70 God’s reflection messages and quotes for you to think about his grandeur

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God is wonderful and takes care of each of us in the best way possible. It gives us strength, protects us, and does not abandon us in the most difficult times we can face. But for some people, God may not exist… either it is just a force of the universe, or even an inner force we remove from ourselves without realizing it.

Whether through prayers, praises or just following your teachings, there are several ways to reach God. Regardless of the religion you belong to, have you ever wondered about the grandeur of this being? We have selected God’s best reflection messages and quotes for you to read and reflect on everything He can represent! Check it out:

messages and quotes to reflect on the creator of the world

The best way man has to improve is to approach God.

If I believe in God? But what value could my answer, affirmative or not? What matters is knowing if God believes in me.

Who is on their knees before God, stands in the face of anything.

everything becomes possible when it starts to act.

It is a force that has no way to explain … capable of moving mountains. It is hope that does not hesitate in the face of difficulties and confidence that everything is good when you have God in the heart.

There are things that God gives us to learn. And there are things that God only gives when we learn.

God does not fail!

Life is an endless learning created by him to have a chance to evolve and become better souls.

About God: Listening to your voice, avoids disappointments. In a world where everything is inside out, it is the only one that presents the right way to follow.

Only him, and no one else, can fill the deepest voids of each heart.

With him in the foreground everything is resolved and, even in the midst of difficulties, there is serenity and peace. He knows the potential of every child and that is why he doesn’t give up on anyone!

You vent with God every night and He hears you and strengthens you to support the weight you’ve been carrying. Hear and inspire you the solution of the problem that has been tormenting you for so long. It renews you every morning, when you wake up early and suddenly you are more confident, more cheerful, more patient, more willing to see only the good side of each situation.

God is strength in moments of weakness, it is incentive after the fall and refuge in moments of loneliness.

Everything comes from God, keep praying and talking to Him, because you have already obtained answers without even realizing it!

Miracles are not always noticed, but every day it operates millions of them around you and inside you. Stop to realize!

God is where they let him in.

Only God knows what is best for us, and even when we think no, he is always taking care of us.

Follow God’s orientations at all times and He will give the peace you need for your heart.

God never disturbs the joy of your children if you are not to prepare a greater.

Sometimes God takes you the longest way, not to punish you, but to prepare you.

Even God has a hell: it is His love for men.

Talking to God in prayer is the greatest blessing that a human being can have.

When the last thing you have God is, you will find that he was the only thing you needed to have.

Maybe God will not change the situation. He may be using the situation to change you.

God is the law and the legislator of the universe.

God cannot be everywhere and so made the mothers.

God is always bigger because our way to victory trails without realizing it.

In every meeting you have with God, He takes something from you and puts something of Him.

God gives the most difficult battles to your best soldiers.

What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our present to God.

You will win, but before God will teach you to be strong.

Give the world the best of you. But that may not be enough. Give the best you have anyway. See that, in the end, it is all between you and God. It was never between you and the others.

What no one has ever seen, and what someone has ever thought that could happen, that’s what God prepared for those who love him.

It’s not luck, it’s God!

God does not allow anything to be greater than His faith.

God is close to those who truly seek Him.

Only he understands what goes in the heart of each one.

I prefer to trust only in the love of God, because what money does not give me, he has already given me.

grateful and happy hearts, even crossing obstacles find reasons to thank God!

God is greater than any problem or disappointment. Believe it!

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it.

Gravity explains the movements of the planets, but cannot explain who put the planets in motion. God rules all things and knows everything that is or can be done.

happy are those who hear the word of God and keep it!

For believers, God is in the beginning of things. For scientists at the end of all reflection.

As much as one person loves God, God’s love for him will always be infinitely greater.

God is in the coincidences.

Father’s plans are not always clear, but they are always accurate.

God always knows what you need, even before you ask.

Put God at the beginning of everything and He will take care of the end.

Love is the fast wing that God has given the soul to fly to heaven.

God acts on their own ways for each of us. Questioning it would be how to doubt your own destination.

God is very pure essence. For those who have faith in Him, God is simply.

chance is perhaps the pseudonym God uses when he does not want to sign his works.

No one makes padlocks without keys. Likewise, God gives no problems without solutions.

God will always guide your steps when you think there is no way out!

Proof that God is with us is not the fact that we do not fall, but let us get up after each fall.

God knows how to be severe when necessary, but it always has the best breath to offer at times when we need it.

God is everywhere, but man only finds him where he seeks him.

God, in creating man, overestimated his capacity.

Who has God in the heart knows that there is no evil that avenges, nor envy that mistreats, because for all evil there is healing.

It is the heart that feels God and not reason.

God is a concept by which we measure our suffering.

God builds your temple in our hearts on the ruins of churches and religions.

There is no single mistake in God’s plans.

God is that we exist and this is not everything.

God blesses man, not because he found him, but for having sought it.

God’s infinite power is not in the storm, but in the breeze.

God acts correctly through tortuous paths.

His grandeur does not prevent care especially from each of us, in fact, on the contrary: so God knows every particularity of his children and protects them individually.

God is skilled, but never deceiving.

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