70 short messages and quotes for boyfriend to express all love for your

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Love is beautiful! Being in love with someone brings us good sensations and this even biology can prove, due to the high rates of hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin that our body releases when falling in love. So what would we be without love?

When this love is reciprocal, everything is even better. Having someone to share your joys, your anguish, to take a silly smile when you are down and remind you that you are there to help you regardless of the situation, already makes any storm only a rain.

Sharing what we feel and demonstrate gratitude for your partner’s support and affection is essential to cultivating a good relationship. With that in mind, we made a list of short messages and quotes for boyfriend, helping you express everything you feel for him and how much is grateful to have him in your life. Check it out!

Short messages and quotes to send to boyfriend

I, who already love you so much, I don’t even love you yet.

I will love you from January to January until the world is over.

My laugh is so happy with you. My best friend is my love.

It has been beautiful to share life with you.

Let’s see who of both of us can make the other happier?

He calls me an angel, but he protects me as one.

Lucky definition is to have you in my life.

and the rarest perfumes, I would choose your smell.

You are my most precious jewel.

and in the middle of so many people I found you.

The distance does not decrease the importance.

You are in my mind, my smile and my certainties.

I thank the destination for putting you in my way!

Every detail your makes me love you more and more.

Your hug is my shelter.

You are like a light breeze that refreshes the soul.

You arrived to change my world.

Of all the hugs I have already received, yours was the one that brought me the most peace.

I discovered love with you!

My happiness is constant when you are by my side.

I love every little piece of yours.

When you hug me the world spins slowly.

You are that part of me that worked.

My happiness is priceless, it has its name.

In the middle of everything: you.

I want to be lucky to have your smile nearby!

Your smile is my point of peace.

Okay, you are my home!

life is mine. But the heart is yours.

Near you, where I want to be.

All my love is yours.

Since you arrived, everything was more beautiful.

broke my routine, gave birth to what I didn’t have!

Only today I loved you for a lifetime.

I don’t need a thousand reasons to smile, you’re enough.

In the middle of my mistakes, my hit was you!

You for me is a privilege, lucky luck at once in your life.

Wherever I go, I will be your pair!

Anyone who took his place would be a weak substitute.

on your side, happiness is my destiny.

The happiness of your heart will always be my first concern.

Time passes and my love for you only increases every day.

You are the greatest gift God could give me.

and more and more I’m sure the right person is you.

Everyone lives for a reason, mine is you.

No one is perfect until you fall in love with this person.

Sleeping is good, but it could be better if I was clinging to you.

Love is not perfect, but every second on your side is!

My heart every day chooses you.

You are a perfect boyfriend, I have no doubt about it.

Because when it comes to you, it’s all perfect.

If your love gives me, I stay, I live, I grow up.

By your side everything is perfect and unforgettable, the way love must be!

When we love, the defect becomes perfection.

and in the form of hug, I intertwine your soul in mine.

Nothing in life is perfect, but you are the one who comes closest to perfection.

You are perfect in my mind, because I see you with your heart.

You showed me up and happened, I’m yours.

Finding You was my mission, my destination is now to stay with you.

and when I realized, I already quoted your name in all my prayers.

The best of my life is to be in yours.

You are the right person, at the perfect time and in the right heart.

I love you, because without wanting to change anything on me, you came to change everything for the better!

There are people who conquer us half suddenly, in such a beautiful way that we feel everything different.

I never found a smile that did me as well as yours does me.

irony, I who have always spoken badly about routine, today I hope to see you every day.

It’s so good to find peace in someone’s chest and feel good.

Who said that perfection does not exist never saw you smiling.

Life chose you, and soon after, my heart too.

I get you and you make me flower.

Love is like flower, never stop watering with words and attitudes! See our selection of romantic messages and quotes and also share love with everyone on social networks!

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