62 messages and quotes of souvenirs to remember the best things you’ve ever lived

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Our memories are the best ways to keep moments that were important in our lives, and revive them in our mind whenever you miss you.

Thinking about it, we made a list of various memories of memories for you to think about the special situations you’ve ever lived. Share with the people who were part of this and show them that these stories are eternalized in your heart!

Good souvenir messages and quotes

There is nothing better than remembering the happy moments we live in and that have marked us in some way. Therefore, we have selected good memories of good memories for you to remember yours. Check it out:

There are moments that last seconds, but they leave memories for a lifetime.

The most amazing moments of our lives are eternal, because even if they are over, they will continue in our memory.

In the end, life is not the riches we accumulate, but the good times we enjoy with those we love and the memories we keep.

Good memories serve to remember that it is possible to be happy again.

One of the best sensations is when you are for nothing, here comes a good memory and you let out a silly smile.

good times become good memories. Bad moments become great lessons.

Today’s madness will be the good memories of tomorrow!

The best memories are not in photos, they are in the heart.

Better the memory of having lived intensely than the pain of regret.

The sweetest part of life is the memories.

My heart is full of good memories. And my mind full of love.

What would be the human being if it wasn’t for the homesick memories of the good times!

Time passes, people change, the moments too, but the memories remain.

Since the good times of life always go by fast, I do my best to be unforgettable and accompanied by many smiles.

Love Memories messages and quotes

To live next to someone is to create memories for life, and we must keep in our hearts the good things that person brought us. See some messages and quotes we selected about this!

I want to be remembered with you.

Memories of us is everything that fills my days when I don’t have you by my side.

You are a good memory that was among laugh cutouts at unforgettable times.

Only while I breathe, I will remember you.

I want to tell you a secret: of the memories I have, you are the best!

If I were to choose memories, I would choose all those I have from your love again.

I will always love the memory of the love I felt for you.

Our love is over, but there are memories to tell the story that will never be forgotten.

A real love is hard to forget, it brings memory all the time and an unprecedented longing.

and in all the song I hear, there is always an excerpt that reminds me of you.

But when I close my eyes, the first memory that comes to me is from your face, your smile.

Just come across your look that memories begin to flow in my mind and tears pierce my heart.

longing is the memory of love.

Pass the time you go, I will feel your love in the memories that I did not delete from the heart.

Wherever I go, I will take the memories of our love in my heart.

Good Memories of Friends Memories

It is not always that we can be with our friends, but remembering the experiences lived together is the best way to miss you. Share the messages and quotes we have selected and show them that you keep great memories!

The best memories I have of life are stories that I lived by your side, friend.

Physical absence, absence of voice and smell, laughter and blink, I miss the friendship that will be in the memory and some photos.

The best things in life are free: hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, sleep, love, laughs and good memories.

The faster the friends, the better the memories they provide.

Better than the memories of everything we live together, it is the certainty that they can repeat themselves at any moment.

When we are with friends, we live beautiful moments, who warm our hearts with memories when we are far away.

good friends. Good wines. Good memories.

Friend is the one that turns a little moment into a great memory.

Memories control a path that comes to the heart and makes friends always feel close.

messages and quotes of souvenirs and longing

It’s amazing to be able to relive situations with our memories, but along with them also miss some people and some moments. See here the messages and quotes we chose about memories and longing:

Give value to moments and not memories, because the past never comes back.

longing is something that has no measure, it is a void that can only be filled with the memory.

I begged memories never to come back, but they had not even left my heart yet.

I swear I only stand this longing because it brings me memories of you.

Special people make you miss you more and memories, as they take more than our thinking. Take a part of our heart.

Some people start from our lives, but memories show that they will never leave our hearts.

and we remember. And it no longer hurts. But you miss you.

We often value a person only when he becomes a memory.

I miss you, but memories help me overcome this longing.

good memory is like that, a smile at first and a longing at the end.

Life is this, a setback of memories and longing.

longing is when the moment tries to escape the memory to happen again and cannot.

I like memories. I don’t read well with longing.

It’s a souvenir, it’s longing, you want to go back in time.

Give value to those here, because after the match there are only memories and an endless longing.

bad memories messages and quotes

We all have some bad memory that accompanies us, but we need to learn to deal with it so that this does not consume us. The following sentences talk a little about it!

Let time take the bad memories and give me a good memories.

The good or bad memories have their value. Some allow us to grow, others make us fly.

sooner or later, bad memories will disappear.

That bad memories come to dust in the hand of time.

You keep present in many of my memories, good and bad.

memories of good times are necessary to exceed bad times.

Always take the good memories with you, and let the bad time take.

A good memory compensates for all bad ones.

In life everything goes by, good and bad things, I prefer the memories of those who smile.

Sure the souvenir messages and quotes made you miss good times. So we selected a list with longing messages and quotes for you to express this feeling!

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