65 Yellow September messages and quotes To Caring and Value All Lives

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Since 2015, September has been dedicated to suicide prevention. Created by the Life Valuation Center (CVV), the campaign entitled “Yellow September” aims to show how important it is to talk about this subject and that this can save lives. Join this fight and depression support, share this selection of yellow September sentences to raise as much as possible!

Yellow September messages and quotes To spread love and hope in life

Whenever you feel alone, confused or hopeless, remember that the world is huge, not everything is lost and thousands of wonderful things are waiting for you. While there is life, there is a chance. Don’t give up on you!

You are not alone. Think, speak, seek help! Your life is precious. Tomorrow will be different!

Believe me: Your pain will end and your smile will come again. Just believe! It is the first step in every change.

To ask for help is not to be weak, it is to be strong because you admit that you can not stand it alone. Don’t suffer in silence!

Never despise depressed people. Depression is the last stage of human pain.

There will always be a new key, another friend, another love. For every purpose, a fresh start.

When you feel an immense desire to give up, try to remember the reasons that have led you to resist so far. You have a whole life story ahead!

Look into you and discover your inner strength, for it will come the solution to overcome your fears. If it is missing, remember everything you have ever lived. You’ve done it once and you can again!

It is not drama, it is not to draw attention, nor is it lack of God, let alone freshness. It is a pain that day after day heals.

No matter where even at what time of life have you stopped, you can always start over.

Be patient, sometimes we need to go through the worst to have the best. You will come out stronger from this phase!

No matter what happened in your past, trust your future. We can always rewrite it at the present moment.

This storm will also pass and once again the sun will shine again!

Do not ignore a request for help. Be aware of the signs. All lives matter!

Don’t give up! Seek help and do not suffer alone. Believe me: Every day you are closer than you always wanted!

There is a version of you in the future that is proud because you are holding this bar without giving up.

Live, girl. Alive! Because time heals and brings to our lives a greater reason to follow. Believe me: the past has no return and nothing hurts forever.

having depression is not beautiful, but your daily battle is admirable. With each day you resist, the beauty of your soul increases!

Kindness is the most beautiful way of being sun on someone’s cloudy day. This yellow September, be this light in someone’s life.

Build the life story you would admire, from someone who, day after day, despite all the pain, did not give up and made his ruins a monument.

When someone thinks about suicide, she wants to kill pain and not life. With each day someone resists, it is another step away from this suffering. Don’t give up!

tomorrow’s epic history cannot be written if it is over today.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Don’t give up on you because of what someone else told you. You are much more than bad or false words. Your past does not determine you, but your will to overcome everything will make the difference.

You are not a failure. You are not a lost case. You don’t have to get hurt. You are necessary. You are loved. You’re not alone. I believe in you!

Continue … You need to listen to your favorite music once again. Your pet will miss you if you leave. The moon is too beautiful to never be seen again. The noise of the rain will relax you again. Persist!

Don’t give up, go ahead. There is always a chance of stumbling into something wonderful that will make you see that what has happened has meaning.

Yellow September: Talking is the best solution.

You can still be strong and surprised by your own courage, not for others, not because it is better than someone, but for yourself!

If you are afraid of this difficult life that knocks on your door every day, face it even with fear and, whenever necessary, start over!

Your emotions, your hits, your past, your mistakes do not define you. Never be afraid to talk about what you feel. What you have experienced does not represent the amazing person you are!

Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek the help of a professional. It’s like lighting a flashlight in the darkness.

Yellow September: month of suicide prevention. Talking on the topic does not encourage, on the contrary: you can save a life!

As long as there is life, there is hope.

Remember that depression is much smaller than you, even if it seems the opposite. You were there before she arrived and can continue without her.

There are much better and more surprising things ahead than anything we leave behind. Do you know why? Because every day you resist, you become stronger and more capable of winning everything.

You had countless worse days in your life, but let me remind you of one thing: you survived them all!

Dying is something that should always be left for later.

If you can look at life with more affection, you will see that there is much more reason to move on, starting with “you”.

Yellow September: You are proof that beauty can grow in the most difficult places.

You are absolutely amazing! Do not let any bad phase take the light that you have to illuminate everything around you.

When there is a more intense darkness, we can see the stars. This yellow September, remember: all for life, for you!

While your heart is beating, everything can change.

Smile! Share the love! Give hugs! After all, of pain and suffering the world is too full!

Be supportive. We never know what each person faces within himself.

There is a fresh start waiting for you whenever necessary.

We can never judge what happens within others.

Keep trying. Do not give up! The harder the journey, the more glorious the victory is.

Didn’t you realize that you are the only representative of your dream on the face of the earth? […] We are bigger, just dream, follow.

Don’t give up on love, don’t give up on loving, don’t give yourself to pain, because she will one day go…

The darkest nights produce the brightest stars. Believe me!

Even if you don’t see, there is always a way out. Believe in you!

You are important to other people, just like for yourself. You have a vital role to be played at the destination in the unfolding of the world. You are therefore morally obliged to take care of yourself. You should take care, help and be good with you the same way you would take care, help and be good for someone who loves and values.

But there was no reason to be ashamed of tears, for tears witnessed that a man had the greatest courage, the courage to suffer.

Remember that empathy is not only in September. We celebrate the month of suicide prevention, to remind everyone the reason to fight for life: you!

When the forces seem to be lacking, remember that no one would have come here if it weren’t for the ability to overcome itself. You can!

If everything in this life is choice, choose to make this pain reason for your pride and overcoming. You can more when you decide to continue!

Great suffering only appear to great fighters. Show your pain that you are worth more than this feeling!

It would not make sense to throw a whole branch out because a flower skewed you. Likewise: we should not undo a whole life ahead because of their thorns. The beauty of life is in resisting!

If everything is a choice, then choose to be you. Its existence is what makes the rainbows of life even more beautiful and diverse.

Don’t forget: Life is worth it because you are in it! You are not just in this world!

If you were born with weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to get up.

Do not allow a few bad days to determine the course of your story. Everything in this life has a purpose. Its is each day closer to revealing itself. Continue!

Life has ups and downs for us to learn to value every moment and prove our ability to overcome us. Don’t give up!

Choosing to live is never easy, but it is always worth it. Don’t take your beauty from this world!

Want to know more about Yellow September? So go to the site of the Life Valuation Center. In addition to the information, there you will find channels to contact suicide prevention professionals. And to believe in a better and more hopeful tomorrow, see also messages and quotes from one day after another.

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