70 messages and quotes of only time to reflect on the power of destination

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Since the dawn of humanity, it is known that it is the passage of time that constitutes the learning of existence. Some experiences, only the passing of days can be in charge of resolving, healing and transforming. Next, check out messages and quotes of only the time that will arouse your look at the future!

messages and quotes of only time to understand the importance of every second

If you spend a lifetime running, you will not be able to delight in the gifts that only time has to offer.

Why is so much anxiety if only time is able to know the future?

Only time will say when our brief earthly passage ends, so Carpe Diem!

Free yourself! It’s not just the time that has the power to fly …

we act right unintentionally. It was just the time you missed.

has storms in life that only time can calm down.

Only time can reveal the consequences of each of our choices.

Like the Crupier of Life, only time knows the right time to reward each of our plays.

Rest! Only time knows what is reserved for you.

Only time makes us evolve physically and emotionally.

Only time to make us understand the mishaps of life …

Don’t be afraid to risk and do what you want … right and wrong only time will say.

Only time has the power to determine the speed of life.

Only time dictates the rules of life, and the main one is: be free in every way!

Only time will tell if it is not an illusion.

The magnitude of life is something that only time makes us understand.

Only time takes away what is not good for us.

Do not spoil the gift with concerns that only time can solve.

Only the passage of time makes us resist the great battles.

Trank your heart, because only time will write what happens from now on.

I choose to be friends with time, because only he has the power to heal and transform.

Time is the magical of existence. Only he has the power to transform everything around us!

Some things are only resolved with time and a very hot coffee.

Time is sometimes oblivious to our will, but only what is good lasts enough to become unforgettable.

Only time knows every curve that destination will make.

Only time has the best advice on what it is to live.

I ask you for legitimate pleasure and the need to the need, time.

Do not distinguish with things that only time can solve. Destiny will bring to your life everything that is in your way.

The next minutes of our lives life can change our story, but this only time controls.

There are some types of emotional buildings that only time can materialize.

Just the time to dilute certain hurts that compromise our hearts.

I gave the power over my life. I know that only he can help me get where I want!

Have you stopped living for fear of results that only time will reveal?

Just like the mother who kisses the grated knee, time also has the power to heal and welcome.

But, honey, let it be. Time goes, time comes and when one day this time comes back I don’t even want to think about what it will be.

Only time works as erases (pain).

If you stand the fight, it is because I know that only time will bring victory.

Only time can soften some pains, but it will depend on you to let it do it.

It was not just the time that failed with love. We were us too!

Only time develops faith in the impossible.

Open hand from control. Only time can take care of a few things!

Only time carries the freshness and beauty of existence.

Only time has the power to heal the pain of a broken heart.

Only time has the power to conduct the awakening of a love.

Love is so close. But only in the right time will it arrive.

Only time can erase the scars left by life.

Only time has the power to show the size of human insignificance.

Develop your patience and your hope. They will make you understand that there are things that only happen over time.

Only time carries the memories of what happened and the expectations of what is coming.

Only God’s time leads us to unimaginable places.

Only time has the power to color life.

Time may not erase scars, but only it can regenerate the skin after cutting.

Opt for time in any situation, because only he has the right answers for each question.

Time will say … The time will say and nothing like one day after another.

Only time can put each thing in place.

Time is merciless. Only He tells us naked and raw truths without fear of consequences.

There are things that only time can clarify us.

The mind is a jailer of feelings that only time can release.

It’s not just the time that has the power to transform a situation, you also have.

Some words hurt so deeply that only time has the power to heal us.

You say that only time softens the pain and I need to wait, but you don’t know what it is to be on my skin enduring it all.

Only time can rescue your joy. Trust the process!

Let’s go calmly, love. Only time knows what you reserve for us!

Time is Bussola. Only he knows how to guide us where to follow.

Only time will tell if I live without you and you without me!

There are those who complain about time, their limits and conditions. But does not realize that only he is able to dictate the direction.

Time does not heal everything. By the way, only time, by itself, heals nothing, he just takes the incurable from the center of attention.

Only time to teach us the true value of life.

cycles start and end all the time. And only time to tell us that we are not the same as yesterday.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of silence … and time!

Have you ever stopped to reflect what you have done with your time and what lessons are the days, months and years life has given you? If you haven’t done that yet, try stop and ponder.

Time is something that does not allow us to go back or accelerate. It is he who dictates the rules and the experiences, and it is up to you to learn how to use it to your advantage and understand that there are things that only he can do.

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