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How can you describe yourself in a few characters? After all, the profile phrase has become our business card, where you can take the first impressions. For you to rock and convey all your truth, we select amazing messages and quotes for personality -filled biography. They are perfect for those who like to express themselves with style.

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I’m the right type of wrong girl.

Simple things for her, they are the main things.

I changed completely. It must be your smile, baby, which makes me that way.

I’m the type who can’t decipher.

I just wanted to be normal, but I’m not. It’s just pure trauma, confusion and if you want to show you my best, I show you my worst, I show you the truth that is being imperfect and only.

I’m not afraid to make a mistake, but to insist on my mistakes.

I am a control freak. What I want I can.

I exhibit my scars as a symbol of struggle and resistance.

I carry the glow of the stars.

Every day I give the best to be better than yesterday.

Today I am all that I always dreamed.

I’m not afraid to face my failures, but I proudly I like my victories.

Today I am the result of much struggle and conquest.

Everything I do I give myself with heart and soul.

I am heir to a difficult past, but of a bright future.

I have embroidered a smile of a light life on my face.

I am a romantic cliche. I love it so much and without barriers.

I am a tangle of words that see in all of poetry.

My language is a bonfire of sincere words.

I leave my transparent and shameless soul.

It took me a long time to understand, but today I’m sure I’m the best version of me.

I always give my way. It’s gross, but it’s with love.

God made me like this, owner of me.

I’m not one of those on the wall. This shine is mine and no one will take it off.

opens the eye, I’m fashionable. And whoever sends me is me.

Everyone knows well that I do what I want from life.

Half off. I don’t even feel my feet on the floor.

The desert that I crossed no one saw me pass. Strange and only.

My strength is not gross. I am not a nun, nor am I bitch.

I’m male than a lot of man.

I respect my tears a lot, but even more my laugh.

As a song from Rita, I’m the black sheep of the family.

I want kisses without respite. I want seven thousand leagues without rest. I want to see if you have attitude and if you will face me.

For so much love, for so much emotion, life made me like this. Sweet or atrocious, meek or fierce. Me, Hunter of Me.

In this peace, I am armed with love.

I want the luck to relearn this life.

I’m me. Then you arrive and I don’t know.

It’s not that I am antipatic, I just can’t pretend to like everyone as most do.

I have several discussions with myself and always go out as wrong.

I want the luck of a quiet love.

When I found out that inside me there was a home, I never suffered from crumbs.

I’m a tornado still trying to find my direction.

I never believed in destinations. But if life brought me here, it was for a reason.

You never know what defect sustains our entire building.

Every day I fight to overthrow the barriers I created inside me.

I am several versions of myself, every day becoming the best.

There are days when I get tired of myself. It is these days that I fight to rediscover.

Another creature stunned by love.

I’m not sure who I am, but I love reading.

Well, I now died, let’s see if I reborn again. For now, I’m dead.

last year I died, but this year I don’t die.

I rode the globe, today I’m sure everyone is one. Everything you have is us.

I know it was not luck, I always wanted to be where I am.

I write as who sends love cards.

My heart is a thousand years. I am not like other people.

I really like the things that come out of the heart.

Words for me only make sense when more than heard, they are shown.

My heart hits music and I live in an eternal dance.

Happiness for me is to have the courage to be yourself.

Life only begins to make sense from the moment your greatest love is yourself.

At any sign of problems, I will fall in tears.

I have problems with farewells and loves that I left behind.

I’m not afraid of sincerity, but of believing in illusions.

I am someone who fights daily to achieve my dreams.

I exaggerate, words, feelings and life.

sad, crazy or bad.

I live in peace with my own indecision.

I’m someone who gave up fighting for things that don’t depend on me.

I am a person who has learned that horror movies are not able to scare as much as reality.

What I inherited from my people, I can never lose.

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