65 birthday messages and quotes for child who celebrate with fun

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Birthday is a very important date. However, when it comes to a child’s birthday, such a day becomes even more special, as the little ones often wait for it with great euphoria. So check out birthday messages and quotes for child who will help you make this day even happier and more fun. Share with little ones who keep growing!

Child birthday messages and quotes that will demonstrate all your affection

A child with his smile has a contagious joy that makes the world more beautiful and radiant! Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, little child! May you achieve the most beautiful dreams for your life, which deserves to be intensely colorful.

The best way to make children good is to make them happy. So let you be happy today and always! Enjoy your day and congratulations.

No matter how much you grow, for me, you will always remain the youngest, the dear and the smartest child. Happy Birthday!

May God bless you, protect you and guide you for life. May today be a day of celebration, party, joy and a lot of fun!

Only children and the elderly know the magic of living fully every second of the day. Therefore, always continue with this child’s innocence in your eyes. Happy Birthday!

Grow up carrying the best qualities of Dad and Mom, but without losing their individuality. Just get inspired by the best! Happy Birthday.

The child is, by nature, a presence of lightness, joy and a lot of peace in the heart. Congratulations on the birthday, little!

A birthday with games and a lot of fun is all you deserve today. May the most exciting happiness be with you!

Congratulations! May the daddy of heaven always illuminate you. I wish you dance, eat very sweet and celebrate your special day!

Happy Birthday! May today be unforgettable, full of jokes and many gifts. Being a child is living in a world where there is only fun, joy and much love involved!

Happy Birthday! May you have a beautiful party and your little friends come to play and celebrate with you, which you deserve so much.

Today is all yours! May it be colorful, fun, full of the most radiant and charming smiles. Grow in size and wisdom!

May God always protect your way! After all, you are an angel coming from heaven to bring us blessings and joys. Happy Birthday!

I do not know greater joy than being able to enjoy this day with you, my little child! Happy birthday and a lot of affection in your heart.

Congratulations, angel! This day marks not only the day you arrived in our lives, but also when God wanted joy to live in our family through your life. We love you!

May your day be special, surrounded by friends! A happy birthday for you, full of fun and many games. After all, being a child is all good!

You have been presented with a nice party, full of jokes and many friends! Enjoy your day, my eternal child! Happy Birthday.

Enjoy your day to play with friends and be very loved by your family. Congratulations and best wishes! That you can celebrate many years of life.

Follow the good examples and will grow happy and full of dreams to realize! Happy birthday. May your life be radiant!

Happy Birthday, the most beautiful child in the world! You are growing fast, but still keep that same innocence and the beautiful way to delight us! Congratulations to you and also to the dads, who were richly blessed with an angel in their lives.

Congratulations, beautiful child! May each year celebrate you can fulfill more of your dreams and wills. Today I just have to thank you for your life!

That this new year you can continue to grow in size and intelligence. Happy birthday, my favorite child! Know that it is special for me.

Happy Birthday! May you have a beautiful day and that is the beginning of a magic phase. Cheers and all the best on your way!

In the love of a child, there is so much song to be born, affection, confidence, will and reason to live … Congratulations on your day, my little flower!

Happy Birthday! Today is all yours, enjoy the company of family and friends who make your walk a more fun process to live.

Happy Birthday, Little Child! Know that your life is my gift, may God multiply happiness in your walk.

You are a source of joy for our home! I don’t know what our lives would be without you, my child. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my angel! May the daddy of heaven bless you with many joys on this special day that deserves to be celebrated and shared.

Today will be a party! Cake and guarana, very sweet for you. It’s your birthday, let’s celebrate and friends receive. A thousand happiness and love in the heart!

Congratulations! When I met you, you were still a baby, time flies and you grew up fast. I wish you many years of life, health and that you play and learn more and more.

That you grow hard to overcome the obstacles that life imposes, and always achieve much more. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, everyone happy! Blows the candle cuts the cake, brigadeiro and asks for bis: one more!

