70 messages and quotes of funny jokes that guarantee great laughter

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laughing is a contagious and therapeutic experience. In a monotonous meeting, the joke brings mood; In a common bell, she generates dynamics and, in a scenario of fun, she feeds smiles and good humor. Also, puns and humorous messages and quotes are the perfect antidote for stress. Then prepare the belly muscles and check out hilarious funny joke messages and quotes!

Funny joke messages and quotes for those who know that laughter has no limit

Why does anyone find it funny about medicine commercials? Because the Ministry of Health “AMENERS”!

Why is the pillow the most lazy object in the world? Because it lives on a bed!

What are the most hasty animals in nature? Birds, because they go flying!

Why doesn’t the nurse walk? Because he “only runs”.

What did the brave chicken say to the son chick? I don’t want to hear another Pio!

Why did the roomer lose grace? Because it was left without salt!

What did the past say to the future? “It will be hard for you to get over me!”

What did zero ask for eight? “What was the diet that left you with this belt?”

Why does the cabinetmaker not like “bottle”? Because it only uses good wood!

A bear fell from above the closet. What is the name of the movie? The “puff” teddy bear.

What happened to the dog that took a lot of sun? Became a hot dog!

You know that joke of the claustrophobic astronaut? He just needed a little space.

What is the name of the religious superhero? “Aqua-Amém”.

Why was the clock pointer disappointed? Because, even after so much work, it remains in the same place.

What did the toilet paper say after being used and thrown away? “I gave myself everything to be treated like garbage!”

Which animal is always running a sung? The Rooster!

angry, what did the pooller say to the pencil? “I’m tired of pointing out your defects!”

What is a desperate corridor outside a marathon? A straightest behind money!

What is a music group called orcas called? Orca-Estra.

What was Patati Patatá to do in a graphic? Print a clown paper!

What happened to the chick that fell from the building? He cracked the beak.

What was the hammer to do in the service? Preach.

What is the name of the car that shows that it will rain? “Celtic” Black.

How do you get a chokito? Just put the dedicion in the Tomadite.

What does the eyes not see, the heart always feels and the mind is scared? A Flying Cheap.

What the common sense and deodorant has in common? The people who need it most, never use it!

Why didn’t the mule end school? Because she had no head for that!

Why did Luke Skywalker hide his books? Because he doesn’t want the princess to read.

What is the favorite joke of the clock? TIC TAC TOE.

What did the funny man said to his girlfriend? “I’m not in a serious relationship, I prefer a fun!”

Zumbi fell in love with the nail. What is the name of the film? “ZUMBILEndea”.

What is the height of incompetence? Be disapproved of blood test.

What was the horse was doing in the payroll? Pass a prank.

Who the most remembered person in the world? The debtor!

What did the hair say to Babyliss? “You live curling me!”

What clothes Goku bought for your girlfriend? A super “denim skirt”.

What did the pencil mutter for rubber? You are erasing me, your Aparecida!

Money has moved in happiness. What did he say? “You depend on me, right?”

What is the best way to follow in search of your dreams? Keep sleeping.

Which pan is always sad? The “depression” pan.

Why did they put a trampoline on the North Pole? For the “jump” bear.

I went to buy a soda, but I didn’t find it. What is the name of the film? “Looking for Dolly”.

What did the reflection say to the mirror? “Are you imitating me or is it my impression ?!”

Which drink is drinking slowly, slowly, slowly? “Martini” from the village.

Do you know the photographer’s joke? Has not yet been revealed.

What is the most slow food? The “polynta”.

I received my salary and my brain shouted for joy. What is the name of the film? “Drandagagar”!

Why do the musician’s friends miss him? Because he makes “flute”.

What is it, but never come back? The money we lend to the family.

Asked the nut if she was wanting a milk, but she didn’t want to. Why? Because, in fact, she wanted a pig!

Who is older: the moon or the sun? The moon, because it can go out at night.

Why does Santa Claus live in the North Pole? Because he doesn’t like to be “in tranks”.

What the sand said to the sea? “Wow, you make me wet.”

What was the tomato doing on the bank? Take your statement.

What the escalator said when it was frustrated? “I’m tired of turning around without ever leaving the place.”

What is the height of luck? Be hit by an ambulance.

What is the ocean that hates fights? The Pacific Ocean.

What is the worst nightmare of the proletariat? A month without holidays!

What did the mascara say to the tear? “Vixe, I blurred all!”

What is a brown dot fighting Kung Fu? Chuck Nozis.

What is the most sincere liquid in the world? The water, therefore, is very transparent.

What did the skin say to the cold? “You cause me goose bumps!”

Why could the chemist not solve the puzzle? He didn’t have the solution.

What did the miner answer when they asked how he was? “Beynoncé?”

What was the plant expelled from the plant club? Carnivora because she was against the moral of good morals.

What did the vegetables say to correct the knife? “You have to stop cutting others!”

The gas decided to diet. What is the name of the film? Gaslight.

Why does no one go cold in the Asian continent? Because that’s where the “Kazakhstan”.

Why does mathematics be dissatisfied? Because you always have trouble solving!

What did the fabric say to the needle? “You cross me in a way!”

Often the rush of everyday life consumes you, and it is easy to forget how invigorating it can just be laughing. That’s exactly why the jokes are so important!

With a questionable humor, smart puns and a dose of comic reality, the funny messages and quotes return the colors of life and fill the minutes with grace and fun.

And do not miss the opportunity to keep laughing with amazing joke messages and quotes to die of laugh that will make your body experience the pleasure of serotonin and endorphin running through the veins!

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