80 Mother’s messages and quotes for Son that strengthen ties and bonds

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To be a mother is to love, take care and have a lot of patience. It is seeing their children grow and be present at each stage of life, even when they decide to walk their own course. And there are so many feelings that it is difficult to put in words. To help you, we have separated the best mother’s messages and quotes to child who will help you show all your affection!

Mother to child messages and quotes to feel the intensity of this pure and genuine love

My beloved son, everything in you is beautiful and unique. My love for you is infinite.

My beloved son, your laugh is the sweetest sound I’ve heard in my life. And may you always be like this: happy and full of love.

I gave you life, but you so little, son, barely came into the world and gave meaning and happiness to mine!

After a body holds another body, no heart supports the little. I love you, my son!

Sometimes I can’t understand how it can fit so much love in my heart. This small space overflows and is all yours, my son!

Being a mother taught me that I am stronger than I thought, more dedicated than I imagined and happier than I ever dreamed of being.

Children are for mothers the anchors of their lives.

Motherhood has shown me that I can generate the purest and most genuine love in the world. I love you so much, my son!

Son, even when I can’t guide your steps anymore, know that I will be there to take care of you!

Son, you were the most beautiful story that God has ever written in my life.

Being a mother is all I have always dreamed and having you as a child is the greatest gift God could give me.

Before you exist, I already wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. And in less than a minute after your birth, I would already give my life for you.

You are the reason for my life, my son. I will always protect you.

My love for you transcends time and space. No matter when or where, I will always be with you somehow, my son.

My son is the greatest gift God could give me. And it is up to me to protect and love this divine blessing.

The strongest and most eternal bond is one who connects a mother with her children.

The most sensitive part of my body is called Son. Moved him, I feel.

My son, my love for you leads me to do the impossible and the unimaginable. I love you today and always.

Your laugh, my son is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

we loaded nine months in the belly, three years on our lap and the rest of our life in the heart. I love you, my son!

we fill the lives of children who fill our lives: one fills me with memories, who fill me with tears.

Love for children we do not divide, multiplies.

I still remember the day you were born, everything was so beautiful and perfect. And I knew that my life would never be the same. Thank you for so much love, my son.

And now you have arrived, my most precious good, my gift from heaven, and my love only grows. You made my life overflow with happiness, son!

It’s more than a maternal connection, it’s a smile that connects us forever, my son!

God chose the most beautiful angel and gave me as a gift, to brighten my days and make me the happiest woman in the world! Thank you for coming to the world and illuminating the life of all of us, my son!

It was in maternity that I found all the love in me and I didn’t even know it existed. I love you, my son!

The love I feel for you, my son, is not relative, it is absolute.

Mother’s heart is not just a muscle that hits nonstop. It is a magical place where the most extraordinary things happen… Mother’s heart is attached to every child’s heart by a thin, almost invisible wire.

God has given me the honor of being your mother and I promise that I will strive every day of my life to give you all the affection and love of the world.

The greatest love of my life calls me “mommy”.

My mother’s love will always be with you, my son, no matter the time or the distance. You are my reason for living.

When the children laughs, the heart of mother to dance. When a child is sad, the mother’s heart is in a thousand pieces.

For you my son, I give all my love, affection and dedication.

Well they say that mother’s love is the greatest love in the world. Because since you were born, I feel that I overflow affection every day.

I wished you before you exist. I loved you millions of times more when I first saw you. I love you, my son!

A child is born to regenerate us and show that in even the difficulties, love exists.

Oh dear, don’t grow, stay tiny, it could look simple. I will not let anyone hurt you, I will not let anyone leave your heart, no one will ever leave you. I love you, dear son!

You may be 20, 30 years old, but for me, it will always be that beautiful and smiling baby that God has given me. And I will love you to my last breath.

Children are a mess in our lives: the best possible mess!

I remember your bare feet running down the hall. I remember your giggle. Running cars on the kitchen floor and plastic dinosaurs. I love you from here to the moon, my son!

Being a mother is: as much as your child is totally dependent on you, it is you who cannot live without him.

All love in the world is contained in your smile, my beautiful son!

In the nine months I carried you in my womb, I knew that there was being generated the greatest love I could ever feel.

With each passing day, you grow more and more, my son. Just like my love for you.

Children are people who are born teaching that love can be infinite. I love you!

There are no words that can express my love for you, my son. I love you more than anything.

No matter how long you pass, where you go, you will always be my little love, my most precious good, my beloved son.

A child may be too big for his lap, but he will never be too big for his heart.

my son, the moment I held you in my arms I finally knew what true love was and what happiness was.

I asked God to make me happy and He became his mother. You are my best gift, my greatest happiness, I love you, my son!

I will never be the best mother in the world, this I’m sure. But you, my angel, are the best child that could exist.

They say that children learn from mothers, but it is totally the opposite: you teach me love every day, my son!

My alarm clock has a name, we use pijaminha and smiles when I wake up! I love you, dear son!

You only discover what real love is after a child is born. I love you, my son!

My life has gained more colors since you were born. Thank you for being this wonderful gift, my dear son.

I am the most happy mother in the world and, you my love, are the most beautiful son of all.

You were born and I was reborn, my son. I love you!

Since before you were born, I already knew you would become my life. I love you infinity, my son!

You understand the meaning of life when it grows within you. I love you, dear son!

I’m owl mother, I’m a lioness mother and you are my puppy I love and protect everything and everyone.

I’m such a lucky mother! How did God know it was this son I always dreamed?

A child fills a place in your heart that you didn’t even know it was empty.

Son, my mother’s heart has love to give you never to miss. Don’t forget that.

Happiness is in the details: sleepless nights, in the bottles, the first steps, the cries and the small victories our children conquer.

my son, being your mother is the best thing that happened to me, you fill my days with happiness and my life with pride!

A mother even understands what her children do not speak. I am always here for whatever they need me. I love you, dear children.

Since the day you were born a lot of beautiful things happened to me. But nothing can compare yourself, my son, to you.

My son, you have a wonderful way to show me what really matters in life. I love you!

my son, you are the reason for my happiness and the fuel that feeds my soul.

Yeah, you grew up, my son! Everything went so fast. I am proud of the wonderful and intelligent person you have become.

Son, if I could change places with you so you never suffer. But I can only offer all my affection to cherish your little heart.

My son is the most beautiful flower of my garden, the most beautiful love God has ever sent to me.

Great is God’s trust in placing a child in my arms. And I promise to honor him every day of my life.

my son, the love I feel inside my heart cannot be put into words, it simply overflows.

my son, when you were born, my life magically changed, it was so much love, which overflowed.

If there is more beautiful love I do not know. My son, you beautiful thing of my life.

I’m not perfect, but know, my son, that everything I do for you is with the greatest dedication in the world.

and when I first heard your heart, I could see that even no other love would be greater than love of mother’s love.

A mother holds the hands of a child for a short time, but carries her heart forever.

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