70 Pelé messages and quotes that attest to the genius of the eternal shirt 10

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Considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, our Pelé, marked the history of Brazilian football. He started playing for Santos at the fifteen years and the Brazilian National Team at sixteen. Its trajectory in sport is unique and to this day celebrated. Remember some messages and quotes from Pelé that generated controversy and marked their career.

Pelé messages and quotes that go far beyond the soccer fields to eternalize the king

may even come better, but Pelé no longer comes.

I think we have to face death as a more natural thing, believe in God. Because when he calls, no matter where you are, who you are.

There are people who can’t say what they think. I can! My contribution, now that I don’t play football anymore, is: Speaking, talking, without being afraid of anything.

Pelé is (immortal). But Edson will die any day.

I never thought it was going to be big. I swear to you for God!

I did everything possible to give a good example to all the players and the young people who were starting to play soccer.

If you want to succeed, you have to know how to face the challenge.

“The silent pelé is a poet.” I thank Romário. He could say that the silent pelé is a thief, he is a treacherous. Poet is an important thing.

What I would like to see is a balanced Brazil, without much poverty.

You always have to prepare. When you think it’s the best, that’s fine, you are screwed.

Help the unfortunate children, who need the little who has a lot. For the sake of God, the Brazilian people can not lose more children

We should have learned to vote, and remains more or less equal.

I was born in football like Beethoven for music and Michelangelo for painting.

Whenever I point out a favorite, he dances before the time.

I saw the sea in front of me and went crazy. I entered the shoe water and all to see if it was really salty. It was!

equal to Pelé, there is no. My mother made me and closed the factory.

If I say something is missing, or that I intend to have something else, I think God will be very sad with me, because He has already given me a lot.

In my time, with all due respect to colleagues, I think we had a little more freedom, stop the ball. Now there is no longer so much.

The only important head goal that (Maradona) scored was with the hand.

Sometimes you are sad or boring because of some play. But in general, I think football only gave me the opportunity of good things.

ABC, ABC, every child has to read and write … Child without school does not raise our Brazil.

The Brazilian people are so fantastic that, even though it is beaten about paradise, continues to believe in better days.

has no comparison: it is a thing of God. It’s like in music. There are 500 good pianists, but Beethoven only had one.

It is not a good idea to perform demonstrations because the Brazilian team promotes Brazil. It’s not her fault if there is corruption in the country.

I have to thank God what happened in my life.

Football itself, today is disputed more closely. Now, if the guy is good, the guy is always good.

In our time there was no player who worried about the ball, I was worried about marking you. Most players didn’t care about the ball, they were concerned with hitting the ankle.

The gift is a thing of God, it is something God has given and no one takes away.

In addition to having the divine gift of playing soccer, in the physical part I could surpass.

I really wanted to be the same as my father, who is the recorder of head goals in one game: he made five in one match.

The Brazilian people do not know how to vote.

No one is afraid to play against Brazil anymore, and this is a big problem.

We have some difficulty, we do not continue at the same time for best team, best selection.

I always thought I had to improve something, this was a constant charge.

We gave more show and shows than in current football, it’s a very big difference.

In football, it is often not the best one is champion, often the luck helps.

I learned to play on the street, in the backyard that is like learning to play soccer.

The only thing that sometimes takes me by surprise and that I get upset is when some of the fanatics want to make comparisons with other people. You can’t make comparison with people, it’s different moments, people, things and lives.

Even in my profession, without health you can’t practice.

I’m a three -heart man, people forget that. There is only one working.

Pelé was a privileged, right?

I think all this success, all these advantages and victories of my life, I started learning when I was a child.

I think this is the distance the audience has of the national team: they do not know who will play, who is the goalkeeper. In the past anyone knew everything about the selection

I don’t know if rivals have evolved or if Brazil parked.

I was not an Olympic champion. It was my dream to be Olympic champion.

Pelé Player is over, and I know it will be very difficult to like it with Edson. This is my big challenge from now on.

For abroad, Pelé is always an idol, no one charges almost anything. In Brazil, because I am Brazilian, sometimes people do not understand that I am a normal person.

What many people do not know is that I did not play the 1974 World Cup in Germany, by disgust in the country’s political regime. It was the time of the dictatorship.

Nothing better than defending the selection. The player has to be proud of it. And that’s what I miss.

There is no more room to play soccer in big cities. Young black people are the first victims of this phenomenon.

My biggest mistake was not having to score 3000 goals.

Andy Warhol, when I did my portrait, said I was the only celebrity that, instead of lasting 15 minutes, would last 15 centuries.

There will never be another.

In all my career years, there were times when I was gathered for playing badly, but for stopping on the field, never.

In this moment of living emotion for me, I say that I owe everything I am to the Brazilian people.

Everything I have I owe to football. If I could, I would call me Edson Arantes do Nascimento Bola. It would be the only way to thank what she did for me.

I try to separate the two people, Edson and Pelé. I know perfectly what the people expect from Pelé and, in 35 years of public life, you have never seen the pelé involved in a scandal. It is a responsibility, it is an example.

Perfect is Pelé, who does not make a mistake, which is immortal. But Edson Arantes do Nascimento is a normal person, must have a lot of defects that many people do not like and represses

My family has the characteristic of longevity. My grandmother, for example, died at age 97. I mean, you will have to put up with me for a long time yet.

technically I feel in great shape. I didn’t forget anything I did for 20 years.

I was coward when I played. I only worried about the evolution of my career.

Today you have players at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, or any other club that arrives and kisses the shirt. The next day he changes team and kisses another shirt. I think this is something we need to pay attention to the next generation.

Maradona only played with his left leg and was not very strong head. Messi is more or less a copy of it. Neymar may be better than the two.

I think football has nothing to do with the corruption of politicians. Football has always praised Brazil.

Players have always brought very large promotion to Brazil.

Ambition should always be playing an elegant game.

The harder the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.

We have to be worthy and competent to show the world that we are not only five -time champions, but also people with feelings and good manners, obeying the number one rule of every sport and life – knowing how to lose.

I close my eyes and I can still see my first soccer ball.

As much as we have lived, we never forget the time we were young. Memory is like a movie that only we can watch.

In football, there is one before and after the impressive Pelé! Every player wants to reach the king’s legendary landmarks. With an impressive trajectory, the century player deserves all the fame he has! The talent of the eternal Brazilian shirt 10 is undeniable.

Whether on or out of the field, Edson Arantes do Nascimento demonstrates in his thoughts – sometimes controversial – that sport is the starting kick of a brilliant career where the differential is personality.

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