80 Catholic messages and quotes for status that bring you closer to God

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In Catholicism, faith in God, Jesus, in the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the saints, is what leads you to a life of love. It is important to remember values ​​to strengthen your belief and further please the Lord’s heart. After all, you only love what you know. Share the best Catholic quotes for status celebrating your religion and inspire your contacts!

Catholic citations for status that will bless your contacts

Those who hear the Word of God and follow it will find true peace.

Who loves, always does community; It never is alone.

You are the one who decides what will be eternal in you, in your heart. God gives us the gift of eternalizing in us what is worth it, and definitely forget what is not worth.

The god of the impossible will give you the victory over causes you already consider lost.

Pride is the source of all weaknesses, because it is the source of all addictions.

Don’t give up on love, don’t give up on loving. Do not surrender to pain because it will one day pass.

In turmoil, firm your roots in God, because he makes you stand.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

To reach this happy life, true life taught us to pray.

The burden God gives you is the size you can carry.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

Come be the voice that advises me, comes to be the air that I breathe, because you are the bread that supports me. You are the God who feeds me.

I want to approach God and I want to give myself to Him.

To live in love is to navigate without ceasing, sowing peace and joy in all hearts.

God never took your eyes off you. Nor did it stop listening to your prayers.

May my actions be consistent with my faith in God.

God never tires of forgiving … We are tired of asking forgiveness.

We are not the ones who love God, but he who loved us first, He is the first to love.

Pray for all who are in your life and God will take care of them.

God’s love is not generic. God looks with love to every man and woman, calling them by his name.

For those who believe no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe any explanation is sufficient.

The Holy Spirit blesses you and takes care of you until you are not seeing.

Are we annoyed with someone? Let us pray for that person. This is Christian love.

And if the treacherous nights come, if the heavy cross is, Christ will be with you. The world may even make you cry, but God wants you smiling.

Those who believe in God will always have help in the days of tribulation.

Blessed be our God who gave us his mother for our mother.

Who does not seek the cross of Christ does not seek the glory of Christ.

Where there is faith in God, He lets not miss absolutely nothing.

To believe in the family is to build the future.

Dear young people: Ide with confidence to meet Jesus!

When your eyes cannot see, let your faith guide you.

where does true love come from? Who loves was generated by God, because God is love.

Love and Truth are sources of life, they are life. And a life without love is not life.

To believe in the family is to believe in God’s promises.

The future of humanity is in the hands of those who are able to convey to the generations of tomorrow reasons of life and hope.

The greatest joy we can give to Mary Most Holy is to bring Eucharistic Jesus to our chest.

Hand in hand with Mary, I am closer to the love of God.

terrible death, but how is life desirable in the other world, where God calls us!

Youth is the window through which the future enters the world.

Maria, my beloved mother, protect my family and teach us to trust God, be a little of who you went.

There are certain things that fit better within silence; Others fit much more in the hands of God.

Thus, even the tiredness, falls and sins gain meaning, because God’s love forgives us.

Blessed is the Lord who gave us Mary Most Holy, the one who believed and was faithful to the end. She teaches us about how to live embracing all the consequences of love, all surrender to God so that the glory of Him happens.

To love is not to arrest or have mastery over someone, but it consists in making it free to those who love and want well. All love that does not promote freedom, it does not fit.

Start by doing what is needed, then what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

let us pray for all, even for people who do not please us, for they sanctify us and teach us to love as God asks us.

Whoever has God, even if he goes through difficult times, being God’s treasure, nothing is lacking. Just God is enough!

We should not allow someone to leave our presence without feeling better and happier

Never denote a prayer to someone. This is your Christian duty. Everything donates, no grace retains.

Proof that God is with us is not the fact that we do not fall, but let us get up after each fall.

Do good motivated by the love and elevation of our Lord’s name and not for the pride and glory of this world. No servant is greater than the Lord.

The grace and salvation of Jesus is our gift from God. That we can be worthy of her.

The wisdom that Mary teaches us is the one that brings us close to God. She kept all things in her heart and trusted that, at the right time, he would act.

Give me, Lord, hit when starting, directional to progress and perfection at the conclusion.

The God I serve never rest and take care of me day and night.

May God dwell our hearts and teach us to always depend on Him, make our lives chapters of a living gospel.

Being willing to forgive is what makes us true Christians.

All people, whether good or bad, deserve our love and the love of God.

to imitate Mary is to seek to please God being obedient, faithful and full of grace.

God is able to do great things to all those who love him with all heart.

When you don’t know what to say, be silent and let God speak for you.

Learn to forgive everyone, even those who did not ask for forgiveness and approach God. The Lord teaches us with the setbacks the virtue of humility, to impress in the soul a little of Christ.

When God sustains you, the world may even try, but will not be able to knock you down.

Friends are the brothers God gives us to support us on difficult days.

Blessed be God who loves us and looks at us all the time. Blessed be Jesus Christ, our Lord, who teaches us how to live love. Blessed be the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us and strengthens us in the faith.

When I fell, God lifted me and guided me until I could walk again and understand that my strength comes from Him.

It’s so good to know I’m not alone, because God is always with me!

God’s call is a call of love. When you hear it, go without blinking. The difficulties will only prove the love you feel for him.

May God enlighten our ways and put your angels to keep us from all evil.

God chooses their children with love and enables them to live their call.

When I heard the voice of God, I heard the voice of love.

Pray that God listen to the anguish of your heart and help you with your problems. What seems delay is whim, because God only gives you the best.

Don’t be afraid of being weak. It is at these times that God makes us strong.

If it is God’s will, things are straightened. We just need to trust in Him.

May the saints intercede for me and help me to be clear in my decisions.

The faithful friend is gift from God. I am grateful to him for all I have.

Always choose the sweet word, the word of love, the word learned with God.

Trust Jesus in every phase of your life and walk toward your love.

Actions guided by love are the ones that most like the heart of God.

I don’t know that God will forgive you. Try to live with the confidence that God loves you and will do everything to rescue you.

May you seek to please you by living by your word every day. To continue to fill with faith, check out quotes from God and overflow!