65 birthday messages and quotes for daughter know how special it is

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The birth of a daughter is a very striking date for parents. On this unique day, a being that came to bring light and purpose to their lives has come to the world. Therefore, honoring her annually is critical and will remind her how dear and loved it is! Given this, check out the most beautiful birthday messages for daughter and choose the perfect congratulation.

Birthday messages and quotes for daughter who celebrate this special day

Birthday of my princess and my heart overflows with joy! You will always be my little one, no matter how big it is. Your greatness proves with every challenge that wins and I’m proud to see you grow. Happy Birthday, daughter!

Princess of Dad, you are almost becoming a queen, I’m not ready to see you leave the kingdom, but I wish your smile always rule your face so beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, daughter! You keep growing up, but keep this sweet child touch that can win everything in your eyes and nothing is more important than that.

For your life, I thank God every day and today, more than ever, I ask him to take care and bless you. Happy Birthday, daughter!

A few years ago, today you would discover the world and I found out how beautiful it was with you. Happy Birthday, daughter!

My daughter, how important it is to me that you are increasingly happy as your birthdays pass. I’m here for everything! Happy your day!

Today is your birthday and I do not know if who is happier is me or you. How lucky I am to have you in my life! I love you daughter!

Happy Birthday, beautiful daughter! May you continue always happy, loving, beautiful, friendly, intelligent … Wow, I always knew you would pull me!

Since you were born, the world has made more sense to Dad and Mom and today we celebrate it. Happy Birthday, beautiful thing!

Today is the most beautiful day of the year, the most blessed day, today is your birthday, daughter! Congratulations, much happiness, many years of life, much health and hope.

daughter, don’t be sad to get older. After all, the more you do birthdays, the more years you live and conquer the world little by little. It got better? Happy Birthday!

You are extremely loved and valued and me and your mother are always reminding you of it. Happy Birthday!

On this special date, I ask God to allow happiness, love, health and success to accompany you.

In my eyes, your perfection extends even in what you consider imperfect. I love you unconditionally! Happy Birthday, daughter.

daughter, this day of the year is always exciting for me, and you make me a very proud father and a complete man. I love you lots! Happy Birthday.

daughter, today is just one of the days when I make sure you know how much you are loved and your life has been desired. Happy Birthday!

Enjoy, my daughter, life goes too fast. Mine, for sure, became more worthwhile after you arrived in our lives. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday has always been our favorite day, when we remember when joy in person has come to our lives and I will always do everything to make this date special, daughter. Congratulations on being who it is. Happy Birthday, my little one!

My princess, congratulations! You are my treasure, you are my gift from God! May your day be wonderful, just as you are. Happy Birthday!

Like your mother, I am immensely proud of your trajectory, even the birthdays seem victories. How special you are! Congratulations!

Even though you become older today and find yourself bigger, in us, you will always find a lap in which you lie down. Congratulations, daughter!

Happy Birthday, daughter! Your father and I have grown up with you, but today is the day to celebrate your life and we will take the day for it.

From the first time I felt in me, I knew you would be the best daughter in the world. I was right. Happy Birthday!

From the moment you heard from pregnancy to this day, we are great best friends. Mom loves you, daughter. Happy Birthday!

Your essence is the same since the day you were born, but my love for you only increases every birthday. How you grew up and brought our life more color! Congratulations, puppy.

It’s cliché, but for me you are a gift since the first time we hear your heart beat. Your parents love you so much, beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Congratulations to the most special and spoiled daughter I know. May this cycle be full of new loves and that you keep enjoying your life. Happy Birthday!

Ah, if that first -time startled mother had an idea of ​​the wonderful daughter you would be, would be less worried! You have extrapolated all expectations and developed in a beautiful woman. Happy Birthday, daughter!

Today and always celebrate your life because we would not be the same without your light and joy! A happy birthday of your parents to you.

puppy, congratulations on your birthday! Dad is only proud of you. It is an honor to be your father. Let’s celebrate, and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, daughter! I want you to know that I am proud of the woman you are becoming and how much I love you. I will be by your side today and always!

It seems that it was yesterday that I took you in the lap for the first time and finally felt father. You are my great love, daughter. Congratulations on your day!

