70 strong messages and quotes that will be marked in your heart

By: Tranoniq.com

Some quotes fit so well with what we are living and what we need to hear that they seem written directly to us. They are marked in our hearts because they appear at the right time and become our fortress when we face the same situation again.

So we made a list of several strong quotes for you to identify and choose the one that fits the phase you are going through. They are all loaded with beautiful messages that will make you think about life. Check it out and find yours!

Strong quotes on life

Life surprises us every day and we go through ups and downs. But even when something doesn’t come out as we expected, we shouldn’t be discouraged. We need to have patience and accept that everything happens for a purpose. See then strong quotes about life for you to thank everything you have and not give up fighting for everything you want to achieve.

Nothing in life will make you happy, until you choose to be happy.

love life to the point of losing her fear.

In life everything goes by, but not everything we forget.

Love now. Speak Now. Demonstrate now. Embrace it now. Answer now. Life is a breath.

Life is an echo. If you are not enjoying what you are receiving, observe what you are issuing.

What is led from this life is the life that is led.

The best sensations of life cost us only courage.

Life’s problems are the size we give them.

The taste of life depends on who seasones.

If you want to live a happy life, tie to a goal, not people or things.

Strong quotes to reflect

Some things happen today and we don’t even stop to think about them. It is important to take a moment to reflect on the lessons life gives us daily so we can learn from them. Check out our selection with strong quotes to reflect and see what you can improve:

Leave your hopes and not your pain shape your future.

You are much more than an opinion of someone who doesn’t even know you!

Go away from people and see the importance they give you.

Everyone thinks about changing humanity and no one thinks to change themselves.

If you don’t try, you will never know if it will work or not.

No one crosses our way by chance and we do not enter anyone’s life for no reason.

The child you were, would you be proud of the person you are today?

Before you talk, listen. Before you act, think. Before criticizing, know. Before you give up, try.

Failure is the opportunity to start over with more intelligence and extra will.

It is not necessary to say everything you think, but it is necessary to think all that you say.

Strong and striking quotes

Each one carries within himself something that marked you. Be a phrase from your parents, a wise word of someone, a friend’s advice, it doesn’t matter! If you stayed in your memory it is because it served as a lesson for you. We made some selection with strong and striking quotes to fix in your mind and help you in difficult times.

Never let your happiness depend on others. They would not stop being happy for you.

The truth hurts. The doubt erodes. The lie destroys.

Do not live so that your presence is noted, but for you to be missed.

It is better to be true and lonely than to live in falsehood and always accompanied.

Be led by your dreams and not pushed by your problems.

The tear of defeat is better than the shame of not fighting.

Be careful what you think. For your life is directed by your thoughts.

humility does not make you better than anyone, but it makes you different from many.

We will never know how strong we are, until it is strong is our only choice.

Strong and short quotes

For a message to be striking, no matter its size, but its content. We made a list of strong and short quotes for you to always take with you and introduce them to others. Share with your friends what you think they need to hear.

Wrong yesterday, learn today and overcome tomorrow.

Keep in your life only what is good for you.

Stop suffering and make it happen!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Every excess hides a foul.

Everyone has the good and the bad within themselves.

Past is a lesson to reflect not to repeat.

One Today is worth two tomorrows.

If you get tired, learn to rest and not give up.

Be stronger than your best excuse.

Open all, but what makes you happy.

Strong Quotations of Love

Love is a very intense feeling that moves us and transforms our interior and exterior. We select strong quotes of love for you to share its effect on you.

True love is born in difficult times.

love maybe that’s it … Find out what the other says even when he doesn’t say.

To be together you don’t have to be close, but inside.

Don’t give up on love. Just understand that some will take you to heaven and others to hell.

Love does not start in the word, love begins in the look. Words are fleeting, looks last a lifetime.

Love does not make the world spin. The love is that it makes the turning worth it.

True love is not the one we want to feel. That’s what we feel regardless of wanting.

Love has to be equal ipĂȘ: flourish every time you seem to die.

Love is the answer, no matter the question.

Only a true love can change a life.

God’s strong quotes

It is great to know that we have someone keeping each step with every step. To further strengthen your faith, we have made a selection of strong quotes from God for you to realize everything He does for you every day.

May God always be with you, but above all, may you always be with God.

No obstacle is too big when we trust God.

Who carries God in the heart always has enlightened life.

No one makes padlocks without keys. Just as God doesn’t give you problems without solutions.

You will win, but before God will teach you to be strong.

It’s not luck, it’s God!

Who is on their knees before God, stands in the face of anything.

Only God can provide the peace that your heart needs.

Do your part. The impossible God makes it happen.

The world closes doors, but God opens ways.

Strong Quotes for Photos

Share in your photo a deep subtitle to make your friends thoughtful. We have selected strong quotes for photos loaded with messages that will be marked in their memory. Choose the one that suits you!

Do not confuse what you deserve with what you accept.

It is safer to walk with your own darkness than with the light of others.

Even alone I never feel isolated, because my world is myself.

A flower does not care about competing with the flowers on the side, it simply blooms.

Don’t be afraid of life. Be afraid of not living it.

Old routes do not trace new paths.

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.

Live today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always fight.

The best moments of life are like rainbow: they appear when you least expect it.

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