70 gratitude messages and quotes to plant and harvest happiness

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Knowing how to thank for the blessings received is a quality that must be cultivated and encouraged. So check out the best gratitude messages and quotes to share on social networks! These messages and quotes of thanks will surely help you show all your recognition for the most diverse situations.

Gratitude messages and quotes that express good feelings

Dream, live and every day thank you.

Gratitude is the mother of all virtues.

Maybe your day was not the best, but you still won. Thank you!

From all the ingredients of life, gratitude is the sweetest.

Thanks for the stones on the way and make them the base of your castle.

sir, I want to dedicate every minute not to ask for anything, but to thank everything you have done for me.

There is former love, but there is no ex-child happy. Always be grateful for that and who has gone through your life.

Gratitude is what transforms common days into memories.

Before you want anything else, be grateful for what you have.

No duty is more urgent than thanking.

Gratitude means overflowing with love in the heart!

Choose gratitude as an attitude to your life every day.

We may not understand today’s challenges, but they will surely be a source of gratitude in the future.

Gratitude is to recognize that life is a gift.

There is always some reason to demonstrate your gratitude.

Gratitude allows wonderful things to happen.

Without regrets, only learning. Without worries, only acceptance. Without expectations, just gratitude. Life is very short!

Gratitude costs nothing, but it has a huge value.

Gratitude to God even by miracles not seen by us.

Gratitude is the secret. Both for the good things that happened and for those who, in the end, became lessons.

Status of the day: Too grateful to complain!

Gratitude transforms enough into extraordinary.

gratitude and love go together. If there is no gratitude, there is no love and vice versa.

Be grateful for what you have, that life reserves you much more!

When you begin to notice the things you are grateful, you start to lose sight of the missing things.

Gratitude is a feeling of love that elevates the Spirit and unites us to God.

Thank you is the noblest act of our hearts.

The heart that thanks is happy, because we cannot feel grateful and unhappy at the same time.

Being grateful for life is a gesture that makes us infinitely better people.

Thank you is a daily exercise.

Forgiveness for those who made crying, gratitude for those who made smile.

To thank the good we receive is to return some of the good that was done.

Just knowing that I have another day ahead, I feel grateful.

Gratitude is when you, even in the face of a whirlwind of problems, still thanks you for having health, faith and strength to continue.

Show your gratitude to those you love today. Don’t give loopholes to repentance!

Thank you, more than ask.

Grateful, heart in peace.

Here is the secret of happiness: complain less and thank you more!

The more than I thank you, the more I get!

Peace in the soul, love in heart, gratitude for life and faith in the walk.

Life teaches you that nothing is forever and somehow you are grateful for it.

May my gratitude to God are not limited to good times.

Gratitude is an act that must be shared, because it is infinite before the good that does to someone and yourself.

When you are not grateful today, tomorrow becomes uncertainty.

Gratitude takes your heart to closer to God.

I may feel sad a few times, but I never forget those who offered me help when I needed it.

For today and always, gratitude! For life, for the opportunity to start and the strength in me.

It was in God’s time that I learned to be grateful.

Gratitude for unconditional support, for everything I have now.

To thank God after He responds to a prayer, it is gratitude. Thank you in advance, it’s faith.

Gratitude is to return love to those who gave you the hand.

Thank you is the most beautiful part of the prayer.

The true beauty of life is in the act of being grateful for every day lived.

gratitude for what I have already had and what I still have.

Gratitude is as important a feeling as love, both complement each other.

A heart full of gratitude is a magnet for good things.

With every little thing you thank you, God prepares great things for your life.

Even the bad days add us. Always be grateful!

It all started to work when I stopped asking crying and started to thank smiling!

Gratitude is when the soul says thank you.

The goal today is to ask less and thank you for the daily gifts.

Who sows gratitude, reaps happiness.

The size of your gratitude for life should always exceed the expectations you have about it.

Gratitude is the word that most defines my life right now.

Living each day with gratitude and under the protection of God.

Gratitude makes you thank you even for bad things, because it makes you understand that all this was necessary for you to be who it is today.

Gratitude never dies with you, it blooms in the hearts of the people around you.

My life is not perfect, but I am grateful for everything I have and have achieved.

I’m happy because I’m grateful. I choose to be grateful. This gratitude allows me to be happy.

Thank you is a wonderful thing. Makes what is excellent in others belongs to us too.

After reading and meditating these messages and quotes, the heart even rejoices! May gratitude become a lifestyle and turn your routine into moments of lightness!

To be grateful is to show what is cultivated within the soul. Thank you is an act of humility, the language of the love of someone who really realizes that it is not alone, is loved and wants to express love for those around you.

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