70 depressive messages and quotes for status that relieves the anguish of your heart

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It is not always that life makes sense or that you feel good to live. Sadness is part of life, especially when you are not able to control everything around you. To release feelings and express what is stuck in your heart, check out depressive messages and quotes for status. Share and put your anguish out!

depressive messages and quotes for status that express the intensity of your pain

This emptiness already consumes me all the way, I don’t know who I am without him anymore.

In solitude is when we are less alone.

I won’t even let the sunlight come in. No, I will never love it again.

Difficulties test my will to live for more forcing me more to sadness.

All I want to do is change this life for something new.

No one can listen to me. I got tired of saying my feelings in vain.

When will this pain that won’t let me see hope on better days?

It seems that with every step I take, the chance of crumbling gets bigger.

wakes up, works, repeats, keeps, leaves to live later. Even what I love no longer entertains, my heart has decomposed.

Tears can no longer relieve my pain. Nothing makes sense, because everything is sadness.

Time passes and the wound is still open. My body no longer wants the cure. The pain shows me that I am alive.

My hurt today is so intense that I think joy is a disease, and sadness is my only health.

I don’t even know what color life has, I just see gray everywhere.

My house is haunted, these are these ghosts. Wherever I go, I will always take with me.

These wounds will not heal, this pain is very real. There is a lot that time cannot erase.

inside, nothing works anymore and it took me a long time to realize that it was the fault of sadness.

When I breathe, I don’t feel the air, I don’t even know if I have enough to sing.

I tried so much and arrived so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.

Being alone is the condition of my life that never changes.

It’s no use running away from sadness. It is everywhere I am.

The full house, the empty heart, drips from my face, a round lament.

No one can understand me and I am not able to explain my pain.

The light in me went out and the darkness found free space to lodge.

People have no idea what it’s like to live with a feeling that makes you crumble with each step.

Everyone leaves and I can no longer strive to make this different.

Everyone around me is also suffering and cannot help me carry my weight.

Yes, all I always wanted was to be enough for you.

I’m not happy to be sad, I just can’t be otherwise.

I can’t enjoy the good things that are happening to me because I only concurge in pain.

All joy is like this; It is already wrapped in a sad little paper.

companion of loneliness and full of a great affinity with sadness.

I am sad for no reason and I have no strength to change that.

Light has no room to break the darkness that dominated my heart.

I took the freedom to feel, but I couldn’t stop suffering anymore.

I already got tired of hiding that I’m not well. Now everyone knows I’m sad and I can’t change it.

I miss feeling peace or not feeling anything for a second.

I got lost in this sadness and can no longer find myself.

Pain is the result of absolutely everything I do.

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

Only the walls of my room really know how I feel.

My mind is my enemy that doesn’t let me turn off the pain or when I go to sleep.

My dreams make no sense because I feel that they will never be realized.

I forgot who I am beyond this pain because she dominated my interior.

But say it was never happy in your life. Your text, your fake smile can deceive everyone, not me.

It’s sad to feel that everything is crumbling and I have no strength to join even the shards.

I pretend that everything is okay because I don’t want to disturb others with my sadness.

Sadness exploded in my lap and dominated everything around me.

Time does not heal everything. In fact, time does not cure anything, time only takes the incurable from the center of attention.

trying to fight without being in vain. Gradually, I will be able to leave this sea of ​​sadness.

The foundations of my life were not so solid and now they are all on the floor.

Everything has changed to worse and will never be good again!

I lack the air to breathe and I feel alone. There is no one else with me.

nothing more is as it was before.

There is no more life inside me and no one realizes that I am just existing.

Every day I go to sleep thinking this needs to be my last sadness to feel.

I don’t know what I did to be so sad, but it seems to be my fault.

It was in vain and I was with nowhere to go.

Everything that kept myself alive is gone. How hard it is to walk like this!

disappointment, sadness and the cruelty of life dominating me once again.

The heart does not dry, it is constantly full of tears that fall.

I am afraid to see my life dripping from me and it seems that is what is happening.

Something tells me, my world will fall into pieces.

I can no longer fly, walk or get out of place. Everything parked and lost its grace.

I’m a burden for people, so I get away. I don’t want to weigh anymore.

My pillow is the only one who knows the immensity of my pain.

tells me where I will go if everything around me is a precipice from the beginning.

I hate who I am, what I did to my life and the ways I chose to follow.

I no longer have the strength to keep the light on. She will go out even against my will.

I try to smile, but nothing happens. I think I forgot what it’s like to feel good.

That when talking about your pain, you can find some relief in your heart! To relearn one step at a time, check out messages and quotes about living today and focus on the now to rise.

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