70 Happy Birthday messages and quotes, My Love, who will light up the passion

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The day the beloved person renews the votes of his existence deserves to be celebrated. To celebrate your life and declare how good it is and is good, check out the best happily birthday messages and quotes, my love and paint this date with the purest and real feelings that exist in your heart!

Happy Birthday messages and quotes, My Love, which will make the most special day

You have health, strength, joy and great victories. I want to see you happy and realizing your dreams. My achievement is to see your smile. Happy Birthday, my love!

The day woke up happier to celebrate you, my love. Congratulations on your birthday and for being the best company in this universe!

Celebrating your life is also to celebrate my happiness. Happy Birthday my love! That we are always together.

Congratulations on your birthday! May it be a day to feel loved and that you do not forget that my love is all yours.

I thank God because this date continues to be repeated and I continue by your side in love with you. Congratulations!

I am very happy by your side and I want to stay with you until we are very old. Congratulations, reason for my existence!

I couldn’t imagine being so happy with someone, but you prove to me that this is possible. Happy Birthday, my love!

Happy Birthday, my love! May your smile always shine more, because it illuminates my life and shows that happiness exists.

Happy birthday for my great love! May your life extend and that it is always lived by my side. I love you!

Thanks for being the person who encourages and inspires me. Our love makes all the difference. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love! I want to wish you only the best things and, you can let, the passion is on my own.

You have brought more love to my life and I want to repay every gesture, affection and word you share with me. Happy Birthday, my love!

The longer I spend with you, the more I want to celebrate your existence. Thank you for touching my soul with your love. Cheers!

Happy Birthday, my love! My happiness has multiplied with you by my side. I always want to share it with you!

Life presented me with love when I introduced us, I will never forget the day I met you. Your life deserves to be celebrated! Congratulations.

I like this day because it’s all yours. It is you who brought me peace and made me believe in reciprocity. Let us always be together. Happy Birthday, my love!

I want to renew my vows of love and affection on this day. All my affection is yours. Congratulations, reason for my joy!

Smile, honey, today is your day and he will be amazing! You deserve all the good and infinite blessings. Happy Birthday, my love!

My congratulations! I want to stay by your side how many times this date is repeated, for for me there is no life without you.

Happy Birthday, my love! Let’s celebrate the achievements of this cycle because I know how much you dedicated. May many more come!

God enlighten your life and always bless you as we already see that He does. Thank you for allowing me to love you. Congratulations!

May God enlighten you and bless you with a long and happy life with me always by your side. Happy Birthday, my love!

Your company and partnership make life be lighter and happier. May this date be celebrated for many years. Many happiness always!

I would not love life so much if you were not by my side. Thank you for filling me with willingness to live. Happy Birthday, my love!

On this day, I want to record how important you are to me. I love you so much! May it be another special birthday.

The love I feel for you make me want this date to be perfect. You deserve the best, honey! Cheers in your new cycle.

Happy Birthday, my love! I wish you have a blessed year and full of happy moments by my side. Together forever!

May the reasons for smiling are infinite and that I am the main one. Happy Birthday, my love!

I will be by your side in good and bad times, because being with you makes everything easier. For this year, I want life to surprise you. Congratulations!

All my affection is for you! Thank you for always being with me and for completing me. Happy Birthday, my love!

I’m very proud of who we are together. Thank you for being my duo in this life. Congratulations on your day, my love!

Life honored me with your presence and your love. Therefore, I celebrate you with such gratitude. Congratulations on your day! You are special.

Happy Birthday, my love! I just want to wish a new life, complete and extremely happy by my side.

Another birthday by your side and I always want more than you. I never tire of seeing your smile and I’m grateful for your life. Cheers, my love!

May your heart overflow joy and may you feel that I love you more than last year. Happy Birthday, my love!

I will make you several surprises during the day so that he is filled with love as you deserve. Congratulations, honey!

Having you make life color and full of peace. May all the most beautiful happen to you. Congratulations on your birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love! You are my gift and I love you so much. That in your day you remember that it makes my life more special and complete!

I won in the lottery of love with your arrival. Therefore, I celebrate you with such gratitude. Congratulations on your birthday, be very happy!

Enjoy life and hope it is by my side. I love you so much! Cheers in your new cycle!

Honey, that this cycle renews all that is good in your life and also the love we feel for each other. Congratulations!

that our good feelings turn into strength to face life. Happy Birthday, my love!

I can only wish you more happiness and love on this birthday, because that’s all you give me, honey!

Our story is my favorite. That it renew itself every day. Cheers on your birthday, my love!

May it be a year blessed by God and let him make our love prosper forever. Best wishes!

I cheer for you every day, but today, good feelings are multiplied. Happy Birthday, my love!

My love, that you do not lack faith and strength to achieve everything you want. I am with you for everything. Congratulations!

By the grace of God, I celebrate another birthday by your side. I ask him to bless you forever and ever. Congratulations, honey!

If I’m with you, everything makes sense and it looks good. I love you so much! Happy Birthday, my love.

You gave me the smile and give me the strength to live. May I fill you with love every day. Happy Birthday!

Honey, I want to be the reason for your smiles not just this year, but for your life. Congratulations on your birthday!

Your affection gives me hope in life and your birthday confirms me that everything can be better. Congratulations, my love!

I smile with gratitude for your life, because you are the best that happened to me. Happy Birthday, my love!

Health, Peace, joys and achievements is what I wish you … Love? I give you personally. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, my love! I want to celebrate you and express gratitude for everything you did and do for me. You are my everything and make everything possible!

I thank the universe for our meeting. I know it was not the work of chance. Happy Birthday, my love!

I learned to love life more when I started to like you. Happy Birthday my love! You deserve all the happiness in the world.

When I think of you, it is love that comes to my mind. I wish a year filled with everything that makes you happy. Congratulations!

Still being an amazing person and I will keep loving you with everything I am. Cheers, honey!

Happy Birthday! Our love continues to surprise me and I want you to know that sharing life with you is the best of gifts.

May God give you many years of life and that you spend them all with me. Together forever! Happy Birthday, my love.

My love, let life reserve great surprises and many happy moments by my side. Congratulations on your day!

Happy Birthday, my love! May you have everything you want and make you happy, because that’s what will make me smile.

By your side, life is complete and happiness is more perfect. Enjoy your day, my love. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, I just want to thank you never to give up and love me reciprocally. Congratulations, reason for my existence!

I want to see you smiling and celebrating your achievements, I want to be with you at all times. Happy Birthday, my love!

The best person to share life and love is you. Congratulations! Let us always be happy together.

Happy Birthday, my love! If you are happy, I will be too. So I wish more joys and dreams fulfilled in your new cycle!

Honey, that nothing disturbs our happiness and may your cycle be filled with beautiful things. Congratulations on the birthday!

I hope you are always present in my life and let me love you always more. Happy Birthday, my love!

May this date be repeated many times and that you are together in all of them! After all, love deserves to be renewed daily, isn’t it? N for celebrating the day that began this beautiful story, also check out dating birthday messages and quotes and surprise the loved one! your affection and how much you want to be with the side of those who complement you and do you good.

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