69 Best seductive messages and quotes to awaken wish in your pair

By: Tranoniq.com

have you ever tried to show your seductive side to someone? Whether they are singing or double -meaning dating or messages and quotes, this is the best way to conquer anyone and attach their full attention to you. For this, check out the best seductive messages and quotes that will help you hit the target you want so much. No one will resist your charm!

Seductive Love messages and quotes

Come with me, whoever falls into temptation always has a little more fun!

I thought I knew love until you experience your kiss. Imagine what I can still know by your side …

For a moment, I thought I had died and entered the sky, but I’ve seen that I am alive and that it was the sky that came to me.

I can take a picture of you? I want to send to my friends and prove that angels exist.

Your smile took the charm of all the others.

Yesterday you were part of my biggest dreams. Today, it is part of my best reality.

I want you and, with you, I want to live all the follies that love can offer.

Since I met you, I feel an intense will of you!

Your eyes are beautiful, but I prefer mine, because without them I could not see yours.

I value every minute by your side, because I know the pain of every second away from you.

You have no idea how much I want you!

Take your naughtiness and come here, my love!

seductive messages and quotes to conquer

Words are over when you came up in my mind.

Why talk if I can personally show you what I want?

Do you mind if I look at you a little? I want to remember your face to my dreams.

If the skin shiver without being touched, it was the soul that said yes.

I want to conquer you and not win you. For, what is gained, is lost and what is conquered, never taken.

Come with me that I show you what happiness is!

Today I am all yours, do me whatever you want!

My desire is to throw you against the wall and make you mine, even for one night …

Your mouth is worth the price of losing the quiet I had.

I will do everything I can, I will steal this woman for me!

Put that song, buy that wine, which today our program will be to mess up your bed.

Seductive messages and quotes for boyfriend

Honey, you give me mouth water.

Inva my body with your mouth!

It seems that I could look at you and not want you.

When the chemistry is good, the physics is chilling.

You are my lack of judgment.

Today nobody will spoil my day, I will only spend energy to kiss your mouth!

I have a lot of desires before bed, the biggest of them is you!

My wish today is that you turn me completely inside out!

My weak point is you!

whatever they talk about love, there is nothing compared to what I live by your side.

I decided, I want me and me to the end.

Seductive messages and quotes for Photos

Many secret desires have crossed our gaze.

My ability to provoke you is greater than yours to control yourself.

Temptation is the secret of happiness.

Half of me is naughtiness … and the other half too.

good girls go to the sky, bad girls go anywhere!

sin is to provoke horny and leave in hand …

Surprise me, explore everything, find the secret and income.

amazing how a look of yours is able to do with my hands!

provokes who knows, resist who can!

Bring the handcuffs, because today I am to crime!

I’m like pepper … Not everyone likes it, not everyone can handle it.

Seductive messages and quotes for flirting

If you miss the subject, kiss me.

I’m enjoying talking to you … How about talking closer to my mouth?

Don’t take me wrong, take me to your home!

We need to have an urgent conversation and without clothes.

You must be tired now, after all we did in my dream tonight.

If you ever think I’m getting too much on your foot, let me know that I go up a little more!

The curves of your body tell me everything I need to know.

The most beautiful dresses are to be removed.

What you want is not even half of what I can do to you.

To save water … How about taking a shower together?

If you are not able to imagine what we can do together, you can leave. I can show you!

I give you some mentally catch and you don’t even know.

Seductive messages and quotes for WhatsApp

A kiss on the neck causes three reactions: a smile, a tasty shiver and an uncontrolled fire!

So, let me kiss you until you feel like taking off your clothes!

I’m wearing that black lace panties you love to take …

either I shiver to the soul or it doesn’t touch me at all.

imagine just the two of us, tonight, kissing your neck, biting your ear while you kiss me and feel my body glued to yours …

Come arrest me! Leave your marks on my skin, pull my hair, this is how I lose the control …

wanted to be the water of your shower so that, from drop to gout, kiss your whole body.

What now? I can’t take my mouth out of your body!

Everything about you excites me, even your boring smile …

Since I met you, there is no word “resist” in my vocabulary.

You make any bad girl good at what you do.

This outfit would be great all wrinkled on the floor of my room …

There are messages and quotes that men do not resist. Want to leave that someone thinking about you? Nothing better than sending a message to provoke a man at a distance or even lead women to madness.

In the game of seduction, anything goes to arouse the desire of your pair. Much more than something done at the beginning of a relationship, it is the art of daily conquest that allows us to build intimacy for two.

In fact of any couple, you need to be spicy so as not to let the flame of love erase. See also a selection with provocative messages and quotes to warm your relationship!