70 messages and quotes of love and affection that will make your heart passionate

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Deep down, every human being wants a love to call his own and a loving hug to snuggle. It is very tasty when we find someone to share life. So if you have already found this person, be sure to express your feelings. Check out the most beautiful quotes of love and affection and share to light the flame of passion!

Quotes of love and affection to share with those who won your heart

Without your love and your affection, I lose the course and meaning of my life. I want you by my side forever!

man loves because love is the essence of his soul. Therefore, you can not fail to love.

I love you! Again, all the affection of the world for me is little.

Love, your affection is like the air I breathe, I no longer know how to live without you. May our destination remain intertwined!

Love is the most subtle force in the world.

Stay with me forever, my life! I promise all my love and affection to make you happy.

Love, there is no affection in this world that can compare itself to yours. You are the exact size of my heart.

In the end, you will see that the lightest things are the only ones that the wind could not take: an old string, a care at the precise moment.

With the rope of my ukulele, I made an alliance for her, proof of affection.

Love, your hug is my favorite place. Without your affection, I have no reason to smile.

Love, you are the light of my morning. Every day, all I want most is your affection.

For love, nothing is impossible.

Only your affection can cure the longing of my heart in love. Love, I need you by my side.

Who plants affection and love, surely, reaps happiness.

And every verse will be to tell you that I will always love you, for all my life.

May love and affection be eternalized in our hearts. Forever, I want you by my side.

makes me affection, warm me in your arms, lend me your shoulder so I can cry.

In your hug I find love nest and I feel covered with affection. You make me so happy!

Love, it’s so easy to love you! With each passing day, I get more and more in love with your affectionate way.

In a sea of ​​affection we sail. You look for me and I always give myself. And in this mixture, I don’t even know who I am. You are desire, I am thirsty to love.

The measure of loving is to love without measure.

I like your unexpected affection. This unique way of surprising me with love.

I want to feel your affection and hear your sweet voice whispering you love me. Love, you are everything to me!

It costs nothing for me to dream of having you here to give you a lot of kiss, a lot of love and affection, this will never miss.

Every day, as soon as you wake up, share a slice of love and affection.

If you need to beg, then it is not affection, much less love!

My hand is calloused, it is marked, but I know how to make affection the good. Good love with affection!

Your affection touched my heart and I delivered myself completely. May our love be eternal!

Words do not express the size of my affection for you. Love, you are the joy of my existence!

Your love won’t let me in hand. I know it’s good to make sweet to sweeten my affection, a deeper feeling.

Every day, I promise to declare my love for you and fill you with affection. You arrived and transformed my world.

What the heart loves becomes eternal.

Love, I never get tired of your affection. Your stroke, your hug and your company is so good. I love you!

Your affection is forever tattooed in my heart. Love, I will be forever in love with you!

I will do, love, a nest with love, a lot of affection for you to take shelter.

Sometimes, even in life it is better to be well alone for us to feel the value of a simple affection.

Far from your affection, my heart wilted in sadness. Come stay with me, my little ben.

Your kiss has a taste of love and your hug is made of affection. You enchant me!

True love never wears out. The more it happens, the more you have.

affection is the purest language of true love.

Come, my love, cozy in my hug. Let me be your affection and your shelter.

baby, whatever you want I want, everything you ask for, I do everything for your affection, let me show you who I am.

May each dawn we find new reasons to feed the flame of love. You are my favorite affection!

Love, for you, I kept all my affection. Only you have the key that unlocks my heart.

My love, don’t leave me here so alone, I’m a suffered man, moved to affection.

In the field of love, sow affection, and in the relationship, there will be plenty of good feelings.

I love as love loves. I know no other reason to love but to love. May you want to tell you, besides what I love you, if what I mean is what I love you?

I want to grip in your affection and spend my whole life with you, my eternal love!

affection is the perfect dressing for the broken heart. And love is the medicine that makes the heart beat again.

It’s too much our affection, our way of loving. It is a complete affection, nice to change.

Without your affection, I am nobody. You do me so well!

Love, your affection makes my world stop. It’s so nice to have you by my side!

When I’m by your side, I’m in a little piece of heaven. Your affection illuminates my life!

Each one knows how to love his own way; The mode matters little; The essential is that you know to love.

They say that love is blind, but I disagree. When I am with you, I see the world with the most beautiful colors. All my affection for you, my life!

When love and affection is lacking, the world gets gray, everything is sadness and loneliness.

I gave you affection, love, in return I gained ingratitude. I don’t know why, but I think it’s a lack of understanding.

affection is like a delicate bird beating inside the heart. Your love gives me wings!

affection and love are a two -way road: to receive, first, you need to donate.

Come and bring you all your affection, because without Him, I will not be happiness!

If love were a bird, affection would be the wings and your hug would be my nest.

The supreme happiness of life is to have the conviction that we are loved.

I love you how to love certain obscure things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

Never say goodbye to your love. I need your affection to feel whole.

What memory loves becomes eternal. I love you with the memory, imperishable.

Levitating on spring wings, feeling a touch of affection, the good taste of your mouth.

Your affection is still stuck to my body, I think of you and I feel the perfume of love.

Feel the light breeze playing your face gently. It’s my affection and my love involving you.

keep a little piece of my heart with you. Stay with him as proof of love.

Living without you is not an option for me. I need your love and your affection. May it be eternal!

With love and affection life gets much more colorful! Continue in this passionate climate with our beautiful quotes of love that will touch the heart of the loved one.