70 sentences of March 8 that celebrate the struggle and the female force

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instituted by the UN in 1977, International Women’s Day commemorates the tireless female struggle for rights and opportunities. The date, marked by manifestations, expresses recognition and respect for those who have been showing their strength, courage, resilience and determination over the years. Celebrate Women’s Day, check out messages and quotes on March 8 to honor the queens around you very proudly!

messages and quotes of March 8 to extol women in your life

Woman, remember: your strength is in being, being all you want. Happy March 8!

A toast to resilience, power, courage, and mastery to fight every day for their own life. Happy March 8!

Woman, never be afraid to use your voice, for it is the one who makes the cry of female freedom come further. Happy March 8!

I do not want women to have power over men, but about themselves.

Her eyes carry things that do not fit in a universe and in the heart you see infinity!

I’m a phenomenal way. A phenomenal woman, this is me.

Woman, you are the masterpiece of creation: first, the draft; Then the perfection. Happy March 8!

May equality be our motto and freedom to our flag. Avante, women!

Today we need to be out of feminine strength that has long been imprisoned by social prejudices.

Woman, nothing can erase your shine. You are light! Happy Women’s Day!

I’m a woman, I’m fearless, I’m sexy, I’m divine, I’m unbeatable, I’m creative!

That every rose of present today is transformed into respect, freedom, equity and love!

The power of nature dwells in you. Allow it to flow! Happy Women’s Day.

Women, our fight doesn’t end here. Happy March 8!

makes guts, heart; of their pains, struggles; of your hands, transformation. To every woman who sow change where she goes, happy on March 8!

Beautiful, stylish, smelling, strong and delicate … In the garden of life, woman, you are the rarest flower!

Society may not be ready to discover a woman’s real strength, but it is still strong!

From a young age you turn chaos into stars.

Women are the true architects of society.

It’s past time to learn that the body is ours, our rules, our right to be. Respect the mine!

March 8 is not about flowers and gifts. It is about a daily struggle for equality, respect, rights and freedom!

To be a woman is to use the shield heart and the smile as a flashlight to illuminate the brilliant journey.

To be a woman is to be, historically, the owner of every little piece of humanity!

Women, like the ocean, are deep and go far beyond what can be seen on the surface. Happy March 8!

One day is little to celebrate the greatness of being a woman. May every day you celebrate who you are. Happy March 8!

we fly the moon, menstruating. Men shout: – They are the witches. Women think: – It’s the angels. Children say: – They are the fairies.

I admire your courage and ability to deal with your strengths and weaknesses. If this is not being authentic, I don’t know what it can be. Happy March 8!

Without you, woman, there is no life, there is no strength, there is no change. Long live you, live on March 8!

Don’t be afraid to face the world, woman! Even if you want to make you believe otherwise, you are the one who rules here.

I female-matrix. I forcemakers. Me-woman.

March 8th is just a representation of everything they are, they do and deserve it. May we always remember this on other days of the year!

May this March 8th be another reminder of how much we still need to fight for our girls and women.

If they never told you how you have to be, what you have to wear, how you should say … You never lived in a woman’s world!

Woman, never forget how strong and powerful you are! Without its existence, there would be no life.

are insisted on arresting you, it is because your strength scares them. On March 8, set free!

My mind concludes that I deserve to be respected. I am a woman of claw!

Mixture of sensitivity and strength, it is extraordinary. Happy March 8!

The world needs the howling of its wolves. Happy Women’s Day!

Woman, detach from the ties of society. You deserve to be free!

Society already underestimates its strength, so please do not do the same. Happy March 8!

To be a woman is to spend her life fighting for freedom, equality and basic rights. It is having to be strong and face the world, even when everyone judges you as fragile and weak.

We accept flowers and chocolates, but we also want to welcome, equality and respect!

She is a gale of joy, love and courage, and how there is no one. Happy Women’s Day!

generator of life, indescribable strength. Woman, never forget how amazing you are!

We are created to be like this, but we have to change. We need to be created for freedom. The world is too big not to be who we are.

Choose to be the woman you would like to have around to protect you when you were still a girl.

Happy Women’s Day, for those who recognize their own struggle and for those who have not had this awakening. May the future be as light and radiant as you!

It is in her smile that hides the paradise of the angels.

Woman, the scars left by life only reaffirm their strength. Raise your head and move on!

Love someone who fights for you as much as you battle yourself.

Woman is synonymous with struggle, courage, freedom and determination!

You, woman, is a work of art that even Leonardo da Vinci could create.

I am not, nor should I be the Wonder Woman, just a person: vulnerable and strong, incapable and glorious, frightened and bold … a woman.

woman, may you be really free, may have love, and peace dwell your heart.

Women resist fear, disrespect, childbirth pain, breastfeeding, tight clothing and shoes and everything else. No more fragile sex chat!

I am my own boat. I’m my own luck!

Woman, may you be more your own home. Happy March 8!

My idea about a true feminist is a woman who feels free enough to do whatever she wants.

Happy March 8, dear! Of all the poetry I’ve read, you are the sweetest, the most exciting and the most beautiful.

Why try to fit into a standard if you can be spectacularly unique? Happy Women’s Day!

They really wanted her to be home, but she was from “reading”. With this freedom, she was where she wanted to be. Happy March 8!

owner of the belly, the wind, the universe and themselves … that life honor every step of your journey, woman!

Every day is women’s day, but especially today is the date that marks female freedom in a new era. Happy March 8!

In your womb, it produces life; Within the bosom, food. His sacred runs through the whole world and puts the universe in motion.

That on March 8th you can give their opinion on your own body, talk to your own words, do and be whatever you want!

You can try to shut up, take your right and your freedom, but remember that you are strong and will go over all obstacles to obtain glory. Happy Women’s Day!

From inside it, the strength that transforms society transforms. Happy March 8!

Don’t just fight for you, but also for your ancestors and the future generation of women who will come. On this journey, no one lets out anyone’s hand!

Those who have a woman nearby find the impulse to make it happen. To all of you, happy on March 8!

A woman can make a difference, but together we can shake the world. To all fiber women, happy on March 8! Happy Women’s Day!

Historically, women have always been underestimated by society. Even after years of struggle and many achievements -such as the right to vote, the right to work and divorce -nowadays there is still repression and inequality.

March 8 was established more than 45 years ago, precisely to remember the need to deconstruct a patriarchal society, which has undergone large and positive transformations so far, and will go through many more.

Whether you are male or female, know that recognition of this struggle, respect, welcome and opening of space for women are fundamental, besides the honors. Even be sure to check out these impactful messages and quotes for powerful women who will honor them and get them in a special way!

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