70 Catholic messages and quotes about faith that teach you to believe more in God

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Believing in God and in His power is what makes Christians cultivate hope about life can always get better according to divine grace. The more you trust and give yourself to Him, the more blessed your days become. To deliver your heart to the Lord, check out the best Catholic quotes on faith and narrow the bonds of intimacy with Him!

Catholic quotes on faith that make you stronger on the way of holiness

Our faith in God, through the intercession of our Mother Mary, is what saves us every day.

Just as the body without the soul is killed, so faith without works is dead.

Life itself manifested itself in the flesh, so that in this manifestation, what could only be seen with the heart was also seen with the eyes.

Have faith in God and his action because He always does the best for his children.

Do not lose your purpose of sight, serve and love God at all times, for that’s what will bring us closer to Him.

Start by doing what is needed, then what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

Faith needs to promote hope impel us to charity to be increasing and stronger.

Never lose sight of your starting point.

You cannot live as a Christian outside this rock that is Christ. Christ gives us chesses and firmness, but also joy and serenity.

Faith is all we have, for it is the connection that takes us close to God.

Jesus said to him, “If you can anything! … Anything is possible to believe.”

propagates your faith to the largest number of people, for everyone deserves to know the joy of living with Jesus.

Have faith in God and in the immensity of your love because it will bring you happiness.

And if you come treacherous night, if the heavy cross is, Christ will be with you. The world may even make you cry, but God wants you smiling.

If we want to follow Christ closely we cannot choose an easy and quiet life. We must choose a demanding life, but full of joy.

Nothing can shake me because I have faith in the greatest of all and he will not drop me.

Divine light can more at a time than my torment of several days.

As long as we want to fight, there will be hope of winning.

There are moments that all we need is to be silent with God and let it fill our hearts.

We know that all things compete for the good of those who love God.

Blessed ones those who hear the Word of God and observe it!

When I pray, my fear goes and my heart is filled with faith and confidence that the will of Him will be fulfilled.

Life is divine gift and when we give ourselves to Him, we prove that we are grateful and have faith in this gift.

Nothing will be lost while we are looking for.

If you have faith in God and pray for help, He will not leave you helpless.

Only by faith, will we please the Lord. He expects us to trust in Him and in his time.

For all that was born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that overcomes the world: our faith.

Be an example of faith and show by your actions that it is God who leads your life.

All who suffer will have comfort in the arms of the Lord. In your wounds, we find the comfort.

It is necessary for everyone to have faith and hope in the better future. The essential is to trust God. Love builds and solidifies.

In the lap of God, we find the strength to continue even when in the face of difficult times.

Don’t give up. God is stronger than all your problems and is always by your side, sighing you.

Dear young people: Ide with confidence in meeting Jesus … Christ is the true answer to all questions about man!

Do not remember God only when the difficulty comes. You must have faith in Him all the time.

Don’t let anyone take your hope.

Have faith in Jesus and ask Mary to intercede for you and bring you the answers you need.

Walking with faith is all that matters because God is what gives meaning in my life.

I combated the good fight, I finished my career, I kept the faith.

Faith is to believe not what you don’t see, but knowing that there is sure that you are sure and that it can change your life.

When the difficulty comes, I will not be afraid because God is with me.

We must endure everything, because suffering is small and the reward is great.

The faith I have in God signed in the intercession of the saints is my daily food. This is what keeps me standing and living.

Believe me! The answer is in God and is praying that He will tell you what to do.

For a Christian, life is not the result of pure chance, but the result of a call and personal love.

May God put your hand and the impossible become just a memory and witness to your power. Amen!

Whatever we ask with a pure and sincere heart, God will hear us and do what will lead to holiness.

Who believes in God never feels alone, for he knows that he is always accompanied by his powerful hand.

I chose the path of truth, imposed me your decrees.

When we have faith in God, everything can collapse, but He will keep us standing.

We just need to have faith, read the word and pray. The rest, let God take care.

Happy are those who keep the Word of God and live according to what it preaches.

How good it is to have faith in a powerful God and that is all the time by my side!

Those who count on the Lord renew their strengths; He gives them eagle wings. Run without tiring, go forward without sticking.

It may not be easy to walk, but with God, holding my hand, I know I will make it.

No one can take the hope of the one who trusts a god of miracles.

I want to be like Mary, have the faith of the one who entrusted in God to the darkest moment of his life.

Therefore, I say unto you, Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and will be given to you.

Faith is to believe that God’s act is always the best for our lives.

Offer God your joys, your sadness and everything you are. In His hands, the impossible can happen.

With your life, you can cheer up the Lord. Just live with faith and according to your will.

Walk in holiness and faith. This is the only recipe for eternal happiness.

always rejoice in the Lord; I repeat, rejoice!

God is love and only asks for us too.

Faith needs works and charity. Without it, she dies and leaves you from the love of God.

God makes us strong to face life through faith, He leads us to the right way.

your heart is not disturbed. Believe in God, also accredit in me.

Hope never dies to the one who places his confidence in the Almighty God.

The difficult path is a God test to measure the size of our faith.

When we ask God to bless us, He really does and the proof begins with the existence of our faith.

A healthy life requires daily communication with the God who saved us.

The more you allow God to be present in your life, the more joy you will have in your days. See also Catholic quotes for status and feed your faith daily with the love and care of the Lord.