60 short messages and quotes about the life that will show you the immense value she has

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We all need to value the life we ​​have. No matter if the blogger you follow seems more interesting, if your friends seems to have no problem, if yours is not the way you dreamed a few years ago, you can and should be very happy that way! /P>

To make it even better, set aside time to do what you want, allow yourself to know things and new people, enjoy your company and have people who do you well by your side.

Short messages and quotes about life for you to be happy at any cost

Life is too short to love in silence.

There is no impossible when the dream commands life. Believe and fight!

Before you run, learn to walk. Everything in life has your time, your place.

Life is made of new beginnings.

Life is an echo. If you are not enjoying what you are receiving, observe what you are issuing.

To overcome the obstacles of life, first you need to overcome your fears.

Life is a party. Either you have fun, or you dance.

You will only succeed in life when you forgive the mistakes and disappointments of the past.

Life is too short to do what you don’t like.

Life taught me never to give up, nor win, nor lose, but seek to evolve.

I’m happy because I learn from the falls and I make them life lessons.

Life is for those who are brave enough to risk and humble enough to learn.

Life is measured by the moments that take our breath away.

The art of life is to make a work of art each day.

Life is full of difficult decisions. The winners are those capable of taking them.

let’s be happy that life is now!

Life offers no promises or guarantees. Only possibilities and opportunities.

Life is like a book. Sometimes we need to end a chapter and start the following.

Life is a trip. Make it worth it!

Life is not about goals, achievements and finish lines. It is about who you become during the walk.

Life is like riding a bike. To have balance you have to stay in motion.

Life is not colorful, life is for coloring.

Life teaches us how to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life.

What is led from life is the life that leads.

Life is sweeter for those who carry love in the heart.

Life is a moment, and we only take it from her the love she gave and received.

Life is like a game, fate gives the cards, but you decide what to do with them.

Life is made of choices. Choose to be happy every day.

Life is too short to pretend you don’t want and go to sleep dying.

Do not allow the rush of life to run over your dreams.

The secret of life is not having everything you want, but to love everything you have.

Celebrating life is adding friends, experiences and achievements, always giving them some meaning.

The taste of life depends on who at temperatures.

The best of life is to let it happen.

If life is not easier, try to get stronger.

Fill your life with adventures and not things.

Have the courage to live life the way you want it.

Living becomes more pleasant with a smile on your face.

Life is the color you paint.

Be the person you want to have in your life.

If life were easy, it might not be so worth it.

Changing thoughts, we change life.

Beautiful is to be good with life!

Not everything you do needs to be seen and heard by others. Live your life for you, not to a audience.

Each new cycle of your life requires a different version of you.

Where you invest your time, you invest your life.

The best moments of life are like the rainbow: they appear when you least expect it.

Life is full of questions. To live is to discover the answers.

God’s love is the essence of life.

It is not enough to wish a better life. You must create it.

Do not let the gray days take the colors of your life.

The essence of life is not to have, it is to be.

Your life only goes forward after you detach from the people who take you back.

Life puts you obstacles, but the boundaries are you who decide.

The beauty of life is not in great achievements, but in the intensity of the small moments.

Make your life a great dream and from this dream a great reality.

Be the energy of your own life!

Living tomorrow is too late. Live today!

Don’t search for the meaning of life without first asking your way to your heart.

A life without love is like a garden without flower.

Reflecting on life brings us various learnings and we see things in a different way. Check out our list of life reflection messages and quotes and take a moment to think about yours!

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