70 birthday messages and quotes for mother who celebrate this wonderful woman

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Birthday is the perfect time to repay all the love, care and affection your mother has for you daily. On this special date, show her how essential it is, how much she learns from her daily, and how she feels privileged to have her so close. So check out the most beautiful birthday messages for mother selected below!

Birthday messages and quotes for Mother Cry

Mother, congratulations on your day! If today I am who I am, it is thanks to you. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Mother, being by your side is being able to witness the best of the affection in the world. Thank you for so much kindness! Congratulations on your day.

The light that illuminates my life is you, Mom. Congratulations and thanks for all the shared love!

Receive all my affection on this special day. Mother, just like you there is no one else in this world! Happy Birthday.

Today is Women’s Day that gave me life and always showed me the best way. I love you more than anything. Happy Birthday, Mother!

Mother, your unconditional support is what makes me move on. Thanks for being protection all the time! Happy Birthday.

May the happiness you provide me is double present in your life, my queen! Congratulations.

You know my dreams, you feel my problems, you take care of me at all times, you are unique. Happy Birthday, Mother!

Not all the words in the world could describe how important you are to me and how much I love you, mother. Congratulations on your day!

For you I would give life without thinking twice. Happy birthday to the mother who deserves my greatest sacrifices!

Every mother has a special place in our lives, yours is in my heart! Happy Birthday, my queen.

Birthday messages and quotes for Mother on WhatsApp

Happy Birthday, Mother! My admiration for you is huge and my love is not even possible to measure. Thanks for the advice and everything we have already lived!

I am very lucky to have such a companion, loving and friendly mother for all hours. Happy Birthday, my queen!

Mother, may all your dreams come true and that you can continue to be the amazing and light person. Happy Birthday, I love you!

Taking care of you until the end is my personal goal. Count on my love forever and ever, my mother! Happy Birthday.

Mother, may your life be full of the best things in this world! After all, you sure deserve it. Happy Birthday!

Mother, your example inspires me! Know that you are a constant presence in my heart. Being like you are my life goal. Happy Birthday!

Your wisdom is what you have the most beautiful! That on your birthday, you earn even more of her to keep guiding me for this life, mother.

I want to tell you that I have the honor and immeasurable pride of being its fruit. I wish you a lot of happiness and health. Happy Birthday!

If I become at least 1% of the woman you are, I would be too happy. Thank you for being so wonderful. Happy Birthday!

Mother, among all your superpowers, that of loving me unconditionally has always been the most special. Happy birthday! Thank you for everything.

Being your child is the best experience I could have in this life! Thank you for being a full -time mother, regardless of the circumstances. Happy Birthday!

Birthday messages and quotes for Short Mother

For always being willing to do everything for my happiness: Thank you, Mother! Happy Birthday.

Mom, thanks for existing. Have a big day, happy birthday!

Thank you for being my best friend and always being by my side. Happy Birthday, Mother!

My mother, you are everything I would once like to be. Happy Birthday!

Mom, no one would do for me everything you have ever done. Happy Birthday!

You are my most precious good, I would like to wish you all the joy of this life, Mother!

would never exchange mother if it were possible. You’re perfect! Happy Birthday.

Mother, you are perfect! I wish all the happiness in your life and great achievements.

Congratulations, Mom! Thank you for every advice, scolding and little thing you did for me.

The biggest heart in the world is yours! As a retribution, I offer my love. Happy Birthday!

fearless and determined, I have an admiration that I cannot measure. Cheers, Mother!

Mother, your heart is a source love! Without him, I would be nobody in this life. Happy Birthday!

Birthday messages and quotes for Mother Warrior

I know your walk was not easy, but I also know how much you deserve the best things in the world! May it be an amazing birthday, mother.

Thank you so much for being my mother and also a great example of a warrior woman. Congratulations and much happiness!

Congratulations, my warrior! You are my inspiration and a great example of how to be better every day.

If I never gave up on my dreams, it was because I was inspired by his trajectory. May your journey be even more amazing, mother! Congratulations.

Mom, every time I look at you, I see how strong and dedicated it is. You are my pride, a warrior! Happy Birthday.

Today is your day, mother! May your strong and generous heart be recognized as you deserve. Congratulations, warrior!

Battle for dreams and facing reality are aspects I learned from you. Another birthday being inspiration, my warrior!

synonymous with strength and courage, today is the birthday of this victorious warrior that I am proud to call a mother! May it be a special day.

For all the years of care and commitment to my well-being: Thank you, mom! May your birthday return you with the best.

Batish and exemplary, I like you from a way that I can’t explain! Congratulations, warrior of my life.

You have already renounced so much for me that today I just have to thank you. May your birthday bring everything you deserve to live! Cheers.

You are an excellent mother who has always done more than expected. Having you as an example is a realization for me! Happy Birthday, Warrior.

Birthday messages and quotes for deceased mother

A heart full of longing is what I can offer you on this special day, mother. Happy birthday! Know that I miss you.

I can’t express in words how much I miss, mother. But my congratulations be able to convey my most sincere feelings. Happy Birthday!

Your kind heart makes me believe on better days. Mother, happy birthday! I hope one day we will meet again.

Happy Birthday! In our memories I find the comfort that my heart needs, and in his love, the rarest jewel that this world has ever known.

More than the light, you gave me the opportunity to be a person you were proud of. And that, mom, there’s nothing in the world to pay! Happiness wherever it is.

Life, when packed by his arms, was much more pleasurable. A happy birthday full of longing, mom!

Being eternal is what I would like to wish you on this birthday. Unfortunately we do not get it physically, but in my heart you will always be present. Congratulations!

Today longing invades my heart! Happy Birthday to the one who left and went to live in heaven.

Mother, it’s amazing how, even after having left, you are still present in this love that consumes my heart. Happy Birthday!

May today be a day without tears, a perfect day to remember you. My congratulations, mom! Forever alive in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Mother! Know that I would give everything for a hug from you again.

Today the sky is celebrating, because it has the presence of the most beautiful angel this land has known! Congratulations on the birthday, mom.

Birthday messages and quotes for Evangelical Mother

God has chosen the best person in the world to be my mother. Happy Birthday, my queen!

May your way always be guided by God, my dear Mom! Have a happy birthday blessed by him.

May you become wiser each year and may God enlighten my life with your presence. Happy Birthday, Mom!

May God free from all evil and peace reign entirely in your life. Happy Birthday, Mother!

Mom, congratulations on your simple and pure way to love me and our family. I thank God for your life daily. Happy Birthday!

Mother, having you with me is my greatest joy and I don’t imagine myself without you around. May God always remain with you! Happy Birthday.

When I feel empty, it is with your hug that you complete. Happy birthday, owner of the best breastfit! May God always protect you.

Another birthday, mother! May the great blessings be eternal in your walk. Know that you are the light of God on earth!

sacred and special, you are a fundamental and irreplaceable part of my life, mother! I doubt there is so fearful woman to God. Happy Birthday!

To celebrate another year of your existence is also to live a great emotion! Mother, may your birthday be a sum of beautiful achievements. I’m sure God prepared the best for you!

Mother, may divine light be your main guide for this walk we call life. Best wishes to you!

May God, in His infinite goodness, can bless you with another year of life, mother. I feel he got it right when he created you!

May these affectionate birthday messages to mother record all the love you feel for the one you gave you, in the good way, the gift of life!

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Whatever the occasion, choose the right words to demonstrate your affection and gratitude for the woman who encourages you to be someone better daily.

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