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Do you have a better feeling than looking at the feed of our social networks and seeing several photos that remember happy moments? And best of all is to know that they will continue there to relive whenever you miss you. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a caption that represents what you were feeling that day so you can remember every detail.

Photos Subtitles Smiling to use in your happiest days

In the uncertainty of tomorrow, I chose today to be happy!

May happiness be dream, goal and reality!

Choose being happy your way, no matter what others say!

shining in life, smiling for nothing …

The lightness of who knows how far you want to go, the joy of who is exactly where it should be.

Come Peace, come love, come good energy!

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

No matter what path you choose, what matters is that you make you happy.

I want everything that prevents me from smiling.

Life is not perfect, people betray us and the problems appear, but I don’t let anything take me the joy of living.

Never regret what happiness brought you; If it made you smile, it’s because it was worth it!

Happiness and Peace can be influenced from the outside, but they are only true when they sprout from our interior.

Most important than finding happiness is learning to be happy without depending on something or someone.

never smiles unwillingly or loved it without truth, and that’s how I like me!

Never forget those who are the real reason for your smile.

Being happy is more than smiling, it is living life with all intensity.

Dear God, I thank you for listening, protecting me and making me happy!

Wake up to this new morning with the happiness printed on your face.

My goal is to be happy, not perfect.

Run behind your own happiness before it runs away from you.

When we want the happiness of the other, our happiness comes double!

We have a whole day to love and a life ahead to be happy.

Happiness is peace of mind, it is to love anything in return, it is smiling to nature, is singing inside.

The formula of happiness is yours alone!

Device more time to what really makes you happy!

Be happy as far as you can, how far you can. Without postponing!

I may even be crazy, but I’m a happy crazy!

Leave a sign of joy everywhere you pass!

Deliver me from everything that prevents me from being happy!

Smile contagious, smile leaves you light.

Living today and now, this is the secret to being happy.

Living the present is also a way of being happy.

being happy every moment!

and the happy ending is that we do…

When sadness knocks on your door, open a beautiful smile and say: sorry, but today happiness has come first!

Who you want to have around!

Easy, carefree smile…

I want to be happy first of all.

Don’t take long to realize that it takes little to be happy.

Be happy as far as you can, how far you can. Without postponing, be happy as much as it lasts!

Do not lose the little joys waiting for great happiness!

Get rid of everything that hurts you. With lighter luggage you can go further.

I’m happy for whole, because I don’t like things in half!

I have no time for anything else, being happy consumes me a lot!

Some seek happiness, others create it.

Let us not lose this boldness to try to be happy every day.

Happiness is just a matter of being!

Move less, delight more.

Joy lies in the heart of those who accept God in your life!

Make your own happiness your priority!

So much positivity, your evil here is not fits!

I am very stubborn, so I choose happiness even when sadness knocks on the door.

Whoever sees me will see me smiling and will always be like this!

A smile is the best makeup a woman can use.

exuded joy, owned your footsteps!

I use my smile against those who just want to see my tears.

Live positively!

Forget the reasons that make you cry and remember only those that make you smile.

Always smiling, no matter how I’m going.

I opened the smile and the world opened for me.

My smile is too big, your envy falls and gets lost in it!

Every woman brings a smile on her face and a thousand secrets in her heart.

hug the day with a smile.

If your soul smiles, it is impossible not to smile too.

collecting smiles, loves and moments…

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