80 disappointment messages and quotes that will help express your feelings

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There is no way, disappointment is something that will always be present! One time or another, you will end up saddened by someone or some situation. The important thing at this time is knowing how to accept that it is part of everyday life. Taking useful teachings of it can be a solution! So see reflective disappointment messages and quotes and express what has disappointed you.

Loving disappointment messages and quotes

Love is ridiculous until you fall in love. And it’s beautiful until someone disappoints you.

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it.

Can I exchange all these years of love disappointments for a minute of true love?

Love disappointment is something that happens all the time with everyone that relates.

When it is disappointed with someone, there will hardly be love later.

One time or another, love would disappoint you. Used!

Love is too complex to be free of disappointment.

Love exists only two. Alone there are no conditions.

Don’t expect the loved one what you wouldn’t even do for her.

It’s amazing how much love can disappoint.

replace people who have already replaced you.

I admire who, after a disappointment, remains with the whole heart.

Want to leave? Go … but it takes what I feel for you along.

Disappointment messages and quotes for Status

Never disappoint someone who would do everything for you.

errors can be forgiven, but words can never be forgotten.

People like me disappoint themselves more. We are always on the rise with expectations.

The most disappointed prize goes to… me! Congratulations on being so blind.

If you want to avoid disappointment, diminish your expectations.

Sad is the man who only loves things when he loses them.

Don’t ask for a second chance, value the first.

You will never be free from disappointments. So, make friends with them.

Disappointment hurts, but it soon teaches what you would have a lifetime to learn.

I learned to never expect anything from anyone … it’s better like that!

Recipe to overcome disappointments: thank you once a day, the whole week.

disappointment does not kill, teaches to live.

I offered everything to me and what is left was a great disappointment.

Disappointment messages and quotes with People

A time comes in life when we learn that no one disappoints us, we put too much expectations about people. Each is what it is and offers what it has to offer.

If you hesitate with the right person, the wrong teaches you how it hurts.

The people we like most are the ones that disappoint us, because we think they are perfect and forget that they are human.

The intensity of disappointment is proportional to friendship, affection, love and affection you have for those who provided you with such pain.

Believing in the next is the most effective way to cultivate bitterness provided by disappointment.

When someone disappoint you, take it as a blessing. The universe has its means to warn that we get away from certain people, believe me.

My intuition in relation to people never fail … Remals from those who have gone through many disappointments.

Why do I still insist on believing you, which has already disappointed me so much?

Have you ever thought that you also was the disappointment of someone?

Disappointment hurts much more when it comes from dear people …

You are definitely the greatest disappointment of my life! What a sadness …

Don’t come pull my carpet … disappoint me, but don’t knock me down!

I know life is full of disappointments, but what happens is that I didn’t expect it from you.

Disappointment messages and quotes with Attitudes

Life becomes an eternal disappointment when it is not known which attitudes to take in the face of situations.

What is better: living a life disappointing with certain attitudes or living a life disappointed with certain attitudes?

Certain attitudes only deserve our silence …

There is no point in delighting with words if it will disappoint with attitudes.

Do you know what the problem is? Valuing too much who doesn’t give you a damn.

Disappointment happens when attitudes do not match the initially promised.

disappointment is to receive ingratitude from who you helped to strengthen yourself.

Attitudes change feelings.

Beautiful words become disposable near stupid attitudes.

After the first lie, all truth becomes a doubt.

Your attitudes no longer surprise me … I don’t even know how to disappoint myself!

I believed you, but your attitudes disappointed me …

disappointment is to turn your back to those who were good.

Disappointment messages and quotes with Friends

The problem of disappointment is that it never comes from an enemy.

If I knew less, I would have more friends. Sad finding!

A friend who disappoints will never deserve my confidence again.

It’s sad when friends have seen enemies, but the worst is when they disappoint us.

Love dies in truth, friendship in lies and respect in disappointment.

Bad to make friends is that you never know which one will disappoint you first.

There is no reason for sadness at the end of a friendship that never existed.

If you don’t take care of the friendship garden, why are it surprised when they germinate disappointments?

Not being able to count on friends is what hurts me the most.

Time heals, but friendship will never be the same again.

Disappointment, when it comes from a friend, is like a stab in the back.

Want to know who your friends are not? Just need them.

We are disappointed when you realize that our friends would live very well without our company.

I don’t keep grudges, but I no longer make a point of having you around.

Family disappointment messages and quotes

There is no greater disappointment than the ingratitude of a brother …

It’s horrible when we realize that relative is not family …

Family is the one who looks for you, and not who has only the same blood as you.

With family, it is like this: do not expect from me what I do not receive from you.

Don’t be ungrateful with your parents who once extended your hands …

Sadness is not having in the family the welcome we needed.

If there is no respect, do not expect my loyalty.

It is in the difficulty that we know who is really with us.

Children do not always correspond to what we imagine …

I feel alone, despite having a family.

If the family is only first in theory, it may be the case to rethink this bond.

Family also disappoints, fools are we who idealize it.

Having an ungrateful child is more painful than a serpent bite!

I prefer a lonely life to the company of those who do not want me good.

Are you upset? So don’t keep it to you! Express yourself with one of these disappointment messages and quotes that will surely talk about your feelings.

Also check out disappointment messages and quotes with carefully selected people for you to put everything out!

and understand that frustration, when expressed respectfully, does not allow you to swallow your hurts to please others.

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