That fun is your sole purpose today. Congratulations, little! May life give you all the gifts you want.

On this special day, your cake is stuffed and your party is complete near the people who like you and want well. Happy Birthday!

That there is no shortage of games, sweets and present that day made especially for you! Congratulations on your day, my angel.

Childhood is the best time to build our dreams. Enjoy being a child to imagine with all your heart. Happy Birthday!

Lighted children as you deserve the best slice on the cake. Congratulations on the birthday! May it be a day full of gifts.

Congratulations, little! Enjoy the company of friends to celebrate your birthday with many games and fun.

Congratulations, little child! Thanks for being, daily, my motive of pride and my reason to move on. I’m happy because you exist!

Another year celebrating the company I won for my whole life! You are definitely the little being who makes my heart overflow with love. Happy Birthday!

Another year of life! May smiles be a constant in your life, my favorite child!

You were born in an enchanted day as today, bringing happiness to a family that expected a lot for you. Happy Birthday, my little child!

Happy Birthday! Nothing like a colorful day full of friends to celebrate! Be a child with everything you are entitled to.

God presented me greatly when He sent this little angel to my life. Congratulations for another year of existence!

See you growing up with your heart tight! I would like it to be eternally child. But God bless you with health, my little one! Happy Birthday.

Celebrating the day of your arrival in our lives is always the most exciting time I have. I love you, my eternal child! Cheers.

This is another birthday of cakes, brigadeiros and jokes with your friends. Seeing you enjoying life makes me feel that everything was worth it!

Another year of life! May your most sincere dreams be realized in the blow of the candles.

My little angel, happy birthday! Let it be a day of charms and fun guaranteed with the friends.

The day has come to celebrate our little and big birthday! Congratulations! Since you arrived, our house has filled with laughter and movement. All the joy of the world for you!

My baby is growing so much that it almost no more candles on the cake! Happy birthday! That you can taste the sweetest in life.

Who gets birthday gift is us, because we have joy in person growing in our family! Anjinho, who are not lacking reasons to smile in this life that is just beginning.

a smile of yours makes me see how wonderful from heaven is. Congratulations! May your life be always full of good company and dreams come true. Count on me!

Today is the day to celebrate the most excited little being I know! Congratulations, that you can grow and learn more and more maintaining all this energy!

Life will not always be a joke, but I know you will do your best. May you dream loudly, and count on us to do each one! The whole little world is yours.

If I could ask for one thing for the daddy of heaven, it would be his happiness. Dorbon, may your eyes always be up. Endless kisses on your birthday!

True party can not miss cake, huh! Congratulations, small of size and big heart! May the day remind you of how much we love you.

One day I want to be as happy as you! Happy birthday, small. May life be a gift that you always unwrap with a smile on your face. Many hugs and sweets today!

It is with great happiness that today I wish you congratulations! Know that I vibrate with every new beat of your heart, my little child. Happy Birthday!

When I find you I will tighten your cheeks so much! Happy birthday! I can’t believe it is growing so much. Soon it doesn’t fit my lap. I love you and today I wish all the sweets that can stand to eat!

privilege is to have you around in another birthday! May your steps and growth be always guided by God. Congratulations and much happiness!

Children How are you great blessings with which heaven presents us! May you be very happy, especially on that day that is very special for you.

May you have a magical day and God never allow you to lack anything. May today be celebrated with peace and joy. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my child! Know that there is nothing in this more pure world than your heart. Always proud of you!

How they grow up so fast, right? Yesterday was a baby and today it surprises everyone with so much animation and desire to learn!

In order not to lose every stage of children’s growth and surround them with great affection, it is important to register honors on celebratory dates. This is how the sweetest memories of childhood are built!

Enjoy and check out the selection of children’s day messages and quotes to make this day unforgettable and celebrate your all -special child way.

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