67 messages and wedding quotes to use the day you dreamed so much

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It is very beautiful when two people love to the point of deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. A marriage is the greatest symbol of love and unity that can exist in a relationship and choose to be with someone for a lifetime is being willing to face everything for the person.

Check out our list of wedding quotes and see that this union is much more than being physically together, it is about having the heart and soul connected and having someone on your side to live, dream and realize. P>

Evangelical marriage quotes

Evangelical marriage is union before God and its principles. This is when the couple proposes to love and take care of each other and face all their problems together, seeking the Lord in all situations. See below evangelical marriage quotes:

Then we will live for each other and both for the glory of God.

marriage must be honored by all; the marital bed, conserved pure; For God will judge the immoral and the adulterers.

Life is a gift from God and marriage is the beginning of a new life.

We love it because he loved us first.

A perfect marriage is not formed of perfect people, but of people who seek perfection in God.

The closer a couple is from God, the closer they will be each other.

Life with God is the basis of a happy marriage.

Everything that is signed in God is unshakable. What he unites, nothing separates.

Don’t date to get married. Case to date forever.

For where love is, there will also be our hearts.

It is the Lord who guides us through the ways of our love.

Happy Wedding Quotes

Dividing life with someone is much more than sharing the same house. To have a happy marriage it takes a lot of love, respect, fidelity and patience to accept each other’s defects. We have selected happy wedding quotes for you to thank you for your.

A wedding is only happy when the couple paddles in the same direction.

A happy marriage requires that we always fall in love with the same person.

The couple who, besides love, cultivates friendship in the relationship will surely have a happier and longer marriage.

A happy marriage is built with much love, affection and understanding.

A happy marriage lives on love, but also of forgiveness, to know how to accept defects and praise qualities.

May love and happiness follow the path of this union of love and complicity.

marital status: completely happy by your side!

A happy marriage is one that, even in the midst of the problems, the union is strengthened day after day, because it is linked to God’s projects.

A happy marriage is the junction of two people who forgive themselves, understand and cooperate with all things always with a lot of love.

The recipe for a happy wedding is that you love your partner as I would like to be loved.

Life is made of good and bad times. Enjoy the good ones and be united to overcome the bad. Thus a lasting and happy marriage is built.

A happy marriage should be based on sums and multiplications, not subtractions or divisions.

Armored wedding quotes

A wedding is full of cheerful moments, but also faces problems and adversities. However, as the two proposed on the altar facing everything together, they need to go through these difficulties with their heads raised, strengthened in the love that united them. Check out the shielded wedding quotes below:

Our love resists time, resists everything that comes ahead.

True love does not fall apart over time, does not cool with the distance and is not lost in the crowd

Nothing is as strong as this complicity that defines our love as something beautiful and eternal.

Everything suffers, everything believes, everything expects, everything supports. Love never fails.

The relationship that God prepared for you was architected in heaven, so it does not lose value and cannot be destroyed.

A armored marriage resists external attacks and individual interest games.

Nothing in this life will separate me from you. Wherever I go, I will take you with me.

God has a plan for us and nothing can separate us or destroy our relationship.

Our destinations were traced and there is nothing in this world that is able to separate two hearts predestined to be together.

We may face all the twists in life, but nothing will separate us.

Marriage Quotes in Crisis

When a marriage is going through a moment of crisis is the ideal time for the couple to reflect on everything that led them to choose each other and if these reasons are still valid. We have selected marriage quotes in crisis for you to help someone who is going through this phase.

Love is when you have every reason to give up someone and don’t give up.

It’s not a lack of love, but lack of friendship that makes unfortunate marriages.

ups and downs there are in all relationships, but it is much better when we are united and happy enjoying our love.

I still love you and I believe we are able to overcome this moment, because when there is love, everything is possible!

Living a crisis in a marriage does not mean its end. It is part and, as long as there is love and friendship, any obstacle can be overcome.

Discussions are part of any couple’s life. When there is love, there is always the possibility of overcoming any obstacle, just want and not look for the easier way out it is to escape.

Every marriage goes through crises. The big challenge is to overcome them for the sake of the family and the love that united them.

Every couple has difficulties in marriage and we are no exception. It turns out that we can’t fall, my love.

It’s still on your side that I want to be happy, but you also need to fight so that things between us keep working.

Our love is worth more than any mistake and I know you will be able to overcome any obstacle. I love you so much.

Wedding quotes for invitation

Wedding Day is the most anticipated moment for the couple and everything needs to be perfect. So we select wedding quotes to invite you to call your guests to participate in this special moment. Check it out!

Everything that comes from God is simple and full of love!

Love is like fire, the fire of the Lord. There is no water that erases the flame of love; No river is able to drown love.

We were born to love. Love is the principle of existence and its only end.

Love is the only thing it is worth living for.

Life does not have to be perfect to have extraordinary love.

May this be our destiny: love, live and start every day together!

As soon as love entered the middle, the middle became love.

On this day we will celebrate the beginning of a life full of love.

From the first look, our hearts knew it would be forever.

Love is the most subtle force in the world.

We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we can perfectly see an imperfect person.

love only for a day and the whole world will become.

God -blessed marriage quotes

God prepares the best things for our lives. When a marriage is blessed by him, love prevails in any situation and has no chance to go wrong. Check out our list with God -blessed marriage quotes and thank him for putting such a wonderful person in his way.

Marriage is the union of two imperfect people, being perfected by the love of God.

Every couple has conflicts, but blessed are those who fight for their marriage every day.

Our covenant of love is blessed by God in search of eternity.

God unites much more than two lives. It unites two calls.

A blessed marriage starts with a holy dating.

Every day I thank God for having you in my life and I ask him to always strengthen our love.

Two hearts united in faith and love celebrate a blessed union.

May the Lord always be among us, blessing our union and strengthening our family.

It won’t be the fate that will unite you with the right person, but the hand of God.

God always bless our plans and projects, love.

Thus, they are no longer two, but one meat. Therefore, what God united, man does not separate.

May God continue to bless and protect this union, giving peace, love and much happiness.

Many people forget that even after marriage they must continue to show love for the partner. So we selected photo subtitles with husband for you to share a message of love on social networks. Come check it out!