70 birthday messages and quotes for sister who affectionately honor

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You, better than anyone, know your sister’s qualities and defects. And you know, above all, that even though it is not perfect, it is a wonderful and admirable person. So, see the most beautiful birthday messages for sister who express your joy to have you in your life. Choose your favorite and share!

Best Birthday messages and quotes for Sister

I enjoy your birthday to the fullest, sister! And every day, enjoy all the good that life offers you.

Happy Birthday! You are my friend and companion, living with you is the best of gifts. I love you so much!

Congratulations, sister! You deserve the most intense shine in your eyes, the most open smile on your lips and your heart throbbing with happiness.

I want you to know that I will always be by your side, either to smile or to cry. I love you with all my heart! Happy Birthday.

sister many people have, but having a sister and friend as you are privilege for the few. Happy Birthday!

You deserve all the compliments in the world! Stay being this true, honest and amazing woman. Happy Birthday!

Without you, my life would be a huge emptiness and our family would be incomplete. Happy birthday, best sister in the world!

May joy take over your day, your life and your heart. Happy birthday! All the affection of the world for you.

Congratulations, little sister! Never forget that I love you so much, you deserve all the best years in the world, realizing all your dreams.

What would me be without your company? I don’t even like to imagine! Happy birthday to the one who completes me in every way. Its existence is special!

Birthday messages and quotes for exciting sister

Today, I thank God for another year of your life. You are exactly everything I wanted in a sister. Happy Birthday!

Do you know what gratitude is? It’s all that I feel for you, my precious sister. Cheers on your walk!

Another birthday! May God protect you and cover with blessings. Know that you have never left my prayers, I ask for your life every day!

If one day I am half of what you represent to me, I will be a person especially fulfilled. Congratulations on the birthday! Sister, you are inspiration.

lucky is me, who found in you a sister and a best friend. Happy birthday! Thank you for the affection and dedication of usual.

Thanks for being part of my story. Without you, things would not have the same grace or the same sweetness. Happy Birthday!

My congratulations! From the day we know each other, my love for you only increases. I have no words to express how much it means to me!

sister, today is the day to look back gratefully for having a better blood friend of my blood. You are my world! Cheers.

May my friendly hand never miss in your difficult days and my company for the best moments. Happy Birthday!

I would give you the universe if it was possible. Well, it has the exact size of my love for you! Happy Birthday, wonderful sister.

Birthday messages and quotes for Sister Warrior

I ask God to enlighten you and always protect you. May love, peace and health always be present in your journey. Happy Birthday, Warrior!

My warrior sister, on this special day, open your heart to gratitude and to receive all the best blessings. Congratulations!

Lucky for mine to have a warrior woman like you in inspiration. May your strength be always gleaming! Happy Birthday, because you deserve it.

May your way be always illuminated, because fear is not part of who you are. Many happiness on your journey, sister!

May you have faith and let nothing shake you today or ever. Happy Birthday, my dear and warrior sister!

Fearless and courageous, these are characteristics that I always want more for you! That adversity is always superable to you. Cheers!

Happy Birthday! God was wonderful with you when you decided that you would be the most warrior of the sisters. My pride for you overflows daily!

A toast to that that in overcoming obstacles, proves its value! Your warrior soul doesn’t let me lie about what you deserve: all the happiness in the world!

In your strength I find the dose of admiration I need to be like you one day. Congratulations to the warmest sister in this world!

strong, warrior and amazing: this is the wonderful woman I see when I look at you! Happy Birthday, dear sister.

Birthday messages and quotes for older sister

We grew up and a lot has changed, but what will never change is the love I feel for you. Congratulations on your day, old sister!

May this day trust in love and may your strength bring to your life joy and dreams come true. My older sister, my inspiration: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear sister! I am very happy to have grown and learned a lot by your side. Thanks for your example! I love you so much.

My older sister, I thank God for making you so special. I wish you a shower of love, prosperity and blessings. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my older sister! You have been and always will be my greatest example about how to be and what to look for in this life.

sister, friend and sometimes almost mother, you are the best person I’ve ever met. I wish you an ocean of happiness!

Thanks for your friendship, as well as sister, you are also my best friend since I was born. Many and much happiness!

My sister, I love you so much! Another year has passed and again we celebrate this special day together. Happy Birthday, old lady!

Thanks for coming to the world before me and illuminated my way … Happy Birthday, best older sister in this world!

My days by your side were and are the best, thank you for existing and being the oldest sister this world has ever known. Congratulations!

Birthday messages and quotes for sister friend

Congratulations, my sister-friend! May this birthday of yours be blessed. Stay with the wonderful heart that only you have.

Happy birthday to the one who has always been present in my life, even in times of adversity. You are the best sister and friend I could have!

That on your birthday we can renew the friendship bonds that unite us since childhood. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Who has a dear sister as you know how wonderful it is to have a best friend always close and available.

As far as we are distant today, know that my congratulations would cross the seven seas for you. Congratulations, better sister and friend!

In my heart there is a joy that only you can complete. Thank you for being the best sister and friend I could have. Cheers!

You are so dear, I can’t imagine my life without you! Happy Birthday, my sister, best friend and confidant.

To the best friend and sister of this universe, know that in your birthdays I never wanted less than great achievements. May today and always be like this!

Congratulations, sister! Being dear and a friend for all hours makes you an extraordinary human being. Best wishes!

Today I come to remember the dear person you are and always has been. Happy birthday, most important thing of my life! I love you, best friend.

Birthday messages and quotes for younger sister

Happy Birthday, sister! You annoy me many times, but surely you couldn’t live without you.

No matter how much you stick to me and don’t let me breathe, I will always love you from the way you are! Happy Birthday, my little girl.

My congratulations, little one! You are and always will be one of the pillars of my existence. How good it was to see you arrive in our family!

I admit that sometimes you are stubborn, but you are also the best company in this world! Happy Birthday, sister.

Every family has a brat … I’m glad it’s not me! Jokes aside, happy birthday!

Nothing like your arrival to have fun and make me a happier and more complete person! Happy birthday, my little girl. You are the best of sisters!

Accomplices From Souvenade and For sure FRIENDS Forever: an illuminated birthday for you, my little girl!

Family Logo: A Happy Birthday full of the best feelings! Your presence is more than special, it is a true blessing.

Celebrating your birth is my favorite party! Congratulations to the little girl who shares great moments of life with me. Together forever!

Happy birthday to those who made my life brighter: my little girl! May God always be with you, guiding your steps.

Birthday messages and quotes for sister to WhatsApp

That today you only have reason to smile and celebrate! May happiness be your constant company. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

Congratulations, sister! Enjoy your day, your month, your year, your life! Enjoy everything I can, because we are just passing through.

Sister, that day I wish you a lot of learning, happiness and love in your heart. Congratulations to you, be very happy!

I have the best sister of all and today she completes another year of life. Happy birthday, beautiful! My heart is yours.

There is no distance, intrigue or difficulty that can untie the ties we build. Happy Birthday, Mana!

Today is a party day simply because it’s your day! Congratulations, dear sister! May all your desires be achievable, you deserve the world.

Look who has a birthday today! The best sister of this world all. Congratulations, Tata! May life return all the love you share with us.

Are you feeling this party mood? It is because today is my sister’s birthday, the most ballast creature in the universe. Congratulations, sister!

No matter how long it passes, you will always be the best sister, best friend and best confidant in this world … Happy Birthday!

May these birthday messages to sister demonstrate how special she is not only in her walk, but in the life of the whole family! old woman who will seal the bonds between you.

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