80 Poet messages and quotes to know a new side of life

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Writing poetry is a very beautiful activity. A poem can make us dream, think, love, reflect and even cry. What matters is that it will make us feel something. And this is the great work of poets, conveying feelings that tease us, make us get out of the comfort zone and see life in another way.

In addition to their writings, they also left and leave teachings to carry in our lives. Therefore, we select Poet messages and quotes to make you meditate and open your eyes on how they saw the world and how we can change our direction to be a little more like theirs. Check it out:

Love Poet messages and quotes to declare with style

Love is a theme portrayed by all writers, and with poets would be no different. Check out, in this category, messages and quotes and thoughts about this feeling that is part of everyone’s life.

Great passions are rare like masterpieces.

True love is like the appearance of spirits: many people speak of them, but few have seen them.

If we judge love for its effects, it resembles hatred than friendship.

The course of true love is never serene.

Love is contagious, with specialty in solitude, where the soul needs a mate, and when it does not meet it, it is divided itself to be two: one, hope; another, longing.

Camões wrote, “Who loves invents the penalties in which they live.” “Who loves invents the things they love,” I would add, if I drew me so much.

So good to die of love! And keep living …

Love is like the fog you see in the morning when you wake up before sunrise. The fog is there and, a moment later, it disappears. Love is a fog that dissipates in the dawn of reality.

We love as much as men can love, that is, imperfectly.

Love has nothing to do with what you expect to receive – just what you expect to give – that is everything.

What is most passionate about love are the discoveries he allows us to make about ourselves.

Love contains in itself such a rare phenomenon that one can live a lifetime without finding the sweet creature to whom nature has given the gift of making us happy.

Love does not see with the eyes, but with the mind.

Throw it all out, but especially empty your heart, get ready for life, for a new love. Remember: we are passionable, we are able to love many and many times. After all, we are love.

So pay attention to the signs, don’t let the madness of everyday life make you blind to the best thing in life: love.

of all secret things, love is the most public.

Poet messages and quotes about life to reflect and learn

Who thinks a lot, has a lot to teach. Yeah, poets work reflecting and creating new ideas, messages and quotes and poetry. See what your thoughts about life are.

It is worth living – even if to say it is not worth it …

You have to love, you must hate – are the two springs of life.

In the long walk of life I pretend to be aware of that despite the multidoome burning I carry alone

Life is the hesitation between an exclamation and an interrogation. When in doubt, there is an end point.

In today’s life, the world belongs only to stupid, insensitive and agitated. The right to live and triumph is gaining today almost by the same processes that hospitalization is achieved in a asylum: the inability to think, amorality and hyperexcitation.

The art of living is simply the art of living … I just said? But how hard it is!

May no one be wrong, simplicity through hard work is achieved.

I want for me the spirit of this phrase, transformed the form to marry what I am. Living is not necessary; What is needed is to create.

Reminders If you look well, you end up finding it. Not the (dubious) explanation of life, but the (inexplicable) poetry of life.

We are all enrolled in the school of life, where the master is time.


Every day we should hear some music, read good poetry, see a beautiful picture and, if possible, say a few sensible words.

Life is only possible reinvented.

What counts in life is not the starting point but the walk. Walking and sowing, in the end you will have what to reap.

Poets’ messages and quotes about happiness that is the so much we seek in life

Happiness is something we want during life and want to reach it. Check out what poets understand as happiness with striking messages and quotes on the topic.

Happy the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

Follow your destination, water your plants, love your roses. The rest is the shadow trees of others.

waste time on learning things that don’t matter, deprives us of discovering interesting things.

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

If you want to feel the happiness of loving, forget your soul. The soul is that it spoils love. Only in God can it find satisfaction. Not in another soul.

How many times do we, in search of the venture, proceed as the unfortunate avozinho: in vain, everywhere, the glasses looking for them at the tip of the nose!

Everything is worth it when the soul is not small.

Well for that very reason, Caboclo says: Joy comes from the guts – full belly, cheerful heart. What is Pure True.

I’m leaving for the pasárgada/ I’m leaving for the pasárgadaai I am not happy, existence is such an adventure.

There are two times in life, childhood and old age, where happiness is in a box of chocolates.

I want to be happy waves of Marquero forget everything to rest.

Listen, I don’t want to tell you my desire I just tell you my tenderness if in exchange for so much happiness that you could give you reported you would have a pure-sized heart of your childhood!

The smile enriches the recipients without impoverishing the donors.

If a poet can express his unhappiness with all happiness, how can he be unhappy?

messages and quotes of Brazilian poets to honor national writers

In Brazil, we have many important names of poetry. Striking personalities and with important reflections. Check out ideas and thoughts of these authors who are famous here and out there.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

Until cutting their own defects can be dangerous. You never know what defect sustains our entire building.

There are two boring species: boring properly and friends, which are our boring favorite.

longing is what makes things stop in time.

The world is large and fits in this window over the sea. The sea is large and fits in the bed and the mattress of love. Love is big and fits in the brief space to kiss.

My will is strong, but my willingness to obey it is weak.

Amai, because nothing better for health than a corresponded love.

I love you even that it fulminates or punches in my face makes me less bone and more true.

Friendship is a means of isolating ourselves from humanity by cultivating some people.

To love is to change the soul from home.

whiskey is man’s best friend: he is a bottled dog.

Knowing us we learn from masters and books. Wisdom is learned is with life and the humble.

longing is the proof that the past was worth it.

It is not easy to be patience in the face of excessive ones.

With the tears of time and the lime of my day, I did the cement of my poetry.

Dreaming is waking up inside.

to the heart that suffers, separate/ from yours, in the exile where I cry see me,/ it is not enough the simple and sacred affection/ with which the misadventures protect myself.

loves me, it’s time yet.

If you forget, just one thing, forget me very slowly.

Latin poet messages and quotes to know those close to us

Latin America is so large and rich in culture, and we often do not know important personalities and authors that are so close to us. Check out Latin poets’ messages and quotes and discover new authors to fall in love.

The truth is that there is no truth.

Don’t try to me, for if we try, we can’t forget.

and to be totally, completely, absolutely in love, we must be fully aware that the partner is also dear, who also inspires love.

Hope is the most sordid of feelings.

It seems easy to live without hatred, something I never felt, but living without love, I find it impossible.

Poets hate hatred and war for war.

Education is perhaps the highest form of seeking God.

I do not value the abundance and riches, so I will be increasingly happy to bring more wealth to my mind and have no mind in wealth.

Where there is a tree to plant, plant it. Where there is an error to amend, amend it you. Where there is an effort that everyone runs away, you do it. Be the one who drives the stones out of the way.

poetry has secret communication with the sufferings of man.

Give me, Lord, the perseverance of the waves of the sea, which make each retreat a starting point for a new breakthrough.

To say friendship is to say understanding, quick confidence and wide memory; that’s to say, fidelity.

The brightest of appearances can cover the most vulgar realities.

I always imagined that paradise was a kind of bookstore.

I love you how to love certain obscure things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

There are few things as deafening as silence.

Do not hate your enemy, because if you do, you are in any way your slave. Your hatred will never be better than your peace.

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