80 funny new year messages and quotes to have a 2024 laughing for nothing

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New Year’s Eve is time to forget for a moment of all problems, smile on your face and enjoy the parties with special people. So how about sending those new year jokes or a joke message in the group of friends and family to brighten the beginning of 2024 you love? Check out funny new year messages and quotes and fall into laugh!

Funny New Year’s messages and quotes to awaken your pave uncle on the celebrations

Happy New Year and prosperous new debt!

At the end of the year, I remember the important things in life: vacation and thirteenth!

There are people who jump seven waves in the new year, the sea pulls like offering!

The year ending and the only thing that has been forward so far was my belly!

The New Year is coming and I still don’t know what color of clothing to wear to lose fat and gain muscle!

May you never lack love … And if you miss, you already know where to find me. Happy New Year!

friend, if you are happy, I’m happy. If you are sad, I get sad. So in 2024, please get rich!

Attention, good things: you can start to happen, ok?

New Year is coming and along with the fires, I want to explode many things!

Santa has forgotten my Christmas gift, but the government will not forget about New Year’s gifts: IPTU, IPVA …

Remember that on January 1st, you have to delay the scales in 5kg!

The year is running out and I haven’t even taken off the carnival clothes, I didn’t even stop eating Easter chocolate, nor did I start project “Summer”, much less arranged a boyfriend for the turn. Time, how cruel you are!

In 2025, I find a way in my life, 2024 is already very up …

On this date, I would like to send you something funny, amazing, sexy, sweet and very interesting, but I’m sorry! I do not enter the screen. Happy New Year!

I already have plans for 2024 and, to do everything, I just need to win at Mega da Virada!

My situation is so ugly that I will cheer to rain in the new year, just to save on fireworks!

I got tired of being boring. In 2024, I will be unbearable!

That, next year, you find happiness, health, money, peace and everything you need. And what not to find … Search Google! If it’s love, count on me!

That, this year, the fun is greater than the accounts!

I want to spend the new year with my boyfriend. Can anyone refer me to one?

If I win at Mega da Virada, I share with you… The joy!

Goal for 2024: Enroll my cupid in an archery school and arrows!

New Year’s Eve parties pass … weight and debts are.

If I cried or smiled … The important thing is that in 2023 I drank!

I will buy a truck! They are all saying it will be a year of change, I will get rich doing shipping.

Willingness to spend the New Year in Paris equal to last year … Last year, I didn’t go either, but I also wanted to!

Guess who will spend the single New Year … That’s right, you! Because the humiliated were exalted and now I have my girlfriend.

Does anyone know how long it takes for those who used yellow in the new year get rich?

Trying to enter your goal list for 2024!

That, in 2024, my financial condition comes in tune with my soul of Madame.

What gets fat is not what you eat between Christmas and New Year … It’s what you eat between New Year and Christmas!

Fitness Project 2023 reeged for 2024!

I don’t want to start 2024 fighting with anyone. So if you have a problem with me … Solve!

Watching Beach House to spend the New Year, maximum value of 5 reais.

January: “This will be my year.” July: “My God, what’s going on?” December: “Passed and I didn’t even see it.”

What color of panties do I have to wear in the new year to be less bundle next year?

If you have not received a happy new year message from your crush, I’m sorry, but you are not your crush crush!

The year is new, but the stupid ones are always the same.

Everyone saying they’ll spend the new year with such a color of clothing … and if I want to go naked, what does it mean?

My goal for 2024 is to meet the 2023 goals that should have been met in 2022!

“Life is made of choices”. Funny that, in 2023, I chose to be rich and so far nothing.

I will start this year with my left foot. Last year I started with the right and went wrong!

End of the year has arrived, I just hope it also comes to the end of my tiredness!

Who writes “New Year” is because they don’t know how to write “New Year’s Eve”.

If I do all New Year’s traditions, does luck come to me?

New Year coming … If you have no money, have at least good mood!

spoke badly about me all year long and now come to wish me happy new year… God is seeing (and me too!)

How am I going to spend the turn of the year? If all goes well, drunk.

365 more opportunities to be muggle + 1 gift chance.

Happy New Year! Do not keep a grudge, save money to travel.

365 Opportunities to do everything wrong again + 1 chance to innovate …

Many friends this new year! Because you are nothing alone … no cuckold!

God is seeing you making New Year promises without even fulfilling the old …

Objective: Finish this year soon! Obstacle: The turn of the year that never comes.

Do you know where I’m? I do not care! Happy New Year!

sympathy to make money this new year: get up early and go to work!

Receive double everything you want me! Was you happy or worried?

I didn’t even take my pajamas yet, but … Happy New Year!

There is still time to fulfill the 1997 promises? Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Although … I woke up and do not recommend it.

Finally, the year is ending (including me!)

That, in 2024, I can conquer the crushes I did not conquer in 2023.

Chinese are so advanced that, until the New Year, they celebrate first.

Retrospective 2023: I was muggle.

grape passes in rice I can even take it, but it has a limit, apple in mayonnaise does not give.

My plans to perform next year are very easy, I just need money that the rest I turn.

loving retrospective 2023: My half of the orange has already become juice and I’m just the bagasse.

In 2024, I won’t drink anymore… no less, I will keep drinking the usual.

That in 2024 our only physical exercise is running after money (instead of behind you).

Happy New Year? But the year only starts after Carnival…

I remember 2023 as if it were yesterday …

For me, it has already been! Let’s jump from the year soon?

Goals for the New Year: What comes is profit! I can’t ask for too much …

2024 … it’s not worse than 2023! Ok?

In the New Year, everyone looks like BBB participant: get ready to stay in the room.

Happy New Year! I’ve been awake since last year …

that the next 365 days + 1 balance bring me the serenity and patience that the last 365 days have taken away!

How many pounds of lentils do I have to eat to get rich? Happy New Year!

For good times, gratitude. To the wicked, hope. For the New Year: Good Luck!

I haven’t even won at Mega da Virada and in my head I already spent everything.

Smile! The year is ending … with us!

Nothing better than New Year’s jokes to start a cycle without taking so seriously, right?! After these funny new year messages and quotes, it is already guaranteed that 2024 promises many laughs, lightness and good humor.

To wish the best feelings, also check out the holidays that remember the good times experienced.

Because it’s never too late to recognize the good things that happened, those that can improve and prepare for another year full of dreams and achievements!

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