80 love messages and quotes for status that will make you sigh

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Poets and passionate fuel, love is that kind of feeling difficult to explain. We lack words, but there are emotions and enchanted sighs. And if you are having trouble demonstrating your affection, the tip is to check out these love messages and quotes for status we have separated and that express this beautiful and complex sensation very well!

Love messages and quotes for status full of romanticism for the lovers on duty

The measure of love is to love without measure.

I already love you for three summers, dear, but I want them all.

My philosophy and religion is to seek to live in your heart.

Love needs to be delicate to be strong.

Do not have mercy on the dead. Have mercy on the living and, above all, those who live without love.

Paradise is a place on earth with you.

I will love you until the end of time. I would wait a million years.

Take my hand, take my whole life too because I can’t avoid falling in love with you.

Love is born of little things, lives on them and sometimes dies.

If I hadn’t found you, I swear I was looking for you.

Love Without Chaos is strange to me, but with you it is easy to contradict me.

What else can anyone want beyond love and be loved?

And I hope never to lose you, I hope this never is over.

Since I saw you, it’s a spree for everything. Has funk on the hill from the bottom of my heart.

Because if I am the rhyme, you are such a perfect beat.

From our love, we know, little.

I saw that it was love the moment we met.

True Love transforms us for the better, renews our past and builds a future of hopes.

There are so many forms of love. There are so many loves, but never the same.

Lack of love is the greatest of all poverty.

I will sing love songs for you when we are 80 years old.

I think I was blind before meeting you.

Love can heal. Loving can fix your soul.

I will love you until we are 70 years old.

I changed the route and my plans, and what I was looking for I found in you.

The best thing that happened in my life was to have found you.

I did nothing feeling without you. Now everything seems to be in the right place.

Because I see sparks fly whenever you smile.

I loved you in the past, I love you in the present, and if the future allows, I will love you forever!

Every time I run to your arms, I feel that I exist for love.

I will love you in the other lives that will come.

Because when you arrived in my life, I could feel my life start.

and you are the other half, the only thing that makes me whole.

Look how beautiful my love is, I’m happy now!

I go to the end of the world for you to make you feel my love.

Let’s share a little house, a bed, sleep with a shell.

Your awkward way attracts me, distract me and makes me want you even more.

I see you everywhere, all the smiles, in all the flowers and beautiful things of this world.

There is only one law in love; make it happy to those who love yourself.

Love is light, it does not weigh. Love overflows, it does not charge. Love is easy, it is not difficult.

Even infinity is small when it comes to what I feel for you.

If love knocked on our door, how lucky ours!

Because when you hug me, the world spins slowly.

I love you and I can’t see myself without your love for years.

In you I found my best, and I can’t tie another knot with someone.

You are the moment of calm after a storm. My Peace Center.

Love, my dear, makes us see rainbows in cloudy sky.

There are various types of love. There are several loves to be lived.

Love is a decision. And I decided to love you until the end of our days.

I feel like eternity is enough for our love.

My laugh is so happy with you, my best friend is my love.

From all the crazy ones in the world I wanted you, because your madness seems a bit with mine.

little is necessary to completely transform a life: love in the heart and smile on the lips.

From everything I need most, you are what I need most!

has love that seems to be born to last a lifetime, like mine for you.

The greatest happiness is the certainty of being loved despite being as we are.

May the statements be daily and love is constant.

Don’t be afraid to love, as this is the only thing that really matters in this life.

It is wrong to think that love is for the weak, love makes us stronger.

madness is to escape love just because someone could not love you.

Your next love is not to blame for the previous one.

Love is the reason we live.

My love is now dangerous. But it’s not bad, I die, but I die loving it.

Today there is someone else by my side, with the greatest love than yours.

That love is always smooth as the first breeze of the morning.

It is in the love of my parents, my friends, and God that I find all the necessary strength.

Love is so much more fatal than I had thought!

Because in every piece of me, there will always be a piece of you.

What memory loves becomes eternal. I love you with the memory, imperishable.

I love you for the good you see in me and I can’t even see it.

Every love story is like this, it has rounds and turns.

You touches me and all the love contained in me, overflows.

I love you in the silences, the interval of songs, the words not spoken and the secrets kept.

The failed loves of the past prepared me for you!

You seated every wound of my heart, appeased my trauma and made me believe in love again.

Love for me is to be able to allow the one I love to exist as such, as himself.

I only suffer with all the strength of the world because I love the intensity of a comet.

“Take care,” he said. And I heard like a “I love you”.

I love myself because if I don’t love myself, who will love me?

We can love twice, the triple, but we cannot love for the other person.

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