70 Maloka messages and quotes to general take your vision of life

By: Tranoniq.com

Maloka style represents humility, respect, pride in living your daily run. It’s focusing on yours and not forgetting who is closed with you. If you are on the walk and need inspiration and motivation to keep fighting, check out the best Maloka quotes we selected. Show your vision to general and focus on your progress!

Maloka Quotes to translate your run into words

Bad people have their exchange of their lives. I will live mine and leave these people there.

You calm my smile and make life have a good taste.

It’s the faith that guides me and I leave people jaw dropped with how much I can grow.

You doubt me just inspires me to get bigger and bigger.

Here we respect friendship, the Brotherhood The partnership. Who’s with me, it’s with me forever.

likes to talk about my life, but I couldn’t stand it a day on my skin.

To get the right view about me, you need to know me. I’m here for those who want to exchange idea.

If I don’t close with me, I follow alone. I don’t need anyone to go up in life.

little chat, few ideas. Only faith and willingness to make my Corres and my roll.

You can talk, speaker gets sick alone and has what it deserves.

sympathy only with those who deserve it, for those who do not deserve it, it is our arrogance that wins.

If I disappeared, it’s because you didn’t really stick with me. Mine know where I am.

My guardian angel is strong and is taking care of my run. Maluco can’t knock me down.

My heart does not stop beating, he is strong and knows that this one I will win.

I don’t want to luxury, I just want to be happy with the little I have and who runs with me.

Life is not easy and we do not either. Nothing will take us to the floor.

My faith strengthens me and no evil will defeat me.

I don’t need to envy others, I fight myself for what is mine.

Our struggle is daily and we do not escape. I have always been in the activity seeking our run.

Maluco thinks it’s better than me, but never even known me. If you change two ideas with me, you know it doesn’t even come to my feet.

Make mistakes from time to time, but move on because it only has this direction.

Always changing because who is the same is late in life and does not evolve.

If my fight gets harder, I will get stronger.

There is no soft body here and, if it falls, we learn to lift faster and faster.

The smile is good, but only crying teaches what we really need to know.

It is better to be alone than walking with those who do not want your good.

The good, we keep it around. The bad ones, we bring even closer and keep an eye on to do nothing that shakes us.

Take the vision and live my life, keeping to me what I’m doing to envy not to manifest.

There are people who are by your side just because you’re fine. Try falling to see if general does not disappear.

In the good phase, a thousand friends, in the bad phase, perhaps about two who have always been here.

To realize dreams is fight and closed mouth.

I’m not easily giving up, but there is time for life to be too testing you. You’re crazy!

One day we settle down, find someone to share all the corres of life and dream together.

I don’t take fame for what I didn’t do, I say memo and I don’t let me talk about me.

I keep everything I do and I don’t tell anyone. God forbid me from people interested in my Corres.

Life hits hard, but we learn to value everything that has passed.

nobody had pity of me and I will not have to pity anyone.

If soothing moved away, it’s because it wasn’t for my side. Can stay there where you chose to be.

May God protect our walk and let us have faith to live what He is doing for us.

The face is closed, but the heart is soft and ready to help those of mine.

so many people wishing our evil and forgetting that it attracts what it conveys!

Who cannot abandon me is God, the rest is rest!

happy or not, we are living!

Our tranquility is the despair of many!

Everything that is not to be yours, God delivers!

My right closure! Don’t drop and don’t change for anything.

It is forward that you walk, up you look and struggling that you get!

every mirror I look at me I am beautiful.

I’m investing in my progress; In my delay, there are several!

The path you face is more important than what’s left behind!

We are never 100% ready. Learning is constant.

God is protecting our walk.

In my walk, God cannot be missed for Him to give me wisdom, strength and protection. The rest, we do.

and, in my whole life of my wrong, my big hit was you!

Many will wait for your success to say that you are your friend!

For the good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: Faith.

Princess Face, Maloqueira Style.

or paddling with me, or jumps from the boat. If you don’t help, don’t delay.

she says it’s just one more in this world, but has no idea how special it is.

I learned to ignore a lot to be happy.

Wrong is charged, but if you walk for sure, respect is doubled.

Refusal Imitations: We for us and whoever goes against, good luck!

I’m in faith, surprising who judged me incapable.

ostentation for me is that you have a full refrigerator, a full cabinet and a good comfort for your rest. The rest is passing simulation.

Fight what you want, no one will do it for you!

enemy is trying, but God is avoiding everything.

The truth is that the closer we approach the top, the more we bother.

Those who trust the taco itself do not care about the opponent’s play.

Several in search of fame, I’m just looking for improvement.

When you know your value, you will stop begging love and friendships.

Now just look for your progress and not get lost in the walk. And to have a soundtrack in your daily struggle, see our rap quotes and choose your favorite.