70 messages and conquest quotes held to celebrate your victory and persistence

By: Tranoniq.com

When you have a goal, you need to fight for it. It is not an easy way. The challenges are great, tiredness appears and it takes courage to continue, but all this makes sense when you put your hand on the prize. It’s time to celebrate the victory. Check out conquest quotes performed and show that you won!


Celebrate your achievements because you fought for them and did your best to reach them.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

When you win something you really wanted, take time to celebrate and then prepare for the next phase. It’s just the beginning of a successful journey!

I can’t believe I got what I wanted so much! My heart is only gratitude for this achievement performed.

Great achievements are possible when the small details are important.

My greatest achievement was to overcome me, overcome my fears and limits and go to the end.

Everything I lived brought me here. I am grateful for the situations that shaped me and gave me strength to achieve my goals.

In a moment there were two paths to go. I chose the least traveled, and it made all the difference.

I’m happy and fulfilled because I got over, I went to the end and got what I wanted so much.

My dreams are no longer dreams. These are achievements that hold on my hands.

Wanting and Power, if divided are nothing, together and united are everything.

God gave me strength and put me on the right track. I realized my dreams thanks to him!

I struggled for what I believed and it was worth it because now, I realized my dreams!

Our life, for the most part, is composed of dreams. You need to connect them to action.

I’m a winner because I didn’t give up on me or my dreams and now they have come true!

It took time, but I knew how to persist. Now, I can say that I got everything I wanted!

It is trying the impossible that one comes to the possible.

My message is: Don’t give up! If it is worth fighting, continue. This is how I realized my dreams.

I am a winner because I won my limitations until I won what I dreamed.

The possibility of realizing a dream is what makes life interesting.

Happiness is sometimes a blessing, but it is usually an achievement.

In addition to achieving my goals, I have achieved personal achievement that is the biggest prize of all.

If you can dream, you can perform.

I am grateful to God for strengthening me because without Him I would never have gone so far and won so many things.

If it is to thank someone, I thank myself that I never gave up on my dreams and fought until the end.

I never found beauty to want the impossible and never found the possible thing out of my reach.

Victory does not belong to the strongest, but those who pursue it longer.

The desire to win was what brought me here.

It is not easy to remain motivated. Sometimes discouragement appeared, but I thought of my goal and tried again. Today, I say it was worth it!

All a dream needs to be realized is someone who believes it can be realized.

I walked farther than I imagined, it was harder than I thought, but I won what I wanted!

My achievement was greater than I planned. Thank you, my God, for being always faithful.

In the great battles of life, the first step towards victory is the desire to win.

When I decided to believe me, I found that I was able to do it to the impossible.

The key to success is to believe you and that your intuition can lead you to the best achievements.

A man can conquer everything his mind is able to conceive and believe.

What honor to be able to say that I won. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness! Gradually trusted me the possibility of seeing this dream come true!

I focused all my effort and dedication to this project and it was worth it. Today I can attest that nothing is reaped without planting and cultivating. I have the victory in hand!

Before victory comes the temptation. And the greater the laurels to conquer, the greater the temptation to which it is necessary to resist.

The best part of getting where I arrived is that I did everything honestly and without stepping on people.

I realized some of my dreams and I’m ready to realize everyone else.

I’m in celebration and celebrating because I won. A difficult achievement like this deserves a celebration at height.

Who to see me smiling, know that I am too happy to have achieved my goals.

My joy has one reason: I did not give up, I went to the end and leaves this as a winner!

It’s so good to look at everything I went through and see that it was worth it. Now, I’m a winner and I will celebrate!

My wish is that everyone feels the joy I am feeling for realizing my dreams.

When the doors opened, I did not let them close before going to the end and achieve my goals.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me strength, holding my hand and not letting me give up fighting for my dreams.

I’m a winner, not only because I achieved my goals, but because I have overcome myself in every process.

Better to celebrate an achievement is to realize how much I grew up throughout the process.

dreams come true with a lot of struggle. Good thing I learned to be a warrior and face battles of erected chin, hands on ready and knees to Chã.

It was my faith that led me to victory. I will never leave it!

Of all the battles I waged, this was the one that I dedicated the most. Of sweat and tears, I watered this dream. Therefore, victory has such a good taste, so sweet.

There is no recipe for making dreams come true, the journey to victory is personal. When I understood that, I won all mine.

God strengthened me and was faithful at all times. I dedicate my victory entirely to him.

I learned not to compare myself with others and that’s what put me on the right track, my way, to achieve my goals.

Positive thinking is fundamental to achieving goals. Believe in you!

Persisted in battle was the best decision I made. So, I could see my dreams being realized.

I understood that only I could fight for my dreams. I strengthened and was able to conquer them.

I want to thank everyone who believed in me. I won and I dedicate my achievement to all of you who contributed to this journey possible.

It was essential to have so many supports. It strengthened me and didn’t let me give up!

My dreams became plans and then became achievements.

My victory is the result of effort, dedication, support, persistence and a little madness. If you ask if it was worth it, just see that smile that does not undo my face.

Without courage, I would not have walked half the way to my achievements.

The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and risk living their dreams.

Successful is to fail repeatedly, but without losing enthusiasm.

fell a few times before you get to the highest place. The important thing is that I never gave up.

The true achievements, the only ones we never regret, are the ones we do against ignorance.

Do not say that victory is lost if it is battles that live life.

defeat after defeat until the final victory.

Now, you are a person who has a lot to celebrate. To inspire you in new achievements, check out winner quotes and strive for the new goals that came up on your way!