80 sentences on Monday to start the week full of energy

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Monday is that day that there is a relationship of love and hatred: hatred for rest days are over and love to be the beginning of a new week full of things to conquer. To declare good morning, Monday, and motivate you to start the animated week, check out Monday’s messages and quotes. Raise your head, shake the dust and enjoy your day!

Monday’s Motivation messages and quotes

Today comes a new opportunity to find what leads us to happiness. Great Monday!

Positive thinking on Monday can change the whole week’s trajectory, even of life. Good morning!

“The secret of progressing is starting”. A great Monday to do different!

Success is for those who see each start of the weekend as a fresh start. Make this Monday a new story! Good morning.

Monday is too short to waste time complaining instead of doing. Enjoy the day!

Once again Monday? Perfect, a new week represents new challenges, new chances of doing differently!

The achievement happens with one step at a time. Beautiful Monday to start over!

It is no wonder that Monday begins with “s” of success! Let’s go to the fight!

What you expect over the weekend can be experienced in a lifetime if you start projects this Monday. Good morning!

Everyone likes to earn new things and you have a brand new week in front. Enjoy!

Have faith to set your plans, courage to idealize your goals and strength to make them happen. Good Monday!

Funny Monday messages and quotes

Monday would not be so unpleasant if it didn’t happen every week.

In the sentence, “I love Monday”, the subject is: crazy, retired, or vacation.

Truth be said: we need more time between Friday and Monday.

If Monday were a person, it would be a boring friend who always forces us to do what we don’t want.

If second it was good would be the first option. Good morning, Brazil!

I accept that it exists, but the day I like a Monday, I will be close to knowing human madness.

me and I are not compatible: she wants me to wake up, smile and I just want the weekend to get fast! The fearful Monday has arrived!

I wish you all a good Monday, but now I ask you to let me sleep and you only wake me up when it’s Friday!

The worst moment today has happened. That’s when the alarm clock played and I realized it was Monday.

If you give up it won’t fail … Following by waking up in the packages of the defeat!

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe Monday doesn’t like you either? Is that of “love your enemies”.

Every week is that: it appears without being invited and still wants to be well received. Monday does not give up!

Good morning Monday messages and quotes

I’m sure this Monday will bring new chances to smile and approach your dreams. Have a good day!

“You are my Monday, you are the best day of the week, so underestimated and with a new beginning.” Good morning!

Good morning! May Monday be full of surprises to show that every weekend is a fresh start.

Good morning! Have the courageā€¦ No start the day already complaining about Monday!

Facit today with optimism, dawn until when you go to bed. Good morning and good Monday!

Second: May the day be full of happiness and that sadness does not go through, amen! Good week and good morning!

It’s second, day to put the laziness and mood aside, wear a smile and be happy. Good morning!

Good morning, Monday! No sadness, let your day be as bright as your smile.

Monday: May the day be loaded with good news, whole joys, good people, true smiles and endless blessings! Good morning.

Today is the opportunity to build a tomorrow. Good Monday full of energy to take paper plans!

A brief Monday for a lifetime of achievements and surprises! Good start to the week!

Don’t let yesterday steal your chance to start being happy today. There is no date to smile, choose this Monday and make it happen!

Monday to work messages and quotes

yesterday’s projects will be held from this Monday! Get to work. Good job!

“You can’t exhaust your creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” A second full of new ideas and renewal at work!

“The beginning is always today”. That this second brings new projects at work and renew your energies!

“Work is love made visible”. Have a great Monday revealing love in everything you do.

“Wisdom is to understand that the time dedicated to work is never lost.” Great Monday with a lot of dedication!

“A job gives you a purpose and meaning. Life is empty without both.” Good Monday!

“fulfills the small duty of every moment; do what you should and are in what you do.” Have a very focus Monday!

“Long -term planning is unrelated to future decisions, but with the future of present decisions.” Good Monday of many decisions!

“A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people. No machine can do the work of an extraordinary person.” Good morning!

Good morning, Monday! “Give me, sir, hit when starting, directed to progress and perfection in concluding” my work.

an inspired Monday making work an extraordinary journey!

Blessed Monday messages and quotes

May God’s presence manifest itself this Monday!

Every Monday, I see more and more reasons to thank God for another blessed week!

Today is Monday, day to put God in the first place to have another blessed week!

I’m sure this Monday is blessed by God.

Happy Monday! May our week be blessed, may God enlighten us and protect us!

Have a blessed Monday! May this fresh start not heavy. Delivered to the Lord your burden and everything will be lighter.

Monday is starting … May your week be light, productive, cheerful and very blessed!

Today begins the first of seven days in the grace of God. I thank the father for the chance to be happy and blessed!

May God pour thanks this Monday and give us an amazing day, full of reasons to thank you!

After the day of the Lord comes the time to make God’s Word motivation! A second blessed to all!

I came to wish a wonderful and very blessed Monday. May we all be under the protection of God!

Monday to WhatsApp messages and quotes

Tip of the day for this second: Be happy!

I was never a fan of Mondays, be they fairs, chances or intentions.

Never save: kindness, smiles and good humor, especially on a Monday.

New week, new dreams and new opportunities. Happy Monday!

Monday is the perfect day to correct the mistakes of the past week.

Happy Monday! May your day be a blessing and happen beautiful things for you today.

Monday with “s” of: smiles, dreams and surprises!

Nothing like a brand new Monday to write a new story.

Not every Monday needs to be bland. Do it different!

There are people who are equal Monday: I don’t like it, I don’t want to and I don’t need to.

Good morning! May God bless your Monday.

Hello, beautiful people! Passing to wish a wonderful Monday like you.

Monday’s messages and quotes for Instagram

Do not let them treat you like Monday when you are a perfect weekend!

Monday is not another day of the week, it’s perfect day to be you. No ties.

The balance of this day just depends on you. Monday has a fresh look.

The way you face Monday says a lot about you.

You can live a life staring at Monday as difficulty or opportunity. The choice is yours.

The realized Monday you expect is in the planning you don’t have.

A small Monday lived with presence is a big step for a meaningful life.

You know why people in general hate Monday? It is because they are afraid of restarts, to reinvent themselves.

It’s no luck, it was the times I lived on Monday as it had to be. Fully!

An interesting person is the one who even makes the Monday look for a holiday.

Forget for a moment what you need to do and answer: What can I do for this Monday to be unforgettable?

After Monday’s messages and quotes, it certainly no longer willing it as a heavy day full of accumulated tiredness. Actually, the day is you who do it!

A day lived fully can impact a week, a month, up to a year of many achievements! You need to have the right motivation to make it happen with every minute that passes.

For this Monday animation not to get lost over the days, be sure to check out the best messages and quotes of good week sentences and send to your contacts that need that little push to face the week in a different way! /P>

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