60 sentences of difficult days that will help you overcome adversity

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Everyone goes through problems, whether at home or at work, but the way we deal with these difficulties is what makes us grow and mature. To help you overcome these moments and have faith in a better tomorrow is that we select difficult days who can restore your trust!

Difficult messages and quotes that will help you overcome any problem

Is it difficult? Face it! No one will do for you what only you are capable.

In difficult days, memorize what God has done for you. Remember what can give you hope.

Calm your heart, bad days are necessary, so that the good can be worth it.

May the difficult days become only steps on the stairs to victory!

either we become victims or become strong. The effort is the same.

Overcoming is knowing what difficult times will come, but you will face them with a smile on your face.

God gives the hard battles to your best soldiers.

What defines us is the way we get up after the fall!

After going through the darkness, you find that the light is not at the end of the tunnel. The light is in you.

Make the difficulty your motivation.

Someday I say: it wasn’t easy, but I got it!

Everyone goes through hard days at work, but we should take a deep breath, focus on our goals and give our best always!

Each dawn is a new opportunity. So, despite the difficult days, never give up.

Know that for someone to become a professional in a certain area, he had to win all the semester tests until his diploma acquires. Strive more and don’t be discouraged!

Sometimes bad things happen in our lives to put us toward the best things we could live.

Happiness comes to those who surpass their blows in difficult days.

perseverance and willpower have magical effects on overcoming life difficulties. Who overcomes, wins.

For each difficult day there is a morning with new opportunities to do differently, change the details of the story and even change the way.

May the difficult days show you how strong you are!

Having a difficult day? Put your hand on your heart. Do you feel that? This is called purpose. You are alive for a reason. Don’t give up.

Passing for difficult times is part of everyone’s life. No matter how hard, rough and difficult for the problem to be, take something good.

What you need is to raise your willpower above obstacles.

Everyone needs a friend with whom he can smile, with whom he can cry, but especially someone to hug on a difficult day and call Porto Seguro.

We will never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice.

It is not a bad life. It is only a difficult phase.

Are you undergoing challenges? Do not lower the head, regardless of what is the difficulty.

Look at your past with pride, because every obstacle surpassed made you come exactly where you are!

Overcoming difficulties is not choice, it is a need.

When something bad happens you have three choices: Let it define you, let it destroy you or make it stronger.

The storms of life bring us wisdom and many teachings, things that we would not have otherwise.

You are strong enough to overcome your difficult days.

Some storms arrive only to test the strength of our roots.

Everyone we find in life is facing a battle that you know nothing about it. Be kind!

There are no days of glory without days of struggle.

Make a little reflection of every moment you have ever lived and add strength to face the difficult days.

It is in the difficult times that we recognize people and their intentions. After a storm, that’s all that is really sincere. That held you. That fell and got up with you.

Pain only passes when we pass it.

It’s just a difficult day. Tomorrow can be better. It will be better.

You are amazing, capable and will overcome any difficulty that arises. Have faith, tomorrow will be much better than today!

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.

I’ve had worse days. I have already surpassed deeper bruises. I already cried liters and yet the other day I smiled.

Believe me, everything will be well!

Don’t give up, someone is inspired by you.

Life is made of fears. And the fears are made to remember that we have courage.

Success is for those who never let it try, despite difficult days.

Who has the light of God fears no darkness.

God, guide my steps in the days when I feel I can no longer continue alone.

You have already faced several problems in your life, just as you have enjoyed many good times, right? So, stop looking at your foot and lift your head!

The secret is to continue and cross these difficult days.

I know it’s not being easy, but I also know that you will get out of this difficulty even more prepared to be a winner!

All things in the universe have their own pace. You may not be dancing now. But go.

hurts, but passes.

There are days that are difficult, others, almost impossible, but you know it goes by. Believe me!

You can’t avoid difficult days, but you can prevent them from defining your life.

The period you grow the most is the hardest period of your life.

There is purpose in all things. The reward will come after these difficult days.

Don’t give up, it’s always the hardest.

Strong people were once fragile people!

Each wound is a lesson, and each lesson makes us better.

calm! It is little by little that life is working.

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