80 Smart Singing messages and quotes to Conquer a Studious Crush

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The best way to conquer someone is through a conversation that shows your best side. Also, no mood, cleverness and sincerity can be missed. To prove that you are worthy of attention, check out the best sentences of smart singing. Share to break the ice and surprise the target of your achievement!

Smart Singing messages and quotes that show that you are good with the words

I never quite understood the school subjects, but of physics and attraction, I understand and can explain to the subject.

You are not coffee, but you can cheer me up just to see you.

Whenever you are around, I come to my melting point.

Just as the sun illuminates our day, its light illuminates my life.

You are the compass that guides me to the north where happiness is.

It is not possible to travel in time, but science has already proved that you can travel to your smile.

I hope you are not tired of carrying the weight of being the most beautiful person in the world.

It is impossible to know all the people in the world and I don’t even have to because I am sure you are the most beautiful of them all.

As a magnet, I am attracted to you and I can’t get out unless someone pulls me.

If there is a remedy to heal the pain of my heart is your kiss.

Our history can be full of twists, with an exciting cohesive plot and climax. Just say yes to me that we will make a movie novel.

When I saw you, I locked it, I will have to restart to act normally again.

I don’t need math to calculate how much we combine, I just realize you look at you.

Literature has not yet been able to translate its beauty into words.

I can only see you because your own light prevents me from seeing other things in front of me.

If teleportation were a reality, I would only use it to go to you.

Are you sure we didn’t have a class together before? I could swear we had and we have chemistry together.

gravity makes me stand, but what I feel for you, leaves my heart down.

as a magnet and metal, I am unable to resist how much you attract me.

I’m not a verb, but I know how to combine love and I can prove you if you want.

According to the multiverse theory, there is at least one universe where we ended together. Do you want this universe to be one of them?

If we were a theorem, the right answer would be the one we get together.

I am attracted to you equal to gravity attracts the bodies to the center of the Earth.

The only chemistry I understand is the one that is going on between us and we can’t let it go.

Our love can be to history like Caesar and Cleopatra, if you give me a chance.

Mathematics also calculates happiness showing that 1+1 is 2 and the proof is that we overflow when I am by your side.

Just to see you, I already fill myself with serotonin. You are my happiness.

Not even logic can explain the good you do to me. Let’s let the emotion be bigger than the reason.

In biology, I learned that love can do your health good, because if you are happy, everything will work better. How about making the theory transform into reality?

Science says two bodies do not occupy the same space, but if you get very close, I tease you that they are wrong.

If there was no gravity on this planet, yet I would be fell on you.

Good time, time does not stop when I think of you, otherwise we would still be the day I met you.

I haven’t learned to combine many verbs yet, but kiss I already know and I’m crazy to kiss you.

I am the subject of the sentence, you are my object of action and the action is to win your heart.

No matter the kilometers I need to walk. I would learn to read maps, guide me through the stars just to be able to find you.

Love is love in any language, locality and historical time; And I think this is what I feel for you.

The problems of my heart are only solved with their caresses.

I want to do a chemical experiment and find out how much time will last ours.

No one is able to reach the speed of light alone, but my thinking comes to this speed when I think of you.

I’m sure our love story will be much more exciting to read than any novel ever written.

You are so beautiful that it looks like a sunflower that has just broken and turns in search of the sun.

Winning your heart is harder than doing function, but I know it will be worth keeping trying.

Let’s get out of inertia by placing our bodies to move together.

If you were a star, it would be the sun and a whole system would rotate around your light.

You are more beautiful than the moon because your light is your own and you don’t need anyone to illuminate you.

Facts are facts, the earth is round, the moon interferes with the tides and we would be happier if we were together.

You are like the dictionary because I brought meaning to my life when I met you.

You make me doubt my certainties about gravity: when you get close, you make me float.

In the subject of love, I am an applied student and I will take a grade 10 to make you happy.

If you allow me, I want to take my master’s degree in the geography of your body.

You are really complete, because everything I look for, I find you.

You are the missing piece in the puzzle of my life.

I would like to give you a poem … but you are the most beautiful verse life has ever written.

King is born on the throne, fish is born in the sea, I was born on earth just to love you.

Just as PI has endless decimal places, my desire to know you better has no end either.

There is no logic you have been born like this, perfect, if not to be happy with me.

For me, intelligence is the greatest beauty of a person. Every word that comes out of your mouth seems to take me elsewhere.

Are you a terrestrial axis? Because my world revolves around you.

No matter the hundreds and thousands of Pi digits. All I really need to know are the digits of your mobile number.

Are you https? Because without you I’m alone: ​​//

If love were a periodic table, you would be my oxygen, because when you are far away, I don’t know how to live.

There is no video card in the world that can play the graphics of its beauty.

Everyone knows that writing “us” is to murder grammar, but “us” separately is a shot in my heart.

You are done lithium, neodymium, oxygen and carbon. Do you know why? Because you are li-nd-o-na.

My feelings for you are like the sea: agitated, deep and endless.

Girl, you are not an article, but define my heart.

cat, calls me the scientific project and spends the night losing my head with me.

Dating an applied student! I promise to study the history of your heart, let the chemistry of our kiss happen, go through the geography of your body and multiply our love.

I want to make you an invitation: Do you accept to plant a large tree with me? I even chose the type I want to plant with you: the genealogical tree!

Girl, call me a verb and come combine my heart.

cat, you don’t have to be the exact area to know that the X that misses in your equation is me!

If I were an equation, you would be my condition of existence!

My love for you is pure chemical: te + am + o.

Do you like literature? So, it calls me “Jorge” and lets me be your “beloved”.

I can call you carbon? Because without you life would be practically impossible!

To take you out of the head, just formatting!

Girl, only you know the password that unlocks my heart.

You are the electron that completes my valence layer.

I would like to be Greek, but Greek I can’t be, because Greek has several goddesses and my only goddess is you.

Girl, are you relative of Thomas Edison? Because you are the light of my life.

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