69 spicy messages and quotes that arouse the most intense feelings

By: Tranoniq.com

At the time of sex, the warmer the better, isn’t it?! Naughty singing, that look… anything goes to keep the flame on and make the moment even more amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are married, boyfriends or just curled, it’s time to provoke the most intense wishes. Check out spicy messages and quotes, seduce and bring your passion to madness!

spicy messages and quotes to warm your relationship and prepare the mood of conquest

You are not very good at pretending you don’t want me.

Your lips are mazes that attract my most bastard instincts.

I’m dying to find out if you are as good in real life as in my fantasies.

We need to have an urgent conversation and without clothes.

After dinner, I already have something special programmed for both of us. “On the table” is on my own.

I have thought of how you fit perfectly inside me.

What do you want me to do with you tonight?

Okay, you give me mouth water. Wearing costumes, taking off my clothes. Wet of sweat so much we kiss, from imagining …

imagine just the two of us tonight, me kissing your neck, biting your ear while you kiss me and feel my body glued to your … How about making it a reality?

I want to give you, and it is not congratulations.

I want to tell you the erotic dream I had with you tonight. Let’s find ourselves for me to show you more details?

I don’t stop thinking about the things I could do with you. If you want, I show you.

kills me with pleasure, before I die of will!

Do not put out my fire. Burn yourself with me.

Drink from my glass as I touch you, take off my clothes as I teased you.

So, let me kiss you until you feel like taking off your clothes.

I keep having this recurring dream of you trying to take off my clothes … how strange! Why just try if in reality near me can you get it?

I’m here sucking a bullet, but it could be you.

I dreamed of you. You were going to give me just a kiss, but as the dream was mine, we had sex.

Just thinking about you, I get that way.

I’m getting old. I can’t stand all day. I prefer to sit … on you!

I already gave up going up in life. Now I just want to climb your lap.

Willingness to do what begins with the letter “S”: Being the love of your life.

If I’m already beautiful in this outfit, imagine without.

Want to be fitness? So come make a series of squats here at home, baby.

I have something to show you. It’s a surprise, but you’ll have to take my clothes off to find out.

Since a kiss is worth a thousand words, I let me write a writing in this tasty body.

I read about a new position. Want to try with me?

Do not let the macetada that could give today today.

After it starts, it doesn’t stop … Come bite my apple. You can be my breakfast.

I like my bed, but I prefer to be in yours.

I know a more interesting and effective way to lose calories, but it needs to be in your room.

You are not an elevator, but I will go up and down you. There are buttons that only you can press.

Just thinking that your body is 70% water, it already gives me so much thirst.

Save your energies, you will need them for what I am preparing especially for you tonight…

You and I have pending orgasms.

Know that my zipper – besides my heart – will always be open to you.

Are you looking for happiness and hasn’t found it yet? I hope I will give you the location of my room.

What words can I personally show you what I want to do with you?

It seems that I could look at you and not want you.

I didn’t know that paradise was possible to touch your lips and try your body.

my body in yours … if it is not perfection, it is very close to that.

Physics is the friction of our bodies that ignite anywhere.

You strip my soul … but not only.

You can stay, but your clothes don’t.

leaves my mind and enters my body …

Chemistry is you touching my mind and burning my body.

Because I just do with you, I just want you, I just like you … Guess what?

Your clothes go well on you … and even better on the floor of my room.

If I say “Come”, you bring the wood to my fire to light up.

They say you’re what you eat. So, let me be you tonight?

In Harry Potter, it is the wand that chooses the wizard and mine chose you.

I’m not a shower, but I’ll make you wet.

No need to wait for sex day to make it happen.

wanted to be your sleep to take you to bed every day.

When you come home, remember that it’s not just the doors that will be open to you.

Let’s play with Lego: I ride and you fit.

cat, call me longing and let me tighten your chest!

Why study astronomy if the only celestial body I want to study is yours?

I always complain about the cold, because I want you to heat me up and you know how.

I don’t want to give you on you, but below too.

I was going to call you beautiful, but the beauty that matters is interior and I haven’t had the chance to be inside you.

When it comes at home, it is for you to eat what my mother did … I

I’m an adventurer and I want to explore you.

If you are feeling down, I can do something about you get up.

Sorry, what are you really called? I want to make sure of him when he is shouting his name later.

cat, do you like meat? Because I’m already on the spot, on fire for you …

What is your favorite thing to eat in bed? After this night, it will be your second favorite thing.

Are you a Slytherin? Because I really want you to go to my secret chamber.

Those naughty messages and quotes sent at a key moment is able to open doors and more; A right word in the game of conquest can arouse desire, desire has the power to lead to action and experiences to two never before imagined!

Do not let the mood that painted between you end! To heat the relationship, besides spicy messages and quotes, a little boldness comes well in hand at these times.

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