64 Dr. House messages and quotes for those who are a fan of your acid humor

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dr. House, played by actor Hugh Laurie, is the protagonist of the American series House, M.D. The plot tells the personal life of Dr. and the medical cases that take place at the hospital where he works.

House has a very difficult temperament. In addition to being skeptical, he is always in a bad mood. This behavior of yours yielded several sharp messages and quotes from the character who gained popularity during the show of the series. Check out Dr. House’s best messages and quotes:

Dr. House messages and quotes full of real and acidity

Everybody Mind.

The fact that you are unhappy does not make you better than anyone, it makes it only unhappy.

If you talk to God, you are religious. If God speaks to you, you are a psychotic.

If you believe in eternity, then life is irrelevant.

We can live with dignity. We can’t die with her.

Your reasoning is no good. For the next, use mine!

perseverance is not equal to merit.

Are you comparing me to God? I mean, this is good, but just for you to know, I never created a tree.

When you want to know the truth about someone, this must be the last person to consulted.

We are what people think we are.

Bizarre is good. The ordinary has thousands of explanations. The bizarre hardly has some.

When someone criticizes you, just answer: I am what I am and not what you want me to be.

If you are dying, everyone will love you.

I am physically unable to be kind.

It is a basic truth of the human condition that everyone lies. The only variable is about what.

Disappointment is the anger of the weak.

Ah Come on … Give me that sunny smile that does not contribute to global warming.

lies are like children: although inconvenient, the future depends on them.

Pain makes us make wrong decisions. Her fear too.

We are selfish, crawling beings, and, as we have brain, with effort we can absorb something beyond pure evil.

If your actions contradict your words, I will never believe you.

You know what you want, but it runs away from what you need.

Why does God gain credit when something good happens?

People lie for thousands of reasons. There is always a reason.

What you think about me will not change who I am, but it can change my concept about you.

unexpected kindness are the main feature of someone with bad intentions.

There are no cold people, there are people who have learned to block their feelings.

earn the respect of others having the boldness to be yourself.

I know what pain is, you think you can stand it, but one day you realize you can’t.

Who said the world should work?

Religion is not the opium of the mass, it is her placebo.

Adults do not need adult conversations.

Bad brunette is not diagnosis.

Everything in life is conditional. But you don’t always be able to anticipate the conditions.

It is only stubbornness if you are wrong. If you are right, it is to follow its principles.

Natural selection is a disgrace. We chose our peers based on breast size, cars that drive …

There is a reason for the lie: it works.

Everything is rational.

Almost dying doesn’t change anything, dying changes everything.

out of fear, people need to hide what they feel, what they are and how much they suffer.

The problem with the exceptions to the rules is the line that delimits them.

Someone will be unhappy one day. Accept.

Suffering is better than nothing.

arrogance has to be deserved.

Instead of ascertaining the truth, make assumptions and imagine the worst.

There are three options in this life: being good at something, getting good or giving up.

If rational arguments worked with religious people, there would be no religious people.

Normal is not normal if you are not normal.

We only ignore two things: what is not important and what we wanted to be not important.

They say we don’t live without love … Oxygen is even more important.

If you don’t like you, you have to always be right, or it’s not worth anything.

The only wrong thing is to do nothing.

No, there is no fine line between love and hatred. In fact, there is a China Wall armed with armed soldiers every 6 meters, between love and hatred.

Every relationship that does not end separation, ends in death. Everything collapses at the end.

People’s brain stop working when they think they will lose someone they love.

Truths begin in lies.

So that they do not hurt him, it is best to close in a dungeon and swallow the key.

It is possible to believe something and not live up to belief.

If we were to care about all the people who are suffering on this planet, life would stop.

I prefer to pass my life with the birds, than throwing it out wishing to have wings.

Things change, it doesn’t mean they improve.

fights usually happen like this: different interpretations of the same event.

The problem is that when we do not find the logical answer, we are content with the stupid answer.

unconditional love does not exist. Only unconditional need.

dr. House can be very pessimistic, right? But your messages and quotes also contain a real background. Check out our selection of realistic messages and quotes to continue reflecting on how life is.

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