60 WhatsApp biography messages and quotes that describe how you feel

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WhatsApp’s biography is the first place that people who want to talk to us will have contact with who we are. Therefore, it is a difficult job to choose what to write. With that in mind, we have selected the best WhatsApp biography messages and quotes. Check it out and choose the one that best suits your personality to update your profile!

WhatsApp biography messages and quotes that say who you are to your contacts

Trust that God will change your life and wait for Him to give you the victory.

Do not add your life days, but life to your days.

Life is what we are ready for it to be.

Nothing happens ahead of time, it’s no use hurrying that it won’t work.

better to rejoice in what is what you have than crying for the projection of something we don’t even know yet.

let it be light, that is fast and that I don’t have to wait too much for lunch to arrive.

Happiness is proportional to the amount of hunger I am feeling.

I learned to dance in the rain so as to be happy or in the storm.

When the wind goes by, it takes away what is not very firm in our hearts.

My feet cry out for nature, the peace of being with your feet in the grass. I want to live and be happy!

I got tired of living on the flow of life. Now, I am the one who decides what I want and what I will have.

I was born to be myself and I have no time to stop being.

Why wake up and face life if I can keep sleeping and dreaming of happiness?

When I’m hungry, everything that comes out of my mouth can be forgotten after I eat.

Happiness is being able to be with those who love and know that we are loved too.

Do not seek to be better than others. Make a competition with your self yesterday and be better than him.

Life is going through, don’t waste time on what doesn’t matter. Go be happy!

Time is too short to fight with those who love and get away from who we want to be close.

I’m too smart to live a life that is not mine.

I decided that my dreams will guide me and I was never so happy in life.

I trusted God and today I am living your best.

I don’t need much to be happy. Being at peace with me is enough.

I got tired of crashing wars with me, now I want to love and be happy as I am.

You can call me what you want, less ugly, because that’s a lie and no one will believe it.

Living My Dreams and Being As Happy As I Deserve! (Living my dreams and being as happy as I deserve!)

Start the day thanking you and you will have more reason to thank when he finishes.

Respect my story because I gave it hard to build it.

I am worthy of everything I have and everything I want to achieve.

Whatever you can’t do today, I leave tomorrow without despairing. Life needs more lightness.

One hour everything enters the axis and things start to work as they should.

I don’t need to be afraid of anything. Life doesn’t scare me because my light guides me.

God will give you a beautiful day, just ask him to accompany you.

I woke up thanking God because living is my greatest gift.

Before only than with someone who keeps charging to know where I am and what I am doing.

Looking for a love that values ​​the mystery unachable in the form of a woman who is by her side.

I performed my greatest desire to know exactly who I am!

In my time, I give the answer you need. It’s no use hurrying me.

I think very fast and sometimes I think I already answered you. Forgive me for the hesitation.

adding vacilings, I learned that I could only trust myself.

I want to fly, every day higher and never put my foot to the floor.

Adapting is necessary, but not getting lost on the way is even more important.

I like to talk, but sometimes I will let you talk to yourself.

In life, the best choice is always the one that makes your heart jump with joy.

I am against audios because they cause me chronic anxiety. Think of my health and don’t send them.

My faith in God takes me to see things that I didn’t even imagine being possible.

God is greater than pain, that the problems and my fears. He already gave me the victory.

Who trusts God doesn’t have to waste time worrying about anything.

such a great God has the greatest dreams for those who believe in His power.

Life is a mess and I have no idea where to start organizing it.

Not everyone who wanders are lost.

Gotta Stop Pretending What We Ain’t. (We have to stop pretending to be what we are not.)

you must be the change you wish to see in the world. (You need to be the change you want to see in the world.)

First Things First, I’m the Realest! (First, I’m the most authentic!)

Try to be a rainbow in Someone’s cloud. (Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.)

We Grow. It hurts at first. (We grew up. It hurts at first.)

Love Comfortth Like Sunshine After Rain. (Love comforts like the sun after the rain.)

life’s Too short to have reggats. (Life is too short for regrets.)

time is a valuable thing, Watch it fly. (Time is a valuable thing, watch him fly.)

and if you Never Bleed, You’re Never Gonna Grow. (And if you never bleed, you will never grow.)

Don’t Be Afraid, Love is the way. (Don’t be afraid, love is the way.)

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