget who did not abandon you.

The greatest loss of life is not death, but what dies within us as we live.

If you need to force it is because it is not its size. This is for rings, shoes, friendships, professions and relationships.

When you are happy, spread happiness. There is so much hatred that smile is rarity.

Just for today, I won’t let myself be saddened. Just for today, I will be happy forever.

Being realistic is not only to say truths, but also to live with them.

Happy moments build memories. Hard moments build stories.

poetry is the music of the soul, and above all of large and sentimental souls.

We may not be sentimental, but we can carry the best feelings within us.

You will swing and fail, but that’s how you learn.

Alright closing doors that no longer take anywhere.

The magic of life is to be reborn several times after the first. In decree and recognizing finals, happy or not, even before the irremediable end.

Short sentimental messages and quotes because few words are enough

Few words, when well used, are able to express all our sentimental burden, and this is the function of the sentences of this category.

Overcoming is not a choice, it is a need.

Do not expect noble attitudes of poor people of spirit.

It’s never too late to fall in love.

Give time for those who don’t have time for you.

Who gives up, actually never wanted.

Beware of the words you use. They can hurt or make someone smile.

For a good connoisseur, half absence is enough.

This may be what you were waiting for.

And the rain comes. In each drop, I see a little of you.

What is done with love is well done.

Some loves are so beautiful that the time to watch.

I’m fine, I’m not happy.

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

I like to make people happy, even when I’m sad.

I am without you just unloving.

Sad sentimental messages and quotes not to let sadness cherish in your chest

Sadness is part of life, it is a moment that needs to be experienced. But, the important thing is that all this feeling will pass, check out messages and quotes to help you live this phase.

Each wound is a lesson and each lesson makes us better.

What do I know about love? I know it’s not for me.

Sadness does not change us, it reveals us.

If the feeling did not last forever, the pain will not last either.

tears do not hurt. What hurts is the reason that makes them fall.

Feelings are devouring me daily. Even they noticed that I am easy target, open door and weak heart.

and when I’m sad, just hug me.

emotionally I’m sad, I’m mentally tired, physically I smile.

Today I wanted someone to tell me that I didn’t have to worry, a shoulder, a hand. Sorry so much thirst, so much dissatisfaction. Tomorrow, tomorrow I start. I hope you, I like you, kiss you.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

Today the sun did not shine, the birds did not sing, the laughter silenced and the tears rolled on my face. My heart suffers in silence.

neither happy nor sad. Just supporting.

My soul is tired of being pushed in deep sentimental abyss.

sentimental messages and quotes for friends because friendship deserves to be felt

Category 6: Our friends are mega important in our walk. They fill our hearts with good feelings. It is very easy to be sentimental when it comes to them, check out messages and quotes that contain the right words to be said.

real friend is not the one who says “go ahead”, but the one who says “I’m going together”.

friends are like the wind: sometimes close, sometimes far, but eternal in our hearts.

A true friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been and accompanies you in your profits and your failures.

Loves go and friendships are.

To be happy, we need love, family and friends. Love we have, family we will form, and friends are you.

Who has a friend, even if one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness; You may miss you, but it will not be alone.

Best friends make the good times even better and hard times, easier.

Understand that friends come and go. But never give up a few and good.

Friends should be friends forever, even if people change and their lives reorganize, even if they have nothing in common, only the same memories.

Friend we don’t seek, the heart is.

When it hurts you to look back and scare you look forward, look to the left or right and there I will be by your side.

A life without friends is like living on a desert island, without water, without food, without light.

A true friend is someone who takes your hand and touches your heart.

Those who walk alone may even arrive faster, but the one who goes with friends, surely goes further.

Friends are angels who leave us standing when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

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