You have brought purpose to our lives and I will always do the impossible for you to make the purpose of yours. Happy Birthday, Beloved Daughter!

Congratulations, my girl! I know you are already a grown woman, but inside my heart will always be my little one. I love you so much!

It’s been a few years since I first saw your face, but emotion and love are still the same. Happy Birthday darling! That this date can be repeated many and many times.

daughter, how beautiful to watch you grow and keep keeping this sweetness in your heart. Congratulations on your day and your life!

Today I want to wish a happy birthday for a very beautiful, loving, loving, intelligent, fun girl… By the way, I did! Congratulations, daughter!

For you, I wish you all the beautiful things in the world. You deserve each one! Happy Birthday, my daughter.

In this race that is life, I wish you arrive first! God has the best of this land prepared for you! Happy Birthday, daughter.

I know you, my daughter, and every birthday you pass you become more complex, interesting and more beautiful! Congratulations on your day.

Seeing you born was like seeing the sun being discovered by a cloud, you shine in life, daughter! Happy Birthday.

My daughter, when you were born, Mom found that she won a daughter and a great friend. Congratulations and Happy birthday. I love you!

Happy Birthday, daughter! May God bless you with great health, happiness, protection and everything you want, because you deserve the world! I love you so much, congratulations!

How not to be grateful for your life on this special day? Congratulations on the birthday, daughter! May a charming path open to your feet and heart.

When I think of my life with you, I feel that I don’t lack anything. Happy birthday, daughter! Thank you for completing my existence.

All my gifts will always be for your happiness, but especially today! Happy birthday and a lot of health, my daughter!

Congratulations, dear daughter! Know that your company is the best gift God could have given me. Your life is light to me!

You are a little piece of my heart, a part of my being that walks around the world. Daughter, that you have a beautiful birthday!

daughter, you are a light being, who illuminates the lives of all who know you. Today, we celebrate your life with great joy! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, daughter! I hope to be present in many other special days awaiting you. I’m sure God has prepared a universe of beautiful things for you!

Today is the day to thank for the existence of the one who brought more light and brightness to our family! Daughter, may all your dreams come true as you deserve.

daughter, I wish you the courage to face the barriers of life, to go after your dreams and make plans without fear of mistakes. Happy Birthday!

daughter, there are no words that show how grateful I am for the celebration of another birthday of yours! I hope happiness will be your greatest companion in this life. I love you!

My congratulations, daughter! May God enlighten your steps so that you grow happy in Him’s presence. I’m sure great blessings and achievements wait for you.

When we love, it is even more beautiful to watch someone growing in life. I love you unconditionally! Happy Birthday, daughter!

May this light within you never turn off! May your birthday be the perfect time to reborn as many times as you need. Happy Birthday, Princess!

To look at you is to confirm my most wonderful feat in this life! Thank you for making my passage the greatest blessing in this world. Congratulations, dear daughter!

Today is my daughter’s birthday. What a pride I feel for being your mother! I say to all, with strength and joy: I love you! May your day be illuminated as your gaze, may your new year be worthy of your strength.

You will always be Dad’s girl and Mom’s world! Happy Birthday, daughter.

daughter, know that you are the perfect personification of love between your parents! I thank the heavens for their existence and have such an admirable heart. Happy Birthday!

I wish your life to have much more moments of happiness than of sadness. We can start with this moment: the moment I say “I love you”. Happy Birthday, daughter!

When you were born, you also made me the happiest woman in this world! You are my pride and the reason for living! Congratulations on your birthday, daughter.

Another year of my greatest achievement in this world! Dear daughter, happy birthday. You are irreplaceable and the owner of my heart!

Today we celebrate the day you arrived in the world and that it has gained new meaning for me. Love you my beautiful! Happy Birthday.

daughter, among the treasures we have achieved, know that you are our most precious and rare jewelry! That on this birthday you recognize the value you have for us.

How good to celebrate another year of life with beautiful birthday messages for daughter, isn’t it? This is because they certainly make this day much more special.

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Because, the renewal of existence is a date that deserves to be always celebrated, especially when it is full of unconditional love. And let the congratulations come!

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