65 messages and quotes of funny and full humor compliments to captivate the crush

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Seeing the positive points of a dear person is not a difficult task. What is not always easy is to find the right words to express feelings. In such cases, let the good mood respectfully guide you. Check out the most hilarious funny messages and quotes for you to captivate that special person and be returned with a beautiful smile. Check it out and share!

Funny compliment messages and quotes that will tear smiles from that special person

Monalisa would be the largest work of art in the world if you didn’t exist.

I searched for and found a total of zero defects on you!

If you were a theorem, it would be that of Pythagoras. Complicated, perfect and the only one capable of building my world!

You are as perfect as a nonstick skillet.

Are you beautiful like that always or only when you breathe?

What are you doing outside the museum? Ah, I’m sorry, I thought you were a work of art!

If every time I thought about how beautiful you are, it was a piece of mine … Oops, where’s me?

For sure, the hurry is your enemy! Hi, perfection!

I didn’t know that flower was born on the asphalt.

Your beauty makes the beats of my heart lose your compass.

I practically just feel comfortable when I’m close to you. You are like the sweatshirt of my life.

You make me happier than a liquidation.

I didn’t know you had superpowers. There are times when you look beautiful, but there are others when you are spectacular!

For sure, your perfection is being studied by NASA!

is thinking beautiful, right? Congratulations, because you really are!

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with this perfection of nature!

so beautiful that I need to comment on your photos with your feet, because my hands are busy applauding you.

loved, you don’t tire of being perfect, no?

You are more beautiful than those refrigerators that come out water straight from the door.

Are you sure you are not on the wrong planet? Because your beauty is from another world!

ué, where’s your defect? ​​

I forget how to walk when I pass before you … Your perfection deconcentra me!

You’re not the Ipanema girl, but it’s the most beautiful and free thing I’ve ever seen.

If I were a building, your smile would be a demolition ball!

You are so beautiful that your name should be a compliment.

Are you not ashamed to have stolen the beauty of everyone just for you?

If you were a stove I would kiss all your mouths.

I’m grateful for two things in life: your existence and chocolate!

Is your name a lie? Because you are very beautiful to be true!

Aphrodite caprimous when doing you!

If there is one thing I like about you, I like more than one thing on you.

You are not asthma, but your beauty is breathtaking!

You are so beautiful that when you were born your mother didn’t just gave you the light, she gave you the whole energy company

so beautiful that I need to prepare psychologically to admire.

I think the hardest part of being your friend is pretending to like my other friends as I like you.

His smile stuck to my head, just like the nest milk sticking in the sky of his mouth.

Are you always tasty like this or today are fantasized as lasagna?

I’m sure you tested positive for beauty-virus and I not asymptomatic.

Your voice is so beautiful that I want to embrace your throat!

I am immune to anything except your smile.

Taking the food, you are my favorite thing.

In the “Miss Love of My Life” contest, you are the champion!

If beauty sprang into eggs, you would own the whole farm.

If beauty of this chain would take life prison.

If you were a sandwich your name would be x-princess.

If perfection does not exist, I must be hallucinating when I see you.

If I drown in your beauty, am I entitled to mouth to mouth?

Your mother must have done you in a circus, because … look, you are a show.

Wherever you pass, leaves love and wonders scattered everywhere.

You can suspend the entrance, because the main course has just arrived!

funny that when I saw you I saw, I realized that dreams can even come true.

You are not Stranger Things, but it makes my world inverted.

You do not make it easier with the competition! Your face makes everyone around you look ugly.

Your beauty may not put the table, now a smile on my face … Ah, yes!

When you look at you, a verb combines: I see that my more than perfect future exists.

I understand in practice the effects of global warming when you are around.

There is no beauty to be relative when it comes to you.

In addition to beautifying the world, what do you do with life?

NASA studying the manner of the human being to get to Mars and me just wanting to get to you and “love you”.

Practice, facilitates my life, warm … I’m not talking about Air-Fryer, but you.

Look if it’s not my “happy forever” talking!

funny … I always thought angels had wings, but you prove to me that not always.

we are friends, but I just want to know when I can move to the “Premium” package in our relationship!

My favorite music doesn’t have on my playlist, I just listen to when you laugh.

If you are with me, even take trash seems a pleasant activity.

Conquest is an art and when it comes with a sense of humor, it makes everything more fun and light. Brings smiles to your loving target’s face and makes it easier to conversation between you flow until you deepen.

At first, it is not always known how to break the ice. Demonstrating interest with a good humor may be the watershed to get out of the fearsome Friendzone.

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