60 Tumblr disappointment messages and quotes to show that you are hurt

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To live is to have to deal with disappointments from all sides. We can be injured by friends, loves, for creating expectations and for trusting the wrong people. The important thing is that, after each fall, we get up stronger. To say what you are feeling, we have selected the best sentences of Tumblr disappointment. Check it out and relieve your pain!

Tumblr disappointment messages and quotes to express your pain

Disappointment hurts, but teaches that not everyone is worthy of our trust.

It is impossible to transform a disappointment into love.

They tell me to get used to it, but I can’t deal with the idea that love produces disappointment.

The disappointment is left behind. I just want to live my own life and live it in peace.

There is no perfection and disappointment is believing that we will find it.

Worse than disappointing with someone is when this someone is yourself.

As long as you relate to people, you will not be free from disappointments.

Those who expect too much is disappointed in the same proportion.

Somo disappointments and then I don’t know why I’m so afraid to open myself with people.

It’s called disappointment because it comes when we don’t expect it and the person we trust the most.

To believe in others is to walk closer to disappointment.

trusting people is like walking on the edge of the cliff waiting for the time to fall and disappoint.

You can’t accept a disappointment, but you need to live with it to move on.

Disappointment has a positive point, it reveals what people have tried with such commitment to hide.

I planted friendship and collected disappointment. Must have changed the seeds I sowed.

The biggest enemy of disappointment is expectation.

Relationships are like flowers: beautiful at first, but wither and disappoint us with rot.

Who doesn’t know how to love, hurts those who try to approach.

Hard is when we don’t expect anything from the person and yet it is disappointed.

The problem of being soft heart is that it is easy to step on and disassemble it.

One day we find the person who will make us forget all the disappointments.

It hurts to realize that all the love we gave the person was thrown in the trash without the slightest consideration.

errors can be forgiven when the intention was good. If it was by evil, there is no way back.

Your regret does not glue the shards of my heart that broke out for you.

The only one who will not disappoint you is God. He is perfect, so he never misses.

When it comes to love, I fail in the same test when delivering my heart to the wrong person.

What hurts is to see how much the person screwed you and acts as if he had done nothing.

disappointments are avoidable if you learn to trust your heart alone.

Perfection only exists in fairy tales. In real life, people disappoint a lot.

Expecting less does not mean giving up. Before being surprised, than disappointed.

To try to be happy is to risk finding some disappointments on the way.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

First charm. Then disenchantment. Finally, each for its corner.

If you disappoint me, I can’t guarantee my forgiveness. The loss of our relationship is up to you.

If disappointment teaches, I got tired of learning.

I learned to never expect anything from anyone. Since then, I have only surprises, never disappointment.

Disappointment destroys in seconds everything that was created with a lot of work.

It’s horrible to feel alone, badly realize that no one needs you.

If I could I took the pain, put it inside an envelope and returned to the sender!

There was such a beautiful face, pity it was not worth a penny.

I’m moving away from everything that delays me, deceives me, holds me and retains me.

and the most disappointment prize of the year goes to… me. Congratulations on being so blind.

enemies disappoint less because they exist for this. Friends disappoint more because they do the opposite of what they should.

Disappointment is the visit of the truth.

Disappointment is when he dusk you against the will of the day.

Our love was beautiful, until you decide alone that it was over and disappointed me.

wanted love, but the disappointment was on sale.

People like me suffer more, they disappoint themselves more. On the other hand, we grew up. We evolved. We mature.

Of the most beautiful faces come the biggest disappointments.

Each rolled tear is an outburst of the tired soul.

disappointment is not rude, and there is no way to disguise.

Do not let people without heart destroy yours.

One day we learn to live with and survive without others.

Disappointment is a mountain with a gift at the top, suicide is the escape of the imbeciles.

Not even if I wanted much, I could rely on a single word that comes out of your mouth.

What does not cause my death makes me stronger.

disappointments, defeats, discouragement are tools that God uses to show the road.

I always have a foot behind it so as not to disappoint me with people.

Forgiveness also tires of forgiving.

Today an idiot will ruin my day and maybe my year.

Pain comes hard, but one day it passes. To start the healing process of your heart, see hurt messages and quotes and take everything that hurts you from inside your chest!

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