60 short and beautiful messages and quotes to make your day more amazing

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That words have power, we all know from that! After all, it’s amazing how a handful of them is able to transform our day, making everything lighter and even motivated. To inspire and enjoy today with much more intensity, check out our short and beautiful messages and quotes to share positive reflections with friends and family!

short and beautiful messages and quotes to inspire striking moments

The measure of love is to love without measure.

Gratitude is the secret to having a happy heart.

No matter what you have decided, what matters is that it makes you happy!

Be today the reason for someone’s smile.

Want good, do good, the rest comes!

Nothing like one day after another to be happy again.

Give value to those who give you love.

Take the day to smile!

Make it worthwhile, opportunities do not come back.

Honesty always wins!

Leave behind what doesn’t take you forward.

good things take time.

dare to be simple.

Be happy! No less than that.

It’s good to be someone’s good.

There is no better medicine than joy.

Smile is the best answer for a look.

Joy is contagious. Pass below!

The energy you spread is the same as you get!

shy smiles enchant me.

Dream, never give up!

Do not let fear prevent you from being happy.

Living is drawing without rubber.

Listen to your soul.

Never move away from your faith!

Here the sadness has no time!

Home is where the heart is.

To make the other happy is to be happy without knowing.

Who has faith, are not afraid.

Enjoy the little things.

Love is the answer to everything!

The best of life is free.

Delete what doesn’t make you happy!

Live life with all colors!

Nothing is small when love is great.

Transbord Love!

Love increases us!

Nothing is as contagious as the example!

Dreaming is the best part of reality.

Peace, this is the great richness of life.

I came to see the world in another way. And it wasn’t he who changed, it was me!

My strength will take me wherever I want.

When life is difficult, embrace your loves.

Love is the first condition for our happiness.

Every second is time to change everything forever.

Die with memories, not with dreams.

It is always more valuable to have respect, than the admiration of people.

As long as there is life in this being that I am, I will always seek your friendship.

The right time to run after your dreams is now.

The best of life cannot be touched or seeing, just feeling.

True happiness does not need reasons.

Follow forward, without fear of being happy.

For those who love, any sacrifice is joy.

If we can dream, we can also make our dreams reality.

Spread good that happiness comes!

Every achievement begins with the decision to try.

In life, leave footprints. Never scars.

allows yourself to make mistakes. Life does not come with instructions.

Live the details.

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Nothing like the right words to face everyday life with much more affection and tranquility, right? For more amazing passages, see also our inspiring messages and quotes and understand how motivation is needed to move on always!

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