80 Mother’s messages and quotes to Daughter who declare unconditional love

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The feeling of a mother by her daughter is the real one that can exist. After all, it is she who spends clear nights when the child has a problem. To declare all your affection, see our mother’s messages and quotes to daughter who will tell your girl how much she turned you into a fuller woman. Check out our suggestions below!

Mother to daughter who will say how essential she is in your life

daughter, you are my treasure.

I’m a girl, I have a princess in my life and do everything for her happiness!

I love you so much, daughter, and I’m very proud of you. Be happy, that’s all I want in this life!

Know that you can count on me at all times, my little one!

You are the light that shines in my life, my raison d’ĂȘtre!

Mother to daughter love is a unique feeling, incomparable in any situation.

God was very generous with me when you chose me to be your mother.

How can such a small being change someone’s life so much? Well, you changed mine and for the better!

No matter how much you grow, it will always be my little one.

To be a girl’s mother is to win a friend, counselor and companion for the rest of her life!

Every mother should have a beautiful little girl as I have you, my daughter.

You deserve to be happy, my little one! Chance the world with your sweet smile and your good heart.

When you were born, I also reborn.

God made me a mother, and that’s how I knew the great love of my life!

we are two in one, mother and daughter!

Never forget that my lap will be forever yours.

daughter, before you arrived, my world had no color. You have changed my life, I love you!

daughter, you are the joy of Mom’s life!

mother’s love is the greatest in the world, but I could only prove it after you have you.

Everything is uncertain in this world, but not the love of a mother. Daughter, I love you!

daughter, when I look at you, I have the strength to fight and realize that everything is worth it.

Being a mother was my greatest gift, I’m grateful every day for having you and feeling this huge love.

When I discovered your heart hitting me, I reborn in every way. I love you as no one will ever love!

With your birth, I also discovered my greatest happiness! I love you, princess.

Being a mother is not teaching, but learning how so much love can fit inside you!

daughter, my mother’s heart has a lot of love to give and he will never end. Never forget that. I love you so much!

You are my greatest motivation to be a better person every day. I’ll be with you until the last sigh!

Half of me loves to be a mother … and the other half too!

You are part of me and I’m part of you. And that’s how it should be!

God chose the most beautiful angel and gave me as a gift to brighten my days and make me the happiest woman in the world!

My daughter makes me complete.

You are the treasure I sought to make sense of my life. Today, I understand that the love I lived only has explanation when seeing you in my arms.

I would not change anything in you, nor your tantrums!

You are my gift from God and wish you to protect you always!

You are much more than a daughter, you are a diamond in the shape of people.

Today I have the infinite certainty that there is nothing bigger, better and more true than a mother’s love for a daughter.

my child, my jewel, my life, my love!

You are the light that lit on me when I needed to see the way.

I asked the universe something that would change my life forever and look, I won you!

You are the best part of me!

If I had more daughters, I wanted them all to be like you!

You are responsible for messing up and tidying up my whole life. I love you, my puppy!

I’m a complete mother since I won you from the skies.

Everything I was looking for most was focused on one thing: you, my daughter!

I will guide your steps to my last second of life.

If I can live a thousand years, I want them all to be to take care of you, daughter.

In my mother’s heart you will always fit, no matter your size, age or wherever you are.

Forever I will be your mom, and forever you will be my puppy.

My daughter, may Jesus bless your steps and may your strength be renewed every day!

And I who thought I had nothing more to learn in this life, I have a class every day with you, my daughter!

Thank you for moving for the better, for showing the strength I didn’t know I had and reveal an infinite love … My love for you, my daughter!

Your smile is the only one capable of disarming me whole!

Nothing you do can end my mother’s love.

Your smile will always be my priority in life.

For you, Mom would move mountains and fight with dragons!

My protection, my forgiveness and my heart are all yours.

If you depend on me, my daughter, you will be anything you want to be!

I can’t wait to see you grow and win the world, my daughter.

I want to give you strength the same way you give me every day, my daughter. Mom will always be here for you!

You are still so small, but for me, you are already a giant and future woman ahead.

and when you think it’s alone, I’ll be waiting for you with open arms.

My love for you is the size of the biggest dream you will have when you grow up. So you can dream big!

and everything I can do for you, I will do. Trust me, puppy!

No matter how long it passes, mother and daughter’s heart will always be just one.

Nothing and no one takes you from me, daughter!

You were born and all my priorities have changed, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!

Nothing and no one will overcome our mother and daughter connection.

When you arrived, I found that it was all I needed to be even happier. You are the realization of a dream!

Just looking at your little eyes, I already see a beautiful future for both of us!

I thought I loved chocolate more than anything, until you are born!

I will be here on your worst and best days.

No matter how much darkness takes over my way, you always illuminate everything, my little sunlight!

God chose the finger the best gift to give me, a beautiful girl!

Seeing your girl smile makes me want to live more and more!

Nothing in the world can get close to the immense love I feel for you, my baby!

Time goes by flying and I want to be by your side in every second of your life.

is already getting used to it, daughter … It will be my baby forever, until it is big!

You are, for me, a box full of the things I love the most in this world, my daughter!

You make me feel the best mother in this world, daughter!

Make rain or sunbathe, mom will always protect you.

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