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It is so good to have a daughter and see her grow with health, strength and joy. The heart is proud of the girl that she is becoming and you just want to show the world how special it is. For this, check out the best photo messages and quotes with your daughter and share your love for your girl!


My heart hits you exclusively for you, daughter!

I just know how to love you more and more, and it makes me happy.

They say we are similar, but I think you are the most improved version.

In the audience of your life, I’m always in the front row, daughter!

You are the piece of me that lives outside, but you live in my heart.

I live to create beautiful memories by your side, my girl.

I don’t want anything to me because everything I want is to see you happy.

Your happiness is my happiness and it is for her that I fight every day.

I created you like a bird to fly high, be free and build your story.

When I look at you, all I see is love, daughter!

One day, you won’t need me anymore, but I hope you still want to have me always by your side.

It’s my girl, the girl in my eyes, my dream that has become real.

My whole world fits in my lap!

Perfect love exists because it is the one I feel for you, daughter!

We will always be against the world and we will conquer it in all directions.

I learn to be light with you, my girl!

When your smile shines, my heart jumps with joy.

What matters is to build memories together and always be happy. Your smile makes me happy.

You make me be happy the way I always wanted. I love you, daughter!

You make me strong, you make me whole, you fill me with love.

I love to look at you and see how much you are proud just for existing, daughter.

The best thing that happened to me in life was to win you, my family.

I reborn when you were born and this happens every time I realize you grow a little more.

My girl is just growing and sometimes I just want time to slow down.

Never doubt my support and that I will be by your side for all eternity.

rare jewel is my daughter. She is unique and only I’m lucky enough to have her in my life.

Our great love that is by our side and also in our hearts.

God proved you love me when you gave me the best daughter in the world.

I don’t know how I lived so long without feeling this love that I have for you, my girl.

daughter, enjoy life because she goes by fast. In the blink of my eyes, that girl became a woman.

You will always be my girl and will always find support in my hug.

I just want to see you happy and building your own story for life.

You have been shaped by the hands of God, so it is perfect.

You have my support and owner of my pride and all my love.

daughter, I promise to do even the impossible to help you realize your dreams.

When you were born, I felt a superhuman force born in me.

You brought out the best version of our family!

Not all gold in the world is more precious than you, my daughter.

You are a warrior and inspire me every day to fight for my happiness.

Seeing you happy is priceless. Seeing you happy is worth any effort.

My greatest pride in life is knowing that I did a good job with you, daughter!

We are the perfect match, the family that God dreamed and allowed us to realize.

The more I enjoy your presence, the more I want you very close to me, daughter!

I will always be your protector, I will chase your fears and keep you from pain.

It’s time for tight hugs and enjoying your presence beside me.

My arms have the exact size of your hug, daughter.

I want to see you happy, even if it is far from me because I created you to fly loudly.

Just tell me bye that I already shatter me in missing!

daughter, you are the best part of my life and the one I love to live most.

For you, I quadruple my strength and I conform all my fears.

When you were born, the angels sighed enchanted. They never thought they would have such a beautiful view. You breathed and the world was right again.

You are like this, a dream for me…

I don’t know if the world is good, but he’s better since you arrived and asked: is there room for me?

For a little with the mess, let me look at time fly and look … You know how to speak and say everything I need to listen.

The most precious gift I got from God, my morning star.

Although it is small, it is fierce.

You make everything work and your love shines so strong, you bring me back to life.

In my heart, you will forever be.

Family is an inexhaustible source of love.

If I didn’t love you that much, I might lose dreams inside me and live in the darkness.

The best part of me takes my way to you. This is what makes me stronger.

is not adorable? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious? Less than a minute.

Sing if you want, but the air you breathe I live to give you.

Growing up, it was gaining space. He jumped from my arm. Was born another day, already wants to go to the floor.

For all the dreams you have made become real. For all the love I found in you, I will be forever grateful.

It’s so good to die of love and keep living.

My love is yours, but I give you one more time.

To be a father is to discover that unconditional love exists and the greatest and most sincere of all is right in front of our hug.

And when you cried, God taught me a new song.

The truth is that we do not make children. Just do the layout. They themselves do the artwork.

What a joy to have your girl close and be able to register these moments with her. As she is a gift from God, check out messages and quotes for blessed daughter and let her know how happy you make you.